Pungent, sure, but garlic is an essential flavor. If you're craving it, Chowhounds know where to find the best garlic-centric eats, plus we've got discussions on cooking with garlic, storing it, and more.

Can You Cook with Sprouted Garlic?

As a species, we’ve been handling garlic for more than 7,000 years: Ancient Egyptians left it as an offering in tombs, Indians hung it from doors to ward off evil spirits, and as late...

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The End of HBI Garlic Powder?

al b. darned
by al b. darned 8 years ago

I learned about high bulk index garlic powder (HBI) from Alton Brown a few years back when he used it on Good Eats. I first started buying it from The Spice House (www.thespicehouse.com). Suddenly,...

What happened to Costco's (and others) Garlic Olive Oil?

by MSK 3 years ago

I used to purchase California Olive Ranch Roasted Garlic Oil (EVOO) from Costco by the truckload. It's a good quality cooking oil with just enough infusion to add a nice flavor while cooking (with ...

Truffles taste/smell like garlic?

by phan1 13 years ago

Well, I bought some nice, good-quality, French white truffle oil. I take a whiff and the 1st thing that comes to mind is that it smells like garlic with a rubbery (but pleasantly so) after-smell. ...

Using a Vita Mix Blender to Make Lebanese Garlic Sauce

by Realist1 10 years ago

We have been purchasing Lebanese garlic sauce for several years. The person is no longer making it so we decided to try making it on our own. We were told that you need a high powered commercial bl...

Does anyone have a recipe for the garlic marinade from Versailles Cuban restaurant (Los Angeles area)?

by rhgindc 14 years ago

They call it the "Versailles Mojo". It's basically a citrusy garlic marinade sauce. If not the exact recipe, an approximate version would be fine. Here's the restaurant's link: http://versai...

Hot and pungent garlic

by sasidhar79 3 years ago

where can I find some very hot and pungent garlic in Los Angeles?

Can I chop up a bunch of garlic, then freeze it? Or is it better to chop it as I need it.

by dynastar 10 years ago

I was thinking of ways to save a little time for dinner. I already chop up a few onions at the beginning of the week and place them in a Tupperware container in the fridge. They usually stay prett...

Buying garlic: peeled cloves vs. whole bulbs?

by sequins 15 years ago

I always thought that pre-peeled cloves of garlic -- which one sees at some supermarkets (e.g., Whole Foods), often sold in pint-sized containers -- must be less flavorful to cook with than garlic ...

Using garlic?

by Fuffy 4 years ago

I have just read a recipe that tells that garlic should be grated. Is it better to grate garlic or to use a garlic press? And why do some people object to garlic crushers?

ISO Restaurant for Garlic Lovers in Manhattan, NY

by palmaceae 4 years ago

My boyfriend loves garlic, it's his birthday next week and I'm trying to figure out where to take him... any suggestions on a good restaurant for garlic lovers in Manhattan, NY? Thanks!

Need spicy pickled garlic recipe

by Midlife 10 years ago

I just fell in love........... with Cherith Valley Gardens "hot 'n Spicy" Pickled Garlic, made in Forth Worth, TX. The ingredients listed are Garlic, Water, Vinegar, Jalapeño peppers, spices, and ...

Freezing Chopped Garlic?

by bxgirl 4 years ago

Bought a bag of garlic at Costco, and it is A LOT of garlic. I am thinking of chopping-up several bulbs in the food processor, and was wondering if I can then freeze it? Thanks

Ready peeled garlic in my garden?

by jaybirkland1970 4 years ago

Okay, I'm working in my mother's garden. Digging up and turning over the soil. While she's not been neglectful, i.e. the garden isn't an eyesore, this summer the garden surrounding our lawn is mo...

Purple Garlic Flowers

by ChristyM1223 4 years ago

I have Garlic that the scapes have flowered into the purple flowers. I know they are edible but don't know what recipes to use them in. Does anyone have any recipes for these?

Black garlic

by bear 4 years ago

Trader Joe's recently was selling black garlic, and we came to really enjoy working with it. Sadly, they discontinued it. We're looking for a reasonably priced local source and would appreciate any...

Why do I crave sweets after eating a meal with raw onions or alot of garlic?

by 1newyorkguy 11 years ago

The same thing happens to my mom...this isn't a mental thing (I rarely eat any sweets), but a physical craving I get.

Shallots as substitute for garlic

by lamlex 14 years ago

My boyfriend's stomach reacts very badly when I cook with a lot of garlic (as I like to do). It doesn't matter how cooked down it is, how thinly I slice it - nothing makes it better. I use shallo...

Diced Garlic in a jar - a travesty or do you think it is OK?

by SamuelAt 12 years ago

I love garlic and cook with it every week or so. I found that often fresh garlic that I would buy would end up getting soft, sprouting etc., so with some reluctance on a night when I felt like an ...

Is there really no garlic in a traditional Bolognese sauce?

by CindyJ 9 years ago

I'm looking at a few recipes including Marcella Hazan's -- no mention of garlic in the ingredients list. Can that really be?

Garlic epidemic?

by ChrisJM 4 years ago

I don't know if it's me but for the last 9 months or so the garlic I buy no longer lasts as long as it used to. For years I've been able to just keep it in the drawer in the refrigerator for weeks...