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French Press

Any small kitchen applicances NOT made in China?

by Deenso 9 years ago

I'm getting the feeling that this is a fruitless search, but I'm looking for a new 4-slice toaster. I examined the bo...


PJV commented 3 months ago

French Press Coffee: How do I keep it warm?

by gutreactions 4 years ago

I enjoy coffee out of a French Press on occasion, but I still can't figure out how to keep it warm. Help, please...


humu2nuku2 commented 6 months ago

Palm Restaurant french press

by coffeeandtea 4 years ago

I bought a Palm Restaurant french coffee press that looks like stainless, but it does not have any identification of ...


yvonbergeron commented 1 year ago

French press replacement parts in Boston?

by jsjs09812 11 years ago

Before I spend my day hitting every possible store in the Boston area, does anyone know where I can find french press...


bear commented 1 year ago

French press question

by Marvin 4 years ago

Hi all -quick question about the French Press. is it normal after brewing for some of the grinds to be stuck to the ...


1MoniqueK commented 1 year ago

French Press Coffee Maker

by stefansky90 3 years ago

I am looking for a stainless steel French Press Coffee Maker for myself. Size about 8-16 ounces. I read lot of review...


frenchpresscoffee commented 2 years ago

French-pressed coffee

by nycguy20011 2 years ago

Which cafes or coffee shops offer French-pressed coffee? I had some at Konditori which blew drip coffee out of the wa...


howdini commented 2 years ago

Coarse grind coffee: how to brew?

by moccy 2 years ago

Hi all, I'm a newbie in coffee knowledge who recently started taking black coffee daily. I heard medium grind size i...


Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Stainless steel French press suggestions?

by lizmari 3 years ago

I'm buying a stainless steel French press for my mom for her birthday, and I am a bit overwhelmed with the choices. T...


treb commented 2 years ago

Percolator, auto-drip, or press? Or...?

by iheartcooking 3 years ago

My auto-drip coffee pot but the dust this morning and I'm thinking about what I should buy next. Another coffee pot w...


Candy commented 3 years ago

Favorite French Press?

by coffeekate 3 years ago

What is everyone's favorite french press? Name 2 things you wish your french press had or wish could be improved on.


saeyedoc commented 3 years ago

Settling on a coffee making device

by pistachio peas 3 years ago

Bear with me as I talk about this irrelevant "problem." I am unsatisfied with my coffee-making abilities. In my house...


Eiron commented 3 years ago

Can I use an 8 cup french press to make 2 cups of coffee?

by rchlst 3 years ago

Hi! I have an 8 cup french press that I bought for making cold brew coffee. Can I use it to make only 2 cups of h...


saeyedoc commented 3 years ago

French Press Coffee Maker

by Tinkerbell 4 years ago

Son is going to be traveling a lot and would like to make coffee before pulling out in the mornings. Glass and plasti...


centralpadiner commented 4 years ago

Bodum French Press - using extra screen

by myaco 4 years ago

I'm on my second Bodum French press coffee maker. I saved the plunger from the first one. Was wondering - - - ...


tcamp commented 4 years ago

Sturdiest French Press Coffee Pot?

by Fiona 8 years ago

I love to make coffee in a french press but lately the pots seem to be getting very fragile. We are breaking one ever...


CindyJ commented 4 years ago

Best place to buy a French press or ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

by vandan 7 years ago

ok never ever make coffee at home , but have decided it would be nice to make and grab a cup to go at home, am kind ...


vandan commented 4 years ago

Frieling versus Bodum french press

by hippiebiologist 5 years ago

I want to replace my current cheap hand-me-down French press. I originally was planning on buying a Bodum (4 cup/17 ...


Philly Ray commented 5 years ago

Will coffee ground for automatic drip be terrible as French press?

by katydid13 5 years ago

A co-worker who knows I enjoy coffee just bought me some freshly ground Salvadoran coffee as a gift, but it was groun...


katydid13 commented 5 years ago

French press or Chemex?

by prolix 5 years ago

I just cracked the carafe for my Bodum French press. Again. The carafe I go buy this afternoon to replace it would ...


mcf commented 5 years ago