Garlic Press


Gray residue on aluminum sheet pans, pots, saute pans and garlic press

by bucksguy14 12 years ago

I hand wash all of my aluminum pots, pans, and utensils, using Dawn dish detergent. I've never put any of them in the dishwasher. Within the last 6-7 months, I've noticed a gray residue on the spon...

New Rosle Garlic Press - Updated model

by nikkib99 4 years ago

After years of thinking I don't need a garlic press & I could make do with a knife, I've decided to indulge and get one. Rösle has solid reviews, despite the price and I was prepared to get one unt...

Garlic presses: Good or bad?

by gfr1111 13 years ago

In preparing garlic to be added to dishes and sauces, is a garlic press okay to use or does it change the flavor of the garlic? In her autobiography, "My Life in France," chef Julia Child descri...

What's so bad about garlic presses?

by Birmingham 10 years ago

In Birmingham, AL, our local paper has a weekly arts and entertainment section that always includes an interview with "local chefs." I put that term in quotation marks because that's what the paper...

Garlic Press - do you believe in them?

by chloebell 7 years ago

I do. I believe you get different results using it, rather than chopping (or mashing, etc.) for every dish you make. For instance, my SIL loves my tzatziki. I told her how I made it.......and se...

Can anyone suggest a great garlic press?

by nosey 12 years ago

We get so little garlic through the holes of the press we have that I just end up chopping what is left in the press. Would love to find something that really works.

Kuhn Ricon garlic press

by John Francis 9 years ago

Cooks Illustrated recommends this, so when I needed a new garlic press, it's what I bought. When it arrived, it was made mainly of plastic and looked very flimsy, and the first time I used it to mi...

Where to buy FORTUNA garlic press

by yogrid 12 years ago

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO BUY ONE? I just struck out again at a big cooking store with lots of different presses. The FORTUNA is the BEST garlic press, so easy to use and to clean and to store. It'...

fortuna garlic press italy

by Stephano 10 years ago

There are a few coming up on ebay site and I found this information on one auction page. Mine is missing a couple of the cleaning teeth but it is still my favourite garlic press. No parts to lose o...

Garlic Press Recomendations

by Schein4 12 years ago

My beloved garlic press broke last night and I'm in need of a replacement. I've had it for so long that I can't even begin to guess the make. Anyone have any suggestions as to the best one out ther...

Garlic Press

by Stack8 15 years ago

I'm thinking of buying a garlic press. I've never used one but I've seen them used. I have a friend that has one, but says they don't work well. Any thoughts?

Gray residue on sheet pans/garlic press

by bucksguy14 12 years ago

I have a couple of jelly roll sheet pans and a Zyliss garlic press that are about 10-15 years-old and, after I wash them, I get a gray residue on the towel when I'm drying them. I don't know what'...

Gray residue on sheet pans/garlic press

by bucksguy14 12 years ago

I have a couple of jelly roll sheet pans and a Zyliss garlic press that are about 10-15 years-old and, after I wash them, I get a gray residue on the sponge when I wash them and on the towel when I...

garlic press--am I doing something wrong, or is this a wasteful tool?

by noya 13 years ago

I like pressed garlic more than chopped in many recipes, but our OXO garlic press always leaves behind a substantial amount of garlic in the press. Does this tool suck, or is this par for the cours...

Treadeau Garlic Press

by Lindy Lou 14 years ago

Has anyone tried this garlic press so highly rated by CI?

Garlic Press - Why the Hate?

by jim1126 15 years ago

It seems like a lot of people are aghast at anyone who uses a garlic press. I've been using one forever and I think they're great. Martha Stewart says they're wasteful, and I can kind of see her po...

Zyliss Jumbo garlic Press

by nissenpa 15 years ago

Recently read about the Zyliss Jumbo for large garlic cloves. Has anyone used this and is it worth buying. I use so much garlic and often use big cloves.

Best Garlic Press?

by JugglerDave 19 years ago

I've been looking for a replacement garlic press for the one which has served me ably for almost 5 years. The one I just picked up at Fante's in south Philly, a place whose recommendations I usual...

Are Garlic Presses Tools of Satan?

by Lindsay B. 19 years ago

The anti-garlic press faction: Andre Bourdain, Marcella Hazan, my boyfriend, et. al. The garlic-press-permissible faction: Julia Child, Jeffery Steingarten, my mother, et. al. What do you ...

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