French Press

Pour Over vs French Press: What Is the Difference Between These Coffee Brewing Methods?

There's way more than one way to make a cup of coffee, but when it comes to French press vs pour over (two of the most popular manual methods), what is the difference? [related_content align=left title...

Any small kitchen applicances NOT made in China?

by Deenso 12 years ago

I'm getting the feeling that this is a fruitless search, but I'm looking for a new 4-slice toaster. I examined the boxes of every brand on the shelves at Target this weekend and literally all of th...

French Press Coffee: How do I keep it warm?

by gutreactions 7 years ago

I enjoy coffee out of a French Press on occasion, but I still can't figure out how to keep it warm. Help, please...

Palm Restaurant french press

by coffeeandtea 7 years ago

I bought a Palm Restaurant french coffee press that looks like stainless, but it does not have any identification of material on the press.Does anyone know what it is actually made of? It is has a ...

French press replacement parts in Boston?

by jsjs09812 14 years ago

Before I spend my day hitting every possible store in the Boston area, does anyone know where I can find french press replacement parts in Boston? I don't have access to a car, but paying $3.95 shi...

French press question

by Marvin 7 years ago

Hi all -quick question about the French Press. is it normal after brewing for some of the grinds to be stuck to the top side of the wire mesh filter? The vast majority are on the bottom of the fi...

French Press Coffee Maker

by stefansky90 6 years ago

I am looking for a stainless steel French Press Coffee Maker for myself. Size about 8-16 ounces. I read lot of reviews and I am more confused. Will someone who uses a stainless French Press sha...

French-pressed coffee

by nycguy20011 5 years ago

Which cafes or coffee shops offer French-pressed coffee? I had some at Konditori which blew drip coffee out of the water with its flavor and strength for a decent price (under $3), but wondering wh...

Coarse grind coffee: how to brew?

by moccy 5 years ago

Hi all, I'm a newbie in coffee knowledge who recently started taking black coffee daily. I heard medium grind size is good for cold brew (Hario Mizudashi) or french press, but my father recently s...

Stainless steel French press suggestions?

by lizmari 6 years ago

I'm buying a stainless steel French press for my mom for her birthday, and I am a bit overwhelmed with the choices. They all seem to get decent reviews on Amazon, but the prices vary wildly, and th...

Percolator, auto-drip, or press? Or...?

by iheartcooking 6 years ago

My auto-drip coffee pot but the dust this morning and I'm thinking about what I should buy next. Another coffee pot would be cheap and easy to use, but I would like to know if there's any flavor pa...

Favorite French Press?

by coffeekate 6 years ago

What is everyone's favorite french press? Name 2 things you wish your french press had or wish could be improved on.

Settling on a coffee making device

pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 6 years ago

Bear with me as I talk about this irrelevant "problem." I am unsatisfied with my coffee-making abilities. In my household, we have: -a Cuisinart Automatic Grind & Brew purchased a couple years a...

Can I use an 8 cup french press to make 2 cups of coffee?

by rchlst 6 years ago

Hi! I have an 8 cup french press that I bought for making cold brew coffee. Can I use it to make only 2 cups of hot coffee? I have the bodum brand one and noticed that when i only have two s...

French Press Coffee Maker

by Tinkerbell 7 years ago

Son is going to be traveling a lot and would like to make coffee before pulling out in the mornings. Glass and plastic Mr. Coffee too much to be bothered with. We noticed French Press Coffee Makers...

Bodum French Press - using extra screen

by myaco 7 years ago

I'm on my second Bodum French press coffee maker. I saved the plunger from the first one. Was wondering - - - Could I add the screen to the one I'm using so there would be double screening? ...

Sturdiest French Press Coffee Pot?

by Fiona 11 years ago

I love to make coffee in a french press but lately the pots seem to be getting very fragile. We are breaking one every few months. Which brand is the most durable? I don't mind buying an expensive ...

Best place to buy a French press or ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

by vandan 10 years ago

ok never ever make coffee at home , but have decided it would be nice to make and grab a cup to go at home, am kind of trying to decide between just a simple French press and an espresso machine w...

Frieling versus Bodum french press

by hippiebiologist 8 years ago

I want to replace my current cheap hand-me-down French press. I originally was planning on buying a Bodum (4 cup/17 oz.), given that it seems to be THE staple press every gets, but then I saw the ...

Will coffee ground for automatic drip be terrible as French press?

by katydid13 8 years ago

A co-worker who knows I enjoy coffee just bought me some freshly ground Salvadoran coffee as a gift, but it was ground for automatic drip, and I don't have one of those machines. I only use French ...

French press or Chemex?

by prolix 8 years ago

I just cracked the carafe for my Bodum French press. Again. The carafe I go buy this afternoon to replace it would be I think the fourth in the last eighteen months (granted, I've moved more time...