Back-to-School Bake Sale: Classic Schoolyard Treats

The start of the school year means summer fun is over and it’s time to hit the books. But it also means spirit rallies and fund-raisers, and there’s no better way to raise spirits (and funds) than with...

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Sparrows, great appetizers at a fundraiser. How is the restaurant?

by Janet 15 years ago

We were at the REAF fundraiser tonight. Sparrows, on Nob Hill, served poached quail eggs with caviar, scallops on endive, duck breast, and a mushroom pate. It was outstanding. Some of the other ...

Menu for a fundraiser - help needed!

by lombard955 15 years ago

A friend of mine is throwing a garden party fundraiser for a local non-profit at her house in Portland, Oregon. The non-profit supports community gardens so its a somewhat vegetable themed "Summer...

SHOW ME THE MONEY...need desirable bake sale items for school fundraiser!

by mailgirl 15 years ago

I am making cheesecake brownies and ???. Last year the individual items,purchased by the piece by both parents and students, averaged between 50 cents to one dollar. Obviously, the most bang for ...

Cheap Appetizers for Fundraiser

by Hayley Downs 15 years ago

Hi There -- I'm organizing a fundraiser next week. I need to get something filling, delicious and and CHEAP to serve at a party in the East Village. I was thinking the Punjabi Deli for .75 each ...

Anything edible at CPK Glendale? School fundraiser

by Babette 15 years ago

Our son's school will get a percentage of California Pizza Kitchen's proceeds tomorrow night. Any chance of getting anything good? Thanks.

Cocktail Fundraiser for New Orleans - Monday

by JulesEV 15 years ago

http://www.museumoftheamericancocktail.org/Cocktail200/ Scroll down for the NYC listing.

Gumbo sampling and fund raiser

by Larry 15 years ago

Saturday, September 10 from 11 till 3 you are invited to join us at Kitchenique at the Market at Sandestin for a gumbo sampling to raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. The Three Ami...

Low Budget Fundraiser for 200 people

by Gordon Strause 16 years ago

In a month I'm chairing an alumni and friends fundraiser for a service corps called City Year. The alumni for this program are still quite young themselves, mostly in their mid-20s, so the cost of ...

Inexpensives Treats for a Low-Budget Fundraiser

by Gordon Strause 16 years ago

In a month I'm chairing an alumni and friends fundraiser for a service corps called City Year. The alumni for this program are still quite young themselves, mostly in their mid-20s, so the cost of ...

Princeton Area Restaurants, Tsunami Fund Raiser

by AJM 16 years ago

I saw on a poster today that about 2 dozen Princeton/Lawrenceville/New Brunswick restaurants and their service staff are donating 10% of their sales and 10% of the servers tips to Save the Children...


by Sallie 17 years ago

Something to chew on over the weekend: LA is having a Chowhound fundraiser for the site. I think this is a nice idea, and may be a good way for people to meet if they haven't. Thoughts on th...

How About An LA Chowhound Fundraiser?

by David Kahn 17 years ago

I've been wanting to try roasting a whole pig in a caja china (see link below), and thought it might make a nice fund raiser for the board. I'd be willing to purchase the caja china and the pig, a...

East Coast Grille Fundraiser tonight - 2 spots now open!

by joypirate 17 years ago

Drop me a line if you want in, 2 spots have opened up, 9pm tonight at East Coast Grille's famed Hell Night. I've got a rough draft of a menu. Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/145925...

Hell Night Fundraiser, East Coast Grill, Wait List?

by joypirate 17 years ago

We're at capacity for the Chowhound fundraiser, but if anyone wants to get in on the waitlist drop me a line. We're planning on burning the membrane off our tongues in the name of charity for this...

fundraiser at Zoe's (long)

by wolf 17 years ago

There were seven of us at Zoe's, some from the neighborhood, some from further afield, someone even there for the first time. We began with appetizers, the Dan Dan Noodles, which I didn't even rec...


by joypirate 17 years ago

Hell Night. Hell Yeah. I’ve been dying for an excuse to go to this thing for some time now and it seems to me that a fundraiser is the way to go. I’ve now met some of you and you seem not-at-all mu...

Dok Bua Fundraiser..Sept 9..FULL

by 9lives 17 years ago

The response was excellent and the dinner is full. If you sent me an email, you are in. I will be maintaining a wait list in the case of cancellations. I'll be sending out a proposed menu and appro...

Chowhound Fundraiser..Dok Bua..Sept 9

by 9lives 17 years ago

The chowhound site is experiencing a cash crunch. I'd like to get a group together for dinner..Dok Bua...411 Harvard St...Brookline..Sept 9..7PM... $20 donation to the Chowhound site. Dok Bua i...

NYC Summer Fundraiser/Get Together at some Bar

by bigjeff 18 years ago

Hey ya'll . . I remember reading a while ago, and misplacing the info, about a summer get together in NYC, at that bar on E20th off of Park Avenue South; I forget the name of the bar, but I know th...

Venues/Caterers for a Fundraiser?

by Kitty 18 years ago

Can anyone help me with this? We are thinking of possibly doing a dinner as a fundraiser for the AIDS ride. One possibility would be to have a catered function at a restaurant, but the price p...

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