Dinner Between Dallas and McKinney

by madsdadus 2 years ago

Interested in finding a nice but unique dining experience between Dallas and McKinney. Celebrating my Mom’s 80th. Only requirement is there needs to be a good selection of non-spicy foods for her. ...

North Dallas Has A New Restaurant Discount App

by bossofthesouth 3 years ago

Local restaurateurs has launched the new CheapEatz restaurant discount app for dine-in and take out customers. What's unique about this app is that CheapEatz uses the average of 3 major review site...

What are everyones favorite restaurants in Frisco?

by txaggie11 12 years ago

What are everyones favorite restaurants in Frisco? Has anyone tried any new places they liked?

Novelty restaurant McKinney/Frisco

by mollyfnp 6 years ago

I'm looking for an atmosphere similar to Dick's Last resort or Magic Time Machine (nevermind the bad food), without schlepping that far south. Any ideas? The best I've come up with is Mellow Mushro...

Frisco Help

by demigodh 8 years ago

So, my office just moved to the Tollway and 121, AKA a barren wasteland of food despair. I like ethnic, authentic, hole in the wall restaurants. However, if something else is worth noting, please...

Bull Asian Bistro in Frisco

by ssh 9 years ago

I cant beleive I waited this long to try this place: Authentic Korean cuisine made with flair, in a great setting with great service. We had the bibimbop, topokki, and seafood pancake, all of which...

Snow Crab Legs in Dallas/Plano/Allen/McKinney/Frisco

by debbarn 9 years ago

Dodie's in Frisco used to be my go to place for snow crab legs, but they changed ownership last year and the quality/flavor went downhill. I'm looking for a new go to place. I tried The Boiling C...

Good Texas style steakhouse or BBQ near Frisco?

by Bozudad 9 years ago

Here for the weekend and looking for steak or BBQ restaurant near Frisco. Any suggestions?

Best affordable lobster in Dallas/Plano/Frisco?

by lucyflower 9 years ago

I don't need a ton of ambience, since this is lobster with a business colleague. But they really love lobster, so that needs to be really tasty. Appreciate your ideas!

Bridal shower location in dallas/plano/frisco area?

by techgirl1130 10 years ago

Hey everyone I'm looking for some suggestions for a bridal shower location around dallas/plano/frisco area, could be anything from a tea room to something more fun! Any suggestions would be appreci...

Bonnie Ruth's in Frisco

by Analisas mom 10 years ago

Had a late lunch at Bonnie Ruth's in Frisco this afteroon. It is really a beautiful restaurant and we had a great time. The food was good not great , but the ambiance was great. Beautiful Patio ...

BBQ and Pancakes in Frisco area

by bluehensfan 11 years ago

Philly-ish Chowhound is visiting the Frisco area briefly and is interested in great BBQ and pancakes. Initially I am thinking Rudy's for BBQ and the Original Pancake House for pancakes. I was also ...

Frisco Texas

by Section J 11 years ago

Need some help on local places to eat in the area. We are trying to stay in town or closeby as much as possible to reduce the risk of getting in trouble with the local PD for alcohol consumption a...

Babe's Chicken Dinner House (again), This Time Frisco. vs. Garland

by RobbnTX 11 years ago

In a previous post I stated I had eaten at the Garland location only once and while I thought it was good, I was just not blown away and was not sure I would ever eat there again or not. Well I ha...

(DFW) Freddy's Frozen Custard - Frisco

by air 12 years ago

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers 2550 Preston Rd Frisco, TX 75034 I happened to be in Frisco yesterday and was surprised that this custard chain had established a location in the area. Based...

[DFW] Breakfast in Plano/Frisco

by simply_victoria 12 years ago

June 6th I'm running the Komen over up at EDS. The group I run with usually likes to have a good breakfast with mimosas after, but we don't really know the area that far north. We have tried to f...

Great Chinese? Frisco area???

by Jalli52 13 years ago

Today is my 53rd birthday and my son's 18th birthday. I really am craving chinese, good chinese, although NOT expensive, since I have several people that will be going. Suggestions.....please????...

Non-chain Plano/Frisco restaurants?

by Christiannie 16 years ago

Would love to find some good non-chain restaurants both for dining as a couple and with my kids. Burgers, Italian, Asian, Tex-Mex in Plano/Frisco. I'd love any suggestions! The chains are fine t...