A Nutritionist’s Favorite Snacks for Non-Stop Busy Days

These nutritionist-recommended healthy snacks for when you're on-the-go are perfect for those busy days. You know the ones. You take a look at your calendar, and it’s one of those days where every hour...

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Why is there no fresh guanabana in the US?

by Steve 10 years ago

Guanabana (aka Soursop) is a tropical fruit that seems to be unavailable in the US, except for frozen pulp and the like. Does anyone know why? It's amazingly popular, and you can find the juice i...

Cherry - Funky Stem Taste

by mobiledynamics 1 year ago

Maybe someone knows the answer. Went to wash some cherries. Totally forgot about them and they sat in water for like 2 hrs..... Anyhow, they have a terrible stem taste (obviously not eating the ...

Best stores to find tropical fruits in Vancouver

by maxmillan 2 years ago

I’m looking for fresh soursop in particular. T&T sells a 2 pound size for about $35! Is there another ethnic store, perhaps, that sells it for less? I’m also searching for fresh jack fruit, vari...

Where to find fresh yuzu in Los Angeles? (Ideally westside)

by Eatisan 8 years ago

Searching for the small Asian citrus fruit in L.A., ideally the westside or in Koreatown. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuzu Thanks! (By the way, anyone grow a yuzu around here? I'd plant one ...

How do you pick a SWEET watermelon?

by seefoo 1 year ago

my dad was all over the place. he would primarily look for a fruit with the most bug scratches. his logic was the the bugs targeted the sweeter ones. i've seen him thump them. now? i wish my...

Anatomy of a plum (or any stone fruit)?

by DelightfulFare 1 year ago

I'm writing an article and can't seem to find the name of crease or ridge that exists along the side all stone fruit (the line that makes it look like a bum). Does anybody know what this is called?

Toronto - where to find Rangpur limes or orange limes?

by ilinda 1 year ago

Just got back from a vacation where I had a delicious drink of guaro - sugar and orange limes - apparently also called orange limes. Anyone know where to get them in Toronto?

VitaMix - Liquid diet ideas (smoothies, juices, protein powders, etc.)

by attran99 4 years ago

In trying to be healthier, I'd like to utilize our new VitaMix a little better. Any tips on how what you all use to power pack your smoothies or juices? A few things to keep in mind: -Not a fan ...

Kiwi: Will it ripen or will it rot?

by TracyPark 2 years ago

I have a love/hate relationship with kiwi. The slices are beautiful. I like the textural difference between the crunchy seeds and the soft flesh. I like the sweet/tart balance in a "just right" rip...

Anyone order Florida Honeybells this year?

by fasttimes 2 years ago

The navel oranges we’ve been getting the past two years have been absolute crap. No flavor to them whatsoever. Two years ago they were amazing, large bombs full of meaty, juicy flesh. I’m about ...

Q about a low-fat strawberry mousse recipe

by Scott_R 2 years ago

I've been looking for a low-fat dessert recipes for someone who recently had their gall bladder removed and came across this: https://www.justapinch.com/recipes/dessert/fruit-dessert/low-fat-straw...

Best mail order fruits?

by Fuffy 2 years ago

A 2005 thread discussing best mail order sources for superior fruits is mostly about pros and cons of Harry and David. I am wondering what new sources there are. A friend who subscribes swears by...

Ripening mangos

by kaysheh 2 years ago

I cut open two mangoes and they weren't ripe yet so I wrapped them in cling wrap and put them in the fridge. What's the best way to ripen them as quickly as possible?

Anyone else on Planet who doesn't like Fruit??

by Alice 19 years ago

I feel like an alien. I almost never desire fresh fruit (except, and this seems odd, I do enjoy most tropical fruits - mangos, et al. -- and, also, berries). Fruit juices and shakes and ice-cream ...

Homemade fruit liqueur help - Mold on (only *some* jars) homemade cherry liqueur/"brandy"

by Muriah 2 years ago

Half look fine, half are moldy. I used the recipe I've always used (3rd year in a row). Alcohol (in this case rum), pitted cherries layered with sugar along with some water. Went to check my jars...

OK to throw wrinkly grapes in booze?

by blissed 2 years ago

A friend just begged me to harvest and use her Concord grapes. About half are plump and fresh, the rest are wrinkling up. Any reason I shouldn't toss those in some booze? I figure if they could hav...

Cherry Ice Pops Question

by DonnaMarieNJ 2 years ago

I am posting this again, to put it in more locations - couldn't figure out how to change the first post. The recipe called for 1 pound of pitted cherries, 2 T sugar, and the juice of a lemon. Pu...

finger limes available in sf/bay area?

by possumspice 10 years ago

just read this post on delicious days and my curiosity/sour tooth is completely piqued. http://www.deliciousdays.com/archives/2009/03/17/and-then-she-asked-me-if-i-wanted-to-try-some/ has an...

Small harvest in Lorraine France 2017

by TJFRANCE 2 years ago

Hello all ! Go hop! A small share of my harvest yesterday! The first mirabelles I managed to pick! It is a fruit of the size of a big cherry. Gold color with often a pink / orange face. It is del...

Any week day (daily) fresh fruit stands/markets in Hamilton area?

by itryalot 2 years ago

Heading to the airport in Hamilton next MOnday morning early and wondering if there are any fresh fruit stands or markets that carry Niagara fruits? willing to go to Stoney Creek but won't have tim...