French Toast

How to Make French Toast without a Recipe, Plus 11 Upgraded Versions

French toast is easy enough that you don't even need a recipe; we'll show you how to make French toast with a basic formula, plus 11 versions with various extras, from fresh fruit to Nutella. Weekend...

Give me your best french toast and pancake recipes

by ZoeyCovey 1 year ago

trying to decide which one to make for a day inside brunch. Needs to pair well with fruit and mimosas

Pancakes/Waffles/French Toast/Crepes

by aliris 3 years ago

Hi yall, Is it time to update this excellent investigation of pancakes, etc, in LA? https://www.chowhound.com/post/pancakes-waffles-french-toast-la-dish-month-december-2013-926270?page=8 I'd ap...

French toast bake out of leftover bread pudding?

by CMoya13 3 years ago

I have half a loaf of some Trader Joes pumpkin bread pudding hanging around and I thought I could possibly use it for some kind of french toast bake for Thanksgiving morning. Has anyone done someth...

Best French Toast in LA?

by Bologna 5 years ago

Hi, I was not big on FT until last month when I brunched at Monument Lane in NYC, West Village and holy smokes! Speaking of smokes, their smokey Bloody Mary's knocked me out too. I'm in Pasa...

Brioche French Toast in the Burbs?

by littlecmad 5 years ago

I LOVE the Brioche French Toast at The Dandelion. I especially love the vanilla chantilly cream they have on theirs. Its hard to get to Center City Philly with a baby now, so does anybody know wher...

French Toast with Salmon Roe

by ipsedixit 5 years ago

Please tell me where to find this dish. Any time of day. Any price point. Anywhere in OC/LA. Barring a recommendation, may just go to Petrossian and resort to a "DIY Salmon Roe French T...

best french toast in SF Bay Area?

by Bologna 5 years ago

say, with fantastic bloody mary options ? thanks all! (the kind of french toast that's perfectly toasted around the edges and soft, rich creamy in the middle, etc.)

challah french toast?

by junglekitte 13 years ago

anyone have a yummy challah french toast recipe? im cooking a brunch tomorrow and want to make something awesome. i've only made french toast.....umm once or twice in my life. i took bread, ...

Shorty's French Toast

by lcfame 18 years ago

Do any of you foodies out there remember a spot on Duval St. in Key West called Shorty's? The sign is still there, but alas, it is now a T-shirt shop- just what Key West needs more of... At any ...

French toast

by Londonlinda 5 years ago

I am coming to Chicago for a foodie/arty few days next week (can't wait!). I think I have my eating planned thanks to the tips on this board, but am still looking for somewhere for breakfast, prefe...

Best French Toast in NYC?

by OliveHam 5 years ago

Anyone have any suggestions on amazing French toast that's also unique? Some examples are Russ & Daughters' chocolate babka french toast and The Nomad Bar's ice cream-marinated french toast and waf...

Creme Brulee French Toast Recipe

by igj 16 years ago

Someone on the LA board inquired about this dish which I make annually for my girlfriend's birthday breakfast. It is sickly sweet (to my palate) but she loves it. So, I am posting the recipe here -...

French Toast Appetizer from L'Albatros Brasserie in Cleveland - how to make?

by pegasis0066 5 years ago

I would like to try to make... what I know from having it once and these photos: - brioche french toast - mushroom ragu - mico greens w/ balsamic syrup Questions: - would you put jus...

sourdough french toast?

by jlewis147 5 years ago

My wife and I stayed at Hotel Diva back in 2009 off Geary St. We had sourdough French toast a place close to the hotel that was incredible. A coworker and her husband are headed out to San Fransi...

ISO French Toast Crunch Cereal

by MsKnowItAll 6 years ago

Has anyone spotted French Toast Crunch cereal (blue box) in the Toronto/GTA area? I know it was discontinued in the U.S. but we used to be able to get it here. Can no long seem to find it.

Do you butter your French toast?

by Jpan99 6 years ago

I saw someone buttering their French toast this weekend. I have never buttered my French toast. I butter my pancakes. I butter my waffles. But I have never buttered French toast and I have no i...

PANCAKES & WAFFLES & FRENCH TOAST - LA Dish of the Month (December 2013)

by ipsedixit 6 years ago

PANCAKES & WAFFLES & FRENCH TOAST - LA Dish of the Month (December 2013) Your month in the limelight has arrived wienermobile. The dish of the month for Los Angeles for December is Pancakes, ...