Garden Grove


Where can I buy Kizami Wasabi

by blueberry505 5 years ago

I've checked Mitsuwa, Seiwa and Tokyo Central, no luck. I'm new to Orange County and would love to find this condiment. Thank you.

Tasty Korean barbecue in Garden Grove: Mo Ran Gak

by SteveTimko 10 years ago

My meal at Mo Ran Gak in Garden Grove was excellent. Perhaps part of the reason I liked it so much is that I can’t get really good Korean barbecue where I live. It’s certainly worth bringing to the...

Fresco Poultry | Garden Grove - Orange County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

On the hunt for Chinese breed chickens to make tonics during my recent visit to Orange County, google lead me to Fresco Poultry, not far from where I'd had lunch. Signage is in Spanish, Vietnamese,...

Fresh Choice Marketplace Garden Grove area

by Scoutmaster 7 years ago

http://www.freshchoicemarkets.com/ Anyone been to this place? I just spent about 5 weeks in Cali and discovered is wonderful market (albeit a bit crazy). Outrageously good prices and quality f...

Qatayef @ Kunafa King in Fresh Choice Marketplace | Garden Grove

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

My first stop on reaching Orange County from San Francisco was Fresh Choice, the huge halal supermercado in Garden Grove. I had a lead that Kunafa King, the baker in the food court makes qatayef (a...

Kaye's Kitchen reopens!

by Joani Macaroni 5 years ago

About a year after a fire destroyed Kaye's Kitchen on Main St. in "Historic Downtown" Garden Grove, the breakfast and lunch café has re-opened. The food is yummy and the wait staff are very friendl...

ISO high quality, free range chicken in OC....

by HB_Jeff 11 years ago

Hello, I am looking to buy a good, high quality free range chicken. I would like to cook Thomas Keller's simple roast chicken. I have roasted chickens before (using Marcella Hazan's simple t...

Restaurant for largish parties in Garden Grove or Rowland Heights

by bagdoodle 7 years ago

Either in and aroung the Garden Grove area or in Rowland Heights, what would you recommend as a comfortable, low-priced restaurant with great food for parties of 10 to 20 people? Obviously we all l...

Korean food suggestions in Garden Grove/Long Beach area?

by SteveTimko 7 years ago

So I found Mo Ran Gak Restaurant in Garden Grove and I'm perfectly content eating there. But I'm wondering if there's a newer or more interesting Korean restaurant to try? I love barbecue, bulgogi...

What's the difference between Thai Nakorn in Stanton and the one in Garden Grove?

by omotosando 7 years ago

I'm just wondering if there is any difference between the Thai Nakorn in Stanton and the one in Garden Grove? Food better at one? Decor better? It just seems a little unusual to have two sister r...

Brodard Chateau - Upscale French Vietnamese in Garden Grove

lil mikey
by lil mikey 12 years ago

Whenever I’ve had Vietnamese food, it’s been in places with fluorescent lights and squeaky chairs…. which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just a data point. Brodard Chateau is not that. It could ...

Rice Paper Bistro, Garden Grove - Anyone been?

by revets2 7 years ago


palmier, eclair, paris-brest, tarte, pate chaud at Au Coeur de Paris, Garden Grove

by TonyC 7 years ago

the Pham + Huynh team opened their second Au Coeur de Paris in the same plazda as divang2, across the Starz plaza, and up 1 block from Cafe MCutie. this bears no relation to their pastries, which a...

Vietnamese Snails and Seafood Hot Pot at Oc & Lau - Garden Grove

Dave MP
by Dave MP 8 years ago

On Christmas Day, I had lunch at Oc & Lau in Garden Grove. It's a relatively new place, and on Yelp there are a lot of complaints about the service. I can't say, unfortunately, that I saw any impro...

Breakfast in Garden Grove and Cerritos

by L2k 8 years ago

Going to be out there over the Thanksgiving holiday, looking for friendly and yummy places for breakfast, preferably between the Sheratons in those towns and Stanton, where we will be spending the ...

Jang Mo Gip in Garden Grove - Kimchi and Sullungtang

by Sgee 8 years ago

Stumbled upon this place a couple years ago - it's my favorite Sulluntang joint in LA. Nice rich broth and they serve rice heated in a stone pot resulting in a crisp bottom. Granted I've only tried...

R.I.P For Good: Wong's Garden Grove

by ChefRoux 9 years ago

After limping along as half-old school Cantonese and half S.E. Asian Crab/Crayfish fare for a year Wongs Spicy Crab restaurant is now a Vietnamese "Bun" joint. I've read the threads concerning ...

Khanh Hoa Dac Biet Kem Nuong 9738 Westminister Garden Grove

by wew 10 years ago

I carved out a spare minute from catching a wedding in San Clemente and took the rails from Camarillo to Santa Anna. Then the 17th -Westminster Ave bus, a bitter sweet touching ride a requiremen...

Buffalo Chicken Wings -On The Rocks Bar & Grill Seal Beach/Garden Grove

by P Town 10 years ago

Went to On the Rocks Bar & Grill(OTR) Sunday to watch NFL Conf. Title Games. OTR is located on Valley View near the 22-405 interchange. Great sports bar lots of flat screens and a good selection of...

Wong's In Garden Grove R.I.P.

by ChefRoux 10 years ago

BUMMER IN THE SUMMER: A few days ago, I pulled up in front of Wong's in anticipation of savoring the "Old School" Cantonese fare that they do so well. I got out of the car, walked toward the door...