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Seasoning pan

by penrichardson 3 days ago

I am thinking that I have read comments regarding seasoning stainless steel. I wasn't aware of this-I thought season...


kaleokahu commented 1 hour ago

11" vs 12.6" Proline Skillet

by loves2cook82 5 months ago

Hey all, per my previous posts on rp17's thread, I have decided to just get a 2qt 5plus saucepan for the time being. ...


Angelus2013 commented 10 hours ago

2018 End of Summer Cookware Deals and Delights

by The Chowhound Team 1 month ago

Let's continue the conversation here. For the previous discussions follow the links below. — Part I - https://www....


pinkmagnolia921 commented 12 hours ago

Disk or clad for flatbread in fry pan on induction?

by pulse 5 days ago

I'm debating whether to go with a disk based Sitram Collectivite Pro 11" fry pan, or a clad Demeyere 5-Plus 11" fry p...


alexrander commented 17 hours ago

Bare Aluminum Cookware

by Libranflight 9 months ago

What is the best thing to cook in bare aluminum? What is the worst, grated potatoes? Does it warp easy, and do I ge...


am47 commented 22 hours ago

All-Clad Relaunches LTD Line of Cookware

by Nick M 1 year ago

All-Clad has just re-launched its once popular line of hard-anodized LTD cookware: (See the link below.) It would ...


Angelus2013 commented 3 days ago

Hestan Nanobond 11" (28 cm.) skillet: Brian's test

by drrayeye 5 days ago

Finally received pictures from the test carried out by Brian MacDonald, in a commercial kitchen. He saute'd over a W...


drrayeye commented 3 days ago

De Buyer Mineral B - Seasoning Issue

by tdhummel 6 days ago

Hi all: so, I'm new to both Chowhound and seasoning, so I hope you'll forgive any glaring errors or gaps in the knowl...


CHSeifert commented 3 days ago

Hestan NanoBond 11" (28cm) skillet impressions--part 3

by kaleokahu 22 days ago

Ray, how are your pros coming along with this? The Hounds are growing restless... And when will "Nanobond Part 4 ...


mobiledynamics commented 4 days ago

Set for niece in new home

by bloodboy 1 month ago

I am buying a complete cookware set (individual pieces) for my niece and was seeking out suggestions/recommendations ...


bloodboy commented 5 days ago

Hammer Stahl Cookware

by Freshgirl 9 months ago

Any feedback on Hammer Stahl cookware ? I have several All Clad pieces I have used for years and am happy with. Just ...


Angelus2013 commented 6 days ago

Hestan Nanobond 11" (28 cm.) skillet impressions--part 2

by drrayeye 2 months ago

Please refer to Hestan Nanobond 11" (28 cm.) skillet impressions for an overview of my project: https://www.chowhound...


randallhank commented 7 days ago

KitchenAid Professional Cookware; Opinions? Experience?

by TomBenson 9 days ago

Ok so I have to say you guys are a bad influence. I had been playing nice. Hunting here and there for pieces to re...


betsy_VA commented 9 days ago

All-Clad New Copper with SS interior

by ReeseLee 18 days ago

I'm buying Falk and Mauviel from what I've learned on this site..but aren't these pretty?! I will not be tempted!!!


Angelus2013 commented 10 days ago

Quick question about Demeyere Industry 5 Thermoskillet from SLT

by TomBenson 10 days ago

So some testing screwups have delayed my surgery 4 days. UGH...can not take my ADHD meds. So I have to obsesses over ...


mobiledynamics commented 10 days ago

All-Clad alternate handles

by Banderzack 2 years ago

Hey everyone, I've been lurking on the site for a few months, and this is my first post. Just to set up a little back...


Angelus2013 commented 11 days ago

Stainless Steel and Stockpots

by penrichardson 6 months ago

I have started replacing my old cookware with Demeyre 5 Plus. I need a new stockpot but have read not to spend a lot...


BigG commented 12 days ago

Kobenstyle Stainless Steel Cookware

by ReeseLee 1 month ago

Dansk is retiring this stainless steel finish. If you like the design buy now.


ReeseLee commented 13 days ago

As few pans as possible for 'compact living' :D

by pm33aud 15 days ago

Hello! I got sucked into reading *a lot* of posts here in the past few days and I think I'm ready to ask help in my ...


Auspicious commented 14 days ago