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Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

by PneumaticTubes 17 hours ago

I like my Lodge cast iron skillet but for the life of me cannot stop myself from washing it in a way they tell you not to in order to build that "patina". I love my Le Creuset dutch oven. How abo...


Stainless black residue

by MamaManda23 2 days ago

Hey all. I was about to use what I thought was a clean stainless steel pot, but after rinsing and wiping a paper towel on it I noticed some black residue coming off of it. Anyone know what this is ...

Mauviel M tradition

by Curlyjeepgirl 8 days ago

I'm looking at an 11/8 frypan Mauviel Mtradition with tin lining. I'd like to experience tin, which i hear is superior. Is $324 a good price for this pan?

Grist for the Thermal Mill

by kaleokahu 9 days ago

I thought I'd post this for anyone who's sincerely interested in comparing and modeling thermal performance in conventional cookware materials. According to these citated authors, the effective tr...

Question re: Falk (USA) Sales - Black Friday?

by Politiceaux 25 days ago

All, does anyone recall details of past Black Friday sales from Falk USA? I would like to buy the 32cm frying pan, and it is currently 20% off, but I'm wondering if I may be able to do a little bet...

Any Laser-Etched Non-Stick Pans?

by W8lkinUSA 1 year ago

I've been a long-time lurker and appreciate all the informative discussions here. I fear that I haven't followed cookware technology well enough. Are there any pans that currently utilize laser...

Not made in China non-stick 8" fry pan?

by marlinspike 10 days ago

As much as I don't like it, my wife needs one non-stick fry pan, and I am willing to humor her. If I don't want made in China, am I looking only at All-Clad d3 and d5 and Demeyere TiX/Zwilling Forte?

Was your Mauviel this beat up too? Defective?

by noff 16 days ago

I purchased 6 Mauviel frying pans recently from Amazon and Cutleryandmore. 3 sold by Amazon and 3 sold by Cutleryandmore. And they had minor defects like the pictures I have attached. This is a nea...

2 handle pan for cooktop and oven

by starzzz 16 days ago

I wanted a large 12 inch 2 handle pan that I could for example sear steaks s and then finish in the oven. 2 that I have narrowed down to are Demeyere 12.6” stainless steel https://berondi.com...

Non stick pans that birds will like

by Skip2 15 days ago

This is a Dad Assignment. My daughter recently acquired a couple of birds (like Canaries). She was sternly advises by the pet store not to use Teflon pans. I’m not looking to debate that but she i...

Shaq Cookware... Are You Ready?

by kaleokahu 17 days ago


Please advise: Falk 28cm rondeau vs. round gratin

by AJ019 19 days ago

Hello everyone – This is my first post as a long-time “lurking” member. Many thanks to all the advice over the years – most of my kitchen is equipped based on your thoughtful recommendations. I ...

Is Vollrath raw aluminum or anodized?

by Curlyjeepgirl 18 days ago

Hi everyone-new to the forum. I am taking stock of my inventory and have a Vollrath #56867 14" sautee pan. I've been reading about the dangers of aluminum. Is this pan anodized or treated in such a...

Stainless Steel Pan in UK

by Shilelis 2 months ago

Hello, I am searching for good stainless steel pan. Preferably with a lid and for around 50£. What is the general feedback on ProCook Elite Tri-Ply and ProCook Professional pans? I was also looking...

‘Batterie’ fully charged

by valveeta300b 26 days ago

A month ago I reread Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential and came back to this site with a mission to buy up some affordable badass commercial cookware. I knew I was looking at Paderno and John...

Brandani Cast Iron Pan

by Libranflight 2 years ago

Found at TJ Maxx, wondering if anyone has any input on use, performance and care. Thanks!

Lighter disc based cookware

by valveeta300b 1 month ago

Hey everyone, I’ve been reading the forum a few years but this is my first post. Recently I donated the majority of my cookware to friends, and built a matching set of Paderno Grand Gourmet and Lac...

Mauviel or Falk?

by luisbravoavi76 29 days ago

Hello all! I have recently been aquiring more copper cookware pieces. I wanted to get a copper skillet bimetal pan but couldnt decide between the M250B 30 cm frying pan, a 32 cm falk or 32 cm de bu...

Misen Cookware

by FlamBay 10 months ago

I have been considering replacing my cookware and randomly clicked on a "Misen" ad on facebook. So no I am getting hit with ads for it everywhere I surf. (Well not everywhere, those adult sites a...