Frying Pans

A good frying pan is essential for a cook. Get advice on which size and type to buy, plus discuss cooking techniques, care and storage, and more.

You Need These Basic Tools for Your New Kitchen If You Want to Eat Well

If you’ve recently graduated from college and you find yourself alone in your new kitchen, there are a few basic kitchen items that every new grad should have in their cabinets. You’ll definitely miss...

Poor Pizza Crust with SolidTeknic AUS-ion Compared to Cast-Iron

by W8lkinUSA 5 hours ago

I presumed similar results, but it is far worse when using the AUS-ion (wrought-iron). Why is this? I've already gifted the Lodge cast-iron griddle. I typically preheat the pan 25°F above dire...


Do you oil your pan before/after heating?

by Hana_Asbrink 5 days ago

Hi Chowhounds, Happy Friday! I had a question I wanted to pose to all of you home and professional cooks: When do you oil your pan? Most of time, I would say I pour my oil into a cold pan (r...

What types of fish do you recommend cooking in a non-stick pan?

by Tektrex 13 days ago

I currently own a 9-inch (22cm) Le Creuset TNS shallow skillet which I use solely for the purpose of cooking fried/scrambled eggs and omelettes. I'd like to invest in a larger 11-inch (28cm) for mo...

Pitting In Demeyere Proline

by Jfekhkej 9 days ago

I bought a 12.6 inch Demeyere Proline pan 2 months ago, and over those two months I noticed what I believe is pitting. I salt some foods by putting salt directly into the pan, but the salt doesn't ...

New! FALK COPPER Induction Cookware

by alexrander 3 months ago

That’s right, and it’s their 2.5 mm copper pans with an induction bottom that extends to the edge and a centimeter up the side. “The latest iteration of the Falk Copper Pot has come as a resul...

Damaged stainless steel pot

by kzero 25 days ago

So my dad keeps putting pans in the dishwasher, and keeps buying new pans. One of my favorites It had some solid grease within it. Put it in the dishwasher, now it has this discoloration in the ins...

Does anybody want my $300 Griswold cast iron pan?

by helena143 1 year ago

Guys, I have been trying to cook with a cast iron skillet for years now and I have yet to find one that cooks well. I recently bought a new (old) pan and I'm about to give up on it. But first, the ...

Serious buildup outside of cast iron skillet

by TKB21 5 months ago

I recently was given an old family cast iron skillet and noticed that the outside of it had serious buildup. Basically I can take my fingernail and lift several, thick, black pieces off. The inside...

Great Cast Iron Skillet?

by skyisred 4 months ago

I'm searching for a great cast iron skillet. I have a small Lodge, its alright, but the roughness of the surface annoys me. I've read that smoother skillets develop a better non-stick and are easie...

Brandani Cast Iron Pan

by Libranflight 1 year ago

Found at TJ Maxx, wondering if anyone has any input on use, performance and care. Thanks!

Best searing pan - Falk 2.5 copper VS De Buyer Mineral B carbon steel

by CHSeifert 1 month ago

What do you copper and carbon steel experts prefer to sear a large juicy rib eye steak in? Falk 2.5 stainless steel lined copper or De Buyer Mineral B thick carbon steel? Please state why you...

Origins of Manufacture. Do you care?

by FlamBay 5 months ago

I got into a debate with a friend of mine who is an engineer and an ardent fan of Falk Copper. In the debate I referenced All-Clad because I thought the Tri-ply would suit his copper conductivity ...

What is happening with this cast iron pan?

by JohnTalbotWannabe 5 months ago

I've been using this cast iron pan for about a half decade, and multiple times a week, almost primarily for meat. Cleaning of this is limited to giving it a very fast rinse with hot water right af...

Cast iron problems!

by Chandler114 1 month ago

Alright, long story short. I'm stupid. I was making Salmon, (an orange, honey, garlic salmon) Baked in the oven, in a cast iron comal at 400 degrees for 5 minutes. Pulled out of oven and GOOD L...

Orgreenic skillet help, please

by Chandler114 1 month ago

Long story short, about 6 years ago parents got me an orgreenic skillet. I believe, if my memory serves, I think one night and scratched it up pretty badly while frustrated. I never really used it ...

Your favorite pan

by DonaldT123 1 month ago

I'm sure this topic will produce a lot of different opinions, but I'm curious for those who like to cook on a regular basis, what is the pan you find yourself turning to the most often? A frypan? S...

Pan with Holes what is it for?

by speedyvelo 1 month ago

We got this large pan with holes from the closure of an old fancy hotel in Denver. It is heavy, thick aluminum, we use it as decoration but i wonder what was the original purpose? Thanks

How FALK Copper pans are made - video

by alexrander 1 month ago

I know there have been numerous discussions, and some videos on YouTube, but this one taken from the Discovery Channel in 2016 is the best excerpt I’ve seen and FALK USA released it on their ‘blog’...