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Fresno Tostada Compuesta

by FAT Traveler 5 years ago

Long ago, Fresno had a Spanish restaurant called "Estradas" and they had, by far, the best salad on a tortilla that t...


Sidtex commented 19 days ago

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William Saroyan's Boyhood Church to Mark 120th Anniversary at Autumn Food Bazaar

by filian1900 4 months ago

California’s oldest Armenian Congregation will mark 120 years of ministry at its annual harvest season communi...

Green Garlic Season

by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

'Tis the season of pungent, potent green garlic! The bunches illustrated were grown by Mua family farm in Fresno, pur...

Melanie Wong commented 9 months ago

Fresno Chowhounds?

by Jeff Avis 6 years ago

What has happened to to the Fresno Chowhounds? I haven't seen any recommendations for or against a Fresno restauran...


Jeff Avis commented 1 year ago

Where in the world is Chef Liu?

by rworange 9 years ago

Fans of this chef from China Village who don't already know ... he's in Fresno. You might enjoy the report of a Chowd...

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Rediscovering the Long-lost Chef (Hunan Restaurant, Fresno)

by Melanie Wong 9 years ago

In the culinary spirit of the Beijing Olympics, I'm finally reporting at last on my other meals at Hunan Restaurant. ...

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Discovering new places

by PolarBear 10 years ago

I posted the following "Finding Hidden Gems" on the Media and News board I...

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Fresno’s Hmong farmers suffer as wells on rented land go dry

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"... an emergency meeting with the nonprofit National Hmong-American Farmers and the U.S. Department of Agriculture b...

glbtrtr commented 1 year ago

Ethnic food options in fresno? Vietnamese, others?

by lexvegas 1 year ago

dear chowhounds - will be in fresno overnight for work and would love suggestions about good markets/delis/restaurant...


lexvegas commented 1 year ago

Bernie Sanders dines at Tacos Tijuana in Fresno

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

A lapsed Chowhound forwarded the news that Bernie Sanders had the #11 plate at Tacos Tijuana in Fresno with the note ...

Agrippa commented 1 year ago

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Where to buy cases of liquid eggs (yolk) and fresh cut produce

by Mul 2 years ago

Where can I buy several cases of liquid eggs yolk ( not egg whites ) and few cases of fresh cut produce in Fresno are...

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Modern Farmer: A Bitter Harvest

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

"...It’s impossible to separate the past from the peaches and nectarines and raisins that I grow today. People don’t ...

Falafel Heaven and more at Occasion Bakery [Fresno]

by PolarBear 9 years ago

Finally managed to make it by today (Friday) which is the only day that the elusive falafel is available. It took on...

Melanie Wong commented 2 years ago

Best tacos along Hwy 99?

by saradez 3 years ago

Looking for outstanding tacos anywhere along Hwy 99 (i.e Manteca, Modesto, Turlock, Merced, Fresno, Bakersfield or a...

susancinsf commented 3 years ago

Fresno/Clovis Area Dining

by JMacSeven3 3 years ago

Have been reading many posts about long time Fresno/Clovis standards, but thought I would append the list for those f...

glbtrtr commented 3 years ago

Hunan changes coming [Fresno]

by PolarBear 6 years ago

At a small lunch chowdown last Saturday Chef Liu shared some information with us. He plans to close most likely in S...

syrahgirl commented 3 years ago

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FRESNO-ites! Looking for the great tacos

by saradez 3 years ago

I'm doing a road trip down 99 and looking for great tacos. Hoping to get recs for good, authentic tacos (trucks to st...

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Zen Wok, Fresno

by Gail 3 years ago

Zen Wok (2) opened a month ago on Palm/Herndon. I haven't been to either, but the new one is really close to me. Has ...

Organic Fresno [Hwy 99]

by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Last Monday I was headed south on Highway 99 and spotted Organic Fresno’s roadside sign tucked among a motel row. T...

Agrippa commented 3 years ago