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A good frying pan is essential for a cook. Get advice on which size and type to buy, plus discuss cooking techniques, care and storage, and more.

I think I saw a mouse in frying pan....throw out or clean it?

by pearmartini 3 years ago

I have lurked for a while here. 5am my dog had something in his throat so I go to kitchen to give him a piece of ham ...


hotoynoodle commented 2 hours ago

Spring 2018 Deals & Delights Thread

by kaleokahu 2 months ago

The old thread is getting cumbersome. I'll go first: SLT is having a "Flash Sale" on All-Clad today. https://www...


kaleokahu commented 5 hours ago

When you thought you'd seen it all: Hestan Nanobond Cookware

by drrayeye 1 year ago

Hestan has just introduced a new line of cookware that apparently wants to challenge All Clad and Demeyere, not to me...


randallhank commented 5 hours ago

Mauviel M250, why no pouring lip?

by CHSeifert 3 days ago

I now own several Mauviel M250c copper pans and wonder why they don’t have a pouring lip? Cheers, Claus

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 1 day ago

Demeyere Proline 28cm - difference between these two models ?

by CHSeifert 6 days ago

What's the difference between these two Proline 28cm pans ? https://bestsale.be/en/demeyere-55628-proline-frying-p...


kaleokahu commented 2 days ago

Fry pans: what's the diff? stainless steel vs. nonstick vs. blue steel

by nooodles 13 years ago

I'm torn. Which is the best all-purpose fry pan? I don't want to get more than one because I really don't do any of t...


JustCharlie commented 3 days ago

Are Calphalon Pans Really Worth It?

by Atomic76 5 years ago

I've been buying the Calphalon Non Stick frying pans for several years now. I usually snag the two packs when they ar...


Angelus2013 commented 3 days ago

Mazetti Copper opinions?

by Politiceaux 4 days ago

All, I've noticed that Mazetti makes a number of 3mm pieces for what seem to be very reasonable prices. Does anyon...


alexrander commented 4 days ago

Tin-lined vs. Stainless-lined Copper Rondeau

by Politiceaux 4 days ago

I recently scored a fantastic deal on a tin-lined 3.2mm Mauviel 28 cm Rondeau. I am curious as to whether this or...


kaleokahu commented 4 days ago

Best sellers on eBay/Etsy for copper cookware?

by Politiceaux 18 days ago

It's looking like it may be feasible to run a gas line to my new home, which wasn't the case previously. I'm excited ...


Politiceaux commented 6 days ago

Best Material for Non-Stick Pans?

by hellskitchen6 7 days ago

Hello CH! Was having a conversation with a friend today, which went something along the lines of the fact that we ...


Neo1 commented 7 days ago

What to cook in my new Tramontina Fry Pans and Macy's All-Clad

by TeresaWA 4 months ago

I just ordered a couple of Tramontina Tri-ply Fry Pans from BBB, a 12-inch with helper handle and a 10-inch. I could...


Angelus2013 commented 10 days ago

Copper Cookware-First Time User

by ReeseLee 19 days ago

With my new copper cookware that I am about to invest in, do I need diffusers? I don't have a gas cooktop. Are these ...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 11 days ago

A bit of copper decoration for the house?

by TJFRANCE 23 days ago

Some copper pots to clean to decorate the house. Are you coming to help me rub? lollllllllllll https://youtu.be/6...


TJFRANCE commented 19 days ago

Discada Cooking

by seefoo 2 months ago

whatever you want to call it: I've heard - "Cowboy Wok, plow-disc wok, Dicada..Deesco". i want one. i've seen them ...


seefoo commented 21 days ago

What's wrong with lid-on skillet cooking for meat?

by leca 3 years ago

I've always been a grill-master but over the last year I have been experimenting cooking traditional grill items like...


GH1618 commented 22 days ago

Matfer Bourgeat 11’ Copper fry pan advice

by OaklandGal 5 months ago

I received the 11 inch Matfer Bourgeat fry pan from Amazon last week and it arrived with the branding stamp on the ba...


JustCharlie commented 23 days ago

Cookware Small Talk - The Spring 2018 'Bird of Paradise' Edition

by damiano 2 months ago

Let's start a new thread. What is on your mind these days cookware people? Is it the Lacor paella pan you've been eye...


damiano commented 24 days ago