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Frying Pans

A good frying pan is essential for a cook. Get advice on which size and type to buy, plus discuss cooking techniques, care and storage, and more.

Skillet for heat abusive elderly mother

by Sid Post 2 months ago

My mother is well past social security age and her cooking prowess is declining for various reasons. She put in a ...

hill food commented 3 hours ago

Frittata Pan

by mkd3702 17 days ago

My trusty 9" egg pan has finally had to be retired and I don't see that the brand is still available (Macy's house br...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 7 hours ago

Cookware Set Recommendations?

by bibliophile02 14 days ago

Hi! I'm pregnant, due in early January, and have requested for my "push present" a new set of cookware. Budget is abo...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 9 hours ago

All-Clad Relaunches LTD Line of Cookware

by Nick M 9 months ago

All-Clad has just re-launched its once popular line of hard-anodized LTD cookware: (See the link below.) It would ...


berlinrl commented 22 hours ago

Omelette pan

by mikefly 16 days ago

Hi, I did some searching and found several chains - but just for kicks, here is my specific scenario and question....


mikefly commented 1 day ago

Suggestions for Copper Pan w/ Lead Tested in the Lining

by manolotraveler 4 days ago

I recently bought an unusual copper pan on ebay from France, and since it looked pretty old I decided to give the lin...

kaleokahu commented 4 days ago

Demeyere Pro-line 9.4 or 7.9 pan for breakfast cooking?

by starzzz 7 days ago

I already have a Demeyere Atlantis Saute pan and recently received the Proline 11". Although amazing I am find it a l...

Cam14 commented 6 days ago

Copper frying pan - How? When?

by MartinG 9 days ago

I have a Mauviel 250 copper frying pan 26 cm and I don't really... understand it. When I use it like an ordinary fry ...

kaleokahu commented 8 days ago

Demeyere skillet

by cassy_ann 3 months ago

I'm debating between buying the Demeyere 11"proline or the 11" five plus skillet. I have read many of the forums and ...

drrayeye commented 10 days ago

The best pan for searing steaks/meat ?

by CHSeifert 29 days ago

I raise this question, because I'm curious. What pan, in your experience, is the best pan for searing a steak/meat...

Angelus2013 commented 10 days ago

When you thought you'd seen it all: Hestan Nanobond Cookware

by drrayeye 6 months ago

Hestan has just introduced a new line of cookware that apparently wants to challenge All Clad and Demeyere, not to me...

kaleokahu commented 15 days ago

Question about my tin lining

by manolotraveler 26 days ago

I just picked up another copper pan on ebay (sorry, wallet) and the lining looks a bit different from the other coppe...


manolotraveler commented 16 days ago

Advice on saving a very blackened copper pan?

by manolotraveler 25 days ago

I stumbled across the following very, very dirty looking copper pan on ebay this morning, and I'm wondering whether f...


manolotraveler commented 16 days ago

Questions on Demeyere plancha

by damiano 3 months ago

I'm considering buying a Demeyere plancha. I currently have a Le Creuset cast iron griddle pan, which I don't use eno...


damiano commented 18 days ago

Porcelain - Clad Carbon Steel Safe?

by roneerocjs 19 days ago

I was given a gift from my great auntie of porcelain clad carbon steel made in Spain cookware. Says Snow Flower. Only...


manolotraveler commented 18 days ago

Why say copper pot is for lifetime? I do tinning in video.

by TJFRANCE 1 month ago

Hello everyone ! For those who want to know why it is said that a copper pot can last a lifetime and even more, he...

TJFRANCE commented 22 days ago

HELP! My house STINKS Seasoning Cast Iron Pan

by OliveYou2 1 month ago

I recently purchased my first new Lodge pan, and read that although it came pre-seasoned, it is best to season again!...


bsoslander1 commented 26 days ago

On Avoiding being Cooked by Torch (Mark Twain)

by alexrander 1 month ago

"The time of the day was right for the eclipse; I had seen that for myself, in the beginning, by the dial that was ne...

danlind3 commented 1 month ago

Proline 11" vs 12.6" any reason to go 11"?

by mikie 2 months ago

I've wanted the Demeyere Proline skillet for quite some time and I'm finally ready to bite the bullet. I was going t...

mikie commented 1 month ago