Frozen Dinners


Low Carb Frozen Entrees?

by zackly 2 months ago

My wife is on a low carb kick. She goes back to school this week and wants to unburden me from making her lunch. Are there any decent single serve, microwaveable, frozen, low carb entrees that are...

M & M Food Market- which foods do they do best?

by prima 1 year ago

An acquaintance opened an M&M Food Market (formerly known as M & M Meat Shop) franchise, and I stopped by to give her some business. The business was sold a few years ago. They seem to be offeri...

How to freeze fresh cannilonni

by billy198621 2 years ago

I have made fresh egg pasta this morning it is resting in the fridge. I've also made a cooked beef and ricotta filling that I wanted to turn into cannelloni. I wanted to freeze the cannelloni i...

Anyone have experience with Schwan's (food truck) [moved from General Topics]

by queensgrt 10 years ago

I'm seeking information and/or experience on the food quality from Schwan's. I know it's more expensive, but is the quality there? If you're familiar, do you have any favorites or suggestions? I...

How do you feed your family if you don't cook?

by kitchengardengal 8 years ago

I've met quite a few people who have nobody in the family that cooks. Since I've never been forward enough to grill them on how they do it, I thought I'd ask here. I raised two boys (and a coupl...

I Know This Is Blasphemous & Sounds Absurd... But Want Help Recreating Frozen Meal

by TheBigLeChowski 4 years ago

Hi everyone. First of all I'm new posting here, so please go easy on me, lol. I know a request of this sort sounds completely ridiculous (I mean, a processed FROZEN meal? Come on!) But I really am ...

Frozen entree

by ladybugs65 5 years ago

We are away on holidays before Christmas arriving home the evening on December 24. I would love to put together a decent Christmas dinner but will be unable to have anything fresh. Suggestion...

ISO Frozen Lunch Meals

by zackly 5 years ago

Any suggestions on tasty frozen lunch meals that I can keep on hand? I make my wife breakfast and a lunchbox lunch every weekday, waking at 5:30 to do so. I would like to have an option of giving ...

Palatable frozen foods

by JonParker 8 years ago

I cook dinner most nights, which I mostly enjoy doing. But sometimes I'm just not really up for it, and would like the option to pull out a TV dinner and toss it in the oven. The problem, of course...

Williams-Sonoma Entrees or Tamales?

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 7 years ago

So, I have a friend (out of town) who is ill who has three adolescent children. I'm thinking of sending this "five days of entrees" from Williams Sonoma that includes lasagna, meat loaf, stew, etc....

Frozen Dinners aka TV Dinners: Why are they so Popular?

by Chemicalkinetics 6 years ago

By the way, I am not here to challenge or make fun of people eating frozen meals. When we walk into any supermarket, we often see one full aisle of frozen dinners if not more: http://media4.pop...

"I Don't Cook"

by sandylc 7 years ago

We've all heard this before. If even some of the people who say this are being completely accurate and truthful, in other words do not cook anything at all, what and how do they eat? What if th...

I love to cook from scratch but every now and then I can't resist...(insert name of convenience food here)

by Breadcrumbs 8 years ago

Kraft Dinner Sloppy Joe's made w Manwich Instant Ramen Noodles Campbell's Tomato Soup The Superbowl dip made with Ro-tel and the seemingly soon-to-be-extinct (or at least hard to find!)...

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