Frosting a Bakery-Worthy Cake Is Easy with These Pro Tips

Frosting a cake seems simple, but it's easy to mess it up if you use the wrong tools or have your ingredients at the wrong temperature. A little patience and some basic know-how will make your cake...

Cake Filling Help!!

by Redstickchef 5 months ago

I made some cake layers using a box mix and almond extract. I was thinking of filling it with apricot jam and vanilla bean pastry cream And frosting it with vanilla buttercream. Do you think there ...

how to 'stiffen' Italian Meringue buttercream?

by Smokey 13 years ago

Help! I used to have no problems with making Italian meringue buttercream. But, the last few times I've done it, I've ended up with a product that is quite soupy (even after refrigeration). Th...

Prolific Oven's Bake at Home Kits (Palo Alto, Sunnyvale)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

During the time of Covid-19, we've had to say good-bye to some beloved restaurants and food purveyors and dread news of the next closing. So it is especially sweet and a welcome relief to learn of ...

Powdered Chocolate Frosting Mix?

by vvvindaloo 10 years ago

My mother, a chocolate frosting fanatic, tells me that there was once a superior alternative to frosting in a tub (aside from making it yourself, of course): a mix to which you added butter and wat...

Help me frost my birthday cake

by maestra 10 months ago

Quarantine has me working a little outside my usual box. It's my birthday, and I decided to find a chocolate cake recipe that would use self-rising flour instead of my precious AP. I found this, an...

ISO Devil’s Food Cake Recipe with Chocolate Frosting

by Redstickchef 11 months ago

I am looking for a Devil’s food cake recipe with Chocolate Frosting (whether that be ganache, buttercream, etc) that you have tried and would recommend. Thank you in advance for your help!

Anybody have a tried-and-true vegan vanilla frosting recipe?

by Gretchen 1 year ago

Hosting a dinner in honor of some newly married vegan friends, and I think I've got the cake itself covered, but I've never managed to make a vegan frosting that I actually enjoyed eating. Grateful...

Kraft's #LieLikeAParent contest to promote Salad "Frosting"

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

When I first heard about this contest and the product, I thought it was a piece of satire. Nope, seems to be real.

Cupcake Decoration - to fondant or not?

by orlybabe 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I’m making chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes for my nephew’s birthday on Saturday, and they will be Adventure Time cupcakes - with Finn and Jake’s faces on them. I know the regular way...

Caramel drizzle

by orlybabe 2 years ago

Hi everyone, hope someone can help. I made my usual salted caramel sauce and used it to drizzle over a cake once, but it was too runny, kept its shape but went to the bottom of the cake. I’m doing ...

Cream Cheese Frosting: Can I freeze it?

by DishyDiva 12 years ago

Hello, I made far too much cream cheese frosting for my carrot cake and don't want to throw it out. Do you think the frosting would still be viable if I freeze, then defrost it in the fridge ...

Need a camping cake and frosting

by leanneabe 14 years ago

We're going camping for a friend's birthday in early June (it'll still be pretty mild here in SD and not too hot), but we're going up Friday night and celebrating her birthday Saturday (i.e., the c...

Help with Red Velvet cake ingredients

by defndnature 2 years ago

My recipe for Red Velvet cake calls for whole buttermilk which I am unable to find, I can only find low-fat. Should I tweak the recipe somehow or will it be fine? Also the recipe uses an Ermine ic...

Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting?

Dave MP
by Dave MP 4 years ago

My partner's birthday is coming up, and he says he's interested in a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. I haven't really done this before (as I always use a butter cream or a chocolate-base...

Coconut buttercream frosting

by Pwelsh4 3 years ago

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a good coconut flavored buttercream. My grandmothers birthday is coming up and I wanted to make her a tropical flavored macaron and wanted to use a ...

Can I use a vanilla buttercream in conjunction with a whipped topping?

by AMSparkles 3 years ago

Hi! I made a coconut cake (with coconut cream) and for the topping, I made a homemade whipped topping (that will be topped with shredded coconut). The problem I'm having is that I don't have enough...

Mascarpone Chantilly frosting

by Pwelsh4 3 years ago

Hello, So today I was walking into my local Publix and noticed a banner for one of their cakes that has a mascarpone chantilly frosting and thought to myself that it sounded pretty good. I didn'...

Creative frosting flavors for a chocolate layer cake?

by KrazyB 12 years ago

I've been assigned the task of making a birthday cake for a close relative in a couple weeks and have been given pretty sparse, yet specific instructions. (1) It should be a chocolate cake. (2...

Adding reddi whip to a cream cheese frosting recipe

by Nikimcarter 3 years ago

I'm making a cake with a cream cheese frosting recipe and was wondering if I could lighten it up with reddi whip? Would I have to decrease the powdered sugar in the recipe? Or should I just leave t...

Fudge like chocolate frosting recipe, please!

by fleck 8 years ago

I was reading thru a post on chocolate birthday cakes and it brought to mind my search for a chocolate frosting recipe. For years my son has talked about his babysitter's chocolate frosting whic...