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Crisp fried potatoes for 100

by jennifer852501 9 hours ago

My daughter is getting married and I'm doing most of the food. As a side they want me to make crispy fried potatoes w...


acgold7 commented 2 hours ago

Deep Fryer Disappointment

by Brittbabelsu 9 years ago

So, I spent hours reading reviews, comparing prices, etc., to get the "right" deep fryer. I have been frying in a pot...


kaleokahu commented 1 month ago

Unexpected uses for a Wok?

by travelerjjm 2 months ago

I love cooking with my carbon steel wok. Of course I use it for many Asian dishes. I also use it with the bamboo stea...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 2 months ago

Air Fryer

by codmeister 3 months ago

My wife just bought a new air fryer. It's supposedly a healthier way of frying food than traditional deep fat/oil fr...


Auspicious commented 3 months ago

Why can't I fry diced potatoes?

by GEC 4 months ago

I seem to live in a different potato universe than everyone else. I see all these recipes where you put some oil...


BigG commented 3 months ago

Does anyone have an air fryer? Do you love/hate it?

by Njchicaa 9 months ago

My in-laws always get me some kind of cooking "gadget" for Christmas as they know that I love to cook. Over the year...


beg commented 4 months ago

How to fry potstickers without burning the bottoms?

by Firatcim 4 years ago

Try as hard as I might I often screw it up. Last night, I burnt the bottoms of my handmade potstickers again. Any foo...


Angelus2013 commented 5 months ago

Veal Kidneys

by Boleslaw 5 months ago

I shopped at the big C-Town supermarket at 205th Street and Broadway on Saturday. They sell a lot of meats, including...


Boleslaw commented 5 months ago

Air Fryer question

by raberbm 5 months ago

Has anyone used an air fryer for beer battered scallops? If so, what were the results?

C. Hamster

C. Hamster commented 5 months ago

Help! How do I cook eggs over easy without breaking the yolks?

by Beau711 10 years ago

I love eggs over easy but have no luck when I flip them over - the yolks either break or stick. I make sure the pan i...


GH1618 commented 7 months ago

Tell me about an air fryer, and why would I want one?

by wabi 2 years ago

I just found out about air fryers, and it seems to be a gadget in search of a use. A quick search of Amazon reveals a...


EdithTheCook commented 7 months ago

Homemade spring roll wrappers drying out after filling

by vjtaylor 9 months ago

I made these Shanghai spring roll wrappers (which were SO much fun to make - video at the link!) yesterday, wrapping ...


vjtaylor commented 9 months ago

fried chicken - how long to fry each piece?

by LuluTheMagnificent 9 years ago

How long do you fry each piece? I think I tend to fry it too long. I usually use a cast iron pan or my calphalon pan.


rubylou commented 9 months ago

Got dry falafel mix, need instructions

by Alice Patis 12 years ago

So on a whim, I bought about a pound of dry falafel mix (just scooped the mix from a bin into a bag). I love falafel...


scunge commented 11 months ago

Air Fryer Choices - Please help

by Allenkii 1 year ago

I am considering buying an air fryer. I have very specific questions / requirements and maybe one of you can help me...


travelerjjm commented 12 months ago

Used Fryer Oil Storage for Reuse

by ccbweb 4 years ago

I searched through the board but didn't see any suggestions covering this. Does anyone have a storage container to re...


DPNY commented 1 year ago

simple chicken livers recipe (not pate) - pan frying

by timpani_mimi 6 years ago

can everyone share their favourite pan-fried chicken livers recipe? i'm looking for something simple. any style (ch...

hill food

hill food commented 1 year ago

Oil Splatter when frying

by ios94 8 years ago

Any suggestions on how to cut down on the amount of oil splatter when pan frying/searing meat? I guess one of those ...

Jim Leff

Jim Leff commented 1 year ago

Is it possible to pressure fry at home?

by Dylan 14 years ago

Most people know that one of the "secrets" to KFC (personally, I'm a fine of the stuff) is the fact that they fry it ...

C. Hamster

C. Hamster commented 1 year ago

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