21 Amazing Air Fryer Recipes You Did Not See Coming

You expect the almighty air fryer to turn out crisp fried chicken, crunchy french fries, and other goodies with that key f-word in their names. But the air fryer is a lot more versatile than you might...

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Frying in Copper

by veggiecookware 4 years ago

I've been trying to figure this out and am hoping someone with more experience can weigh in. Can anybody tell me how well copper acts for deep frying? I don't fry often, so I'd rather not have a se...

Can I make Tostada shells ahead?

by lobstagal 4 years ago

Making tostada shells to serve with ceviche de camerones and would prefer to fry the corn tortillas ahead of time. Has anyone tried this before? If so, how did you store them? Ideally I would make...

Reusing deep frying oil? What are "the rules"?

by DigitalVelvet 12 years ago

I looked for a thread on this topic, but was unable to find one. What are the rules of thumb for saving and reusing deep frying oil? I don't remember the source, but I read once... from a source ...

Need a substitute for halibut

by Clarissa 15 years ago

The fish will be dredged in flour and fried. I've been told to avoid halibut. What is a similarly sweet, non-fishy fish that'll work as well? I imagine that cod will fall apart, we can't have mo...

How could I kick my homemade breadcrumbs' flavor up a notch or two?

by nycguy20011 5 years ago

I've been making homemade breadcrumbs to bread chicken fingers and add I salt, garlic powder, ground pepper, parsley, thyme, paprika and a little bit of cayenne pepper to it when I mix it all up. H...

Cooking a 3 lb. standing rib

by HBGigi 13 years ago

Can someone give me some guidelines for cooking a 3 lb. standing rib roast? All the recipes I look at are for a 6+ pound roast and I'm wondering mostly about the timing. Since it isn't a very big...

Anybody try the Philips Air Fryer?

by foxspirit 7 years ago

I'm eyeing this little guy: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/philips-viva-digital-air-fryer/?cm_src=AutoRel2 Has anybody tried it? I'd love some Chowhound's first hand experience reports....

Does the no turkeys over 16 lbs rule apply to deep fried turkey?

by sugarcanejane 5 years ago

I have always followed the rule if you have enough people to feed, you should buy two turkeys, each 16 lbs or under because of the cooking problems you would have with a giant bird. Does anyone ...

How do you dispose of used cooking oil?

by nycguy20011 5 years ago

I had previously made the mistake of disposing used cooking oil (when it's cooled down) by mixing it with water and pouring it down the sink. It wasn't a lot of oil. But after 10 years, my drains s...

Eggplant parmesan fail - what am I doing wrong?

by clairebbbear 8 years ago

So I've made three batches of eggplant parmesan using three different methods of cooking the eggplant, and I count all three as fails. What I want is a method that cooks the eggplant so it's still ...

Do I want a deep fryer?

by ladooShoppe 9 years ago

My husband has been bugging me for years to "let" him buy a deep fryer. I bought a new dishwasher over the weekend so now he is half-joking trying to guilt me into buying a deep fryer. Aside from F...

Pan for tossing/sauteing pasta?

by owen311 5 years ago

Hi, everybody, I'm a new comer. I plan to buy a (2.5-3 quart) stainless steel pan for tossing/sauteing pasta (and a few times risotto within a year). I'm considering All-Clad 12" Fry Pan or 3-qt...

Frying hamburgers

by Perk311 5 years ago

How is the best way to fry a burger I know this sound like a dumb question. But here lately I cook til well done on the outside,and the inside is still red. Where am I going wrong. Thank You

New deep fryer, need help with ideas!

by rbrbr 5 years ago

Hi all- I just got a new deep fryer, and I want to have a dinner party with a fried menu - any ideas? Looking for stuff that isn't too complicated but still delicious and interesting :) Tia!

Do I need a fryer for fried chicken?

by FineSugar 5 years ago

I can make a killer fried chicken for my family of four in my heavy-bottomed dutch oven, but this weekend, I'm making it for 15 people, and am wondering if I should break down and buy a fryer to he...

My electric fryer died: now I use the basket in the oven

by travelerjjm 5 years ago

I have had an electric deep fryer for years. The latest died the other day. I needed to make some fries, but I don't like the usual baked-on-a-pan oven ones. After reading that air fryers are mostl...

Toast with egg in the middle

by nycguy20011 5 years ago

Is there a name for a breakfast dish that has toast with a hole cut in the middle with a cup and then it's thrown into the pan where an egg is fried inside that hole? It stuck to the toast in the p...

The pefect fried egg (why did it take me 30 years to figure this out?)

by alanbarnes 12 years ago

Okay, so my favorite egg prep is sunny side up. A barely-cooked white (not hard, but with no plegm) and a bright, runny yolk are all I'm asking for. But getting the top of the white done without ...

Small pressure cookers? Or, maybe a pressure fryer?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 6 years ago

I have been thinking about adding a small (~3L with shorter sides) pressure cooker to my daily rotation. I have a ~4.5L model but, it is relatively narrow and tall and I am finding scooping things...