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Gujarati Lunch at Krishna Restaurant, Fremont

by Melanie Wong 14 years ago

Krishna Restaurant in Fremont offers sweets, a few chaat snacks, and lunch or dinner plates. I wanted to try it because I'd heard that the food was Gujarati style. With Diwali celebrations beginn...

Lunch Suggestions near Fremont Courthouse?

by Rapini 6 years ago

I'll be at the Courthouse in Fremont for the next two weeks, and wondered if local 'hounds have any recommendations for lunch nearby. Not too picky about type or ethnicity, as long as it's tasty...

ISO Business Dinner Fremont

by luxarles 6 years ago

I'll be meeting a European business colleague in Fremont next week and taking him to dinner. He travels frequently to London and India so my preference is to not go to an Indian restaurant, but I'...

Bombay Pizza House - Fremont

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 6 years ago

Same mall as Yum's Bistro. I got a large Curry Veggie Delight combo to go, "Curry Sauce, Cheese, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Olives, Red Onions, Jalapenos, Ginger & Fresh Cilantro," hold the diced tom...

Back to Shao Mountain for Hunan Eats (Fremont)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Friday evening I was cruising north on 880 with my sights on Newark’s Little Sichuan. But alas, traffic slowed down to a crawl in south Fremont. Instead, I exited at Auto Mall Pkwy to return t...

Filipino Food - Cherry Garden - Fremont

by myst 6 years ago

Reading the "jumped the dining shark" post, made me think of this past weekend when I joined my filipino friends at Cherry Garden in Fremont. Sometimes, a pile of pork in various forms will re...

best takeout Newark / west Fremont / Union City near 84 / 880N

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 6 years ago

Looking for good dinner takeout options on Berkeley-bound commute. Anywhere between 84 and 92 west of 880, or nearby. Recommendations of specific dishes that travel well appreciated. Mumbai Chow...

Regional Chinese in Fremont

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

In another thread, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/917364#8334505 Dustin_E asked, "do you have a list off the top of your head of places in fremont that do a certain region/style of chinese ...

Whole Foods Fremont now open - Wed 9/25/13

by hhc 6 years ago

Whole Foods Fremont now open. It's a bit far from the freeway, you gotta drive about 20 minutes after exiting to get here. Got there a bit after 7am standing in line for the free goodie bag t...

Tea Papa - Chinese cafe - South Fremont w/ PICS

by hhc 6 years ago

Tried out Tea Papa for dinner Th 9/19/13 after work. It's in the strip mall where Ross is, across from Kari Kari. Lady said Taro Milk Tea was very popular so I got a small. It was in a nice gl...

NEW: Kyain Kyain, small Burmese Restaurant, Fremont w/ PICS

by hhc 6 years ago

CASH ONLY! Tiny restaurant about 7 tables, take-out is available, that's next to Satomi Sushi in the same strip mall as QQ Noodle. Small parking lot, but there's free side street parking availabl...

Need Fremont Restaurant Recommendation for Large Group

by Voyageur767 6 years ago

Group of about 50 traveling to Fremont next year and need to do some advance planning. Would appreciate some recommendations for low to mid-range restaurants that would be able to handle lunch.

Interesting beer tasting room in Fremont

by michaelw 6 years ago

After taking a ride on the Niles to Sunol train, we visited the Das Brew tasting room at 44356 South Grimmer Boulevard in Fremont. The brew master was out at the Fremont Festival, but we chatted wi...

Lebanese Find: MidEast Deli & Grocery in Fremont

by Melanie Wong 14 years ago

Following up on an emailed tip from a shy 'hound, one evening I stopped at MidEast Deli after confirming that it would still be open at 7:30pm. It was indeed still open at that time, however, the ...

Kung Fu Kitchen (Cantonese) in Fremont

by mr_darcy 6 years ago

Pretty good new Cantonese restaurant in Fremont - the name gave me pause (seemed a little Americanized), but it turned out to be a very legitimate Cantonese place. Kind of in the same vein as Cook...

Indian in Fremont with nice quiet atmosphere

by bogman 6 years ago

First time poster from a non-foody...please help me make my foody friend happy! I live in Fremont and almost never eat out. I have a friend coming down from San Francisco next week who is excite...

Bread of Life Bakery now has a store in North Fremont (with PICS)

by hhc 6 years ago

CASH ONLY. I went to Bread of Life Bakery since it's near me. It's in the same shopping center as 99 Ranch in North Fremont - Fremont Blvd & Darwin Ave. It's on the Right side of 99 Ranch betwee...

Chowdown report: Shao Mountain in Fremont

by Tom Simonson 7 years ago

Eleven hounds met this Sunday (2/17) for a hunan chowdown at Shao Mountain in Fremont, organized by CheuCheu and Melanie. We had a delightful meal and good company. First it's worth noting about...

Fremont - 3 days with a vegetarian in tow

by evilgodmom 7 years ago

I'll be in Fremont next week with and we have one in our party who's vegetarian (eggs/milk products are okay.) We often find common ground in Asian food, so I'm sure nobody will starve. I'm wond...

good pho place in Fremont or around?

by microchow 7 years ago

Any recommendation for a very good Pho place in Fremont or around here? It should serve good quality beef and also preferably a vegetarian option too. The last time I tried a beef Pho was 20 years ...