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A good frying pan is essential for a cook. Get advice on which size and type to buy, plus discuss cooking techniques, care and storage, and more.

I Tried the Popular Pan That Claims It Can Replace 8 Kitchen Tools

The Always Pan has gained a cult following, promising to take the place of eight other kitchen tools. The popular pan is finally back in stock after a long stint on backorder so we put it through its...

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What are the advantages of enamel lined cast iron frying pans?

by Pinkest 12 years ago

I saw a Descoware frying pan that is coated on the interior as well as exterior complete with lid, at a thrift store for $12. I've never used one with enamel on the inside before, but it just seeme...

Carbon steel frying pan - thickness

by Honza 11 years ago

I am shopping for a new frying pan and decided to get a de Buyer carbon steel 28cm (11in) The last step is to choose between the Carbone plus (3mm thick) and La Lyonaise (1.2mm, blue steel) lines: ...

Tilapia filet in hot SS frying pan = possible?

by tzakiel 12 years ago

I have a very high quality Demeyere stainless ply frying pan which is clean and new. I heated it up on high, with some vegetable oil brushed on and placed a few tilapia filets on the pan. The ide...

Pancakes in a Frying Pan? Hoping For Tips!

by yunnieman 12 years ago

Hi! I want to make pancakes for my mom for her birthday this sunday and I got a nifty recipe, but everywhere I look, it asks for pancakes to be done on a griddle pan. I have neither room nor money ...

Browning beef in Le Creuset cast iron frying pan

by Mistral 12 years ago

I have just bought this cast iron frying pan which has the standard Creuset black "non stick" surface. How do I clean it without damaging the surface? I bought it specially for browning. ...

My first SS frying pan - What to cook in it?

by SocksManly 12 years ago

I finally bought a good SS frying pan. A 9.5" model made by Mauvielle. In the past I've used my deep coated Henckel pan, which is very versatile, but I figured having a SS pan was my next purcha...

Cleaning my Sitram frying pan is a nightmare

by frobe 13 years ago

I have a Sitram Catering line frying pan and although it cooks wonderful overall, the gap between the copper plate on the bottom and the side of the pan results in a major cleaning problem. For ex...

Stainless sreel frying pans

by heroberg 12 years ago

Is a potholder necessary when cooking with stainless steel handles?

ISO: good cookware/frying pans (moved from Ontario board)

by atomeyes 12 years ago

Hope I can post this here, since its a Toronto-specific question. but any suggestions as to: a) where I can purchase cookware/frying pans, b) any suggested brands, c) a store that would have a wed...

A question about a copper frying pan

by CindyJ 13 years ago

I'm tempted to buy this pan. I saw it online at what looks to be a very good price (Bourgeat 11" pan, $132). What I'm trying to understand is what advantage this would have over a similarly-sized...

Can I use my frying pan as a roasting pan?

by snax 12 years ago

I’m about to purchase a 9 inch and 12inch Demeyere Atlantis frying pan, and would like to know if these would be suitable to roast either a chicken or a small lamb roast? I am planning on buying a...

Where to buy carbon steel or black steel frying pans in Toronto?

by knet 12 years ago

Anyone been able to locate carbon steel or black steel frying pans in Toronto? Tap Phong has woks but didn't see any frying pans there. Thanks

The Frying Pan????

by TampaNativeThatLovesNYC 12 years ago

In an earlier post I asked for recs for rooftop bars, someone rec'd The Frying Pan, has anyone ever been here? Looks like maybe it just opened? I would like to know if anyone has been and how it...

Carbon vs. Black Steel Frying Pans?

by EclecticEater 13 years ago

I've had a yen to buy a steel frying or saute pan to cook eggs, scrambled and sunnyside, steaks, potatoes, fish and miscellaneous foods that require high heat at times for searing. I see black ste...

Frying pan frustration! Help?

by andsoitgoes 13 years ago

Okay - I have a bit of a cheap, older stove - it's electric and I'm just not that happy with it, haven't for electric stoves in eons, so anyway - that's where things start. I just purchased a 4-...

Saute vs frying pan/skillet?

by gsElsbeth 13 years ago

What is the difference? Looking for a 10 " pan, non-stick. Does anyone have recommendations. What I'd like is a bargain, but that's probably hoping for too much. Thanks.

How's this paderno copper frying pan?

by sepandee 13 years ago

18/10 stainless steel Copper exterior Aluminum core Stainless-steel interior Riveted handle Diameter: 26 cm (10.24 in.) Dishwasher and oven safe http://paderno.com/us/products/product.cfm?...

Steak - put the frying pan in the oven after searing?

by DougWeller 13 years ago

I've seen this done at cooking programs -- sear the steak on both sides, then stick the frying pan in the oven. Anyone try this and what was the result? Doug

help buying a frying pan (STICKY?)

by sepandee 13 years ago

Why aren't there stickies on chowhound forums? FOr example, this topic should be a sticky. I'm sure it's covered a 1000 times but it's hard trying to find a similar thread amongst 1000000000 others...

Cast Iron Frying Pan?

by camp1980 14 years ago

So on the home cooking board, I asked how to make a good steak indoors http://www.chowhound.com/topics/410725 . It was brought to my attention that I will need a good cast iron frying pan in order...

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