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Ping's Bistro: Hunan in Fremont

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Ping's Bistro opened a year ago. I first became aware of it when I stumbled on photos of some dishes on an incomplete...

The often overlooked Fremont/Union City/Newark corridor...

by smiles33 2 years ago

I'm meeting up with friends from all across the Bay in Fremont due to its central location for those coming from Sant...


smiles33 commented 4 months ago

Spices! now has a location in Fremont - Report w/ PIC

by hhc 2 years ago

Checked out Spices! in Fremont because I heard they are now open. They opened in Aug 2014 so I'm a bit late on going...

Melanie Wong commented 6 months ago

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Dongpo Rou & Chinese Priceless Pork Belly

by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

The Asian Art Museum kicked off a pork belly eating fest to accompany the unveiling of the "Meat-shaped stone", a Qin...

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Macau Cultural Center | Niles District - Fremont

by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

When I was in Fremont recently, I took note of the sidewalk sign promoting rental of the banquet hall of Macau Cultur...

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Niles Ice Cream Sweets & Eats | Fremont

by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Winding my way through Fremont's Niles District last week to avoid freeway congestion, I spotted an ice cream parlor ...

Source for spanish paprika in San Jose?

by hoodsmom 10 months ago

Anyone know a brick and mortar source for spanish paprika in the San Jose area? (or Fremont or Las Gatos)

letsindulge commented 10 months ago

Excellent off the beaten path affordable Cantonese at Yum's Bistro in Fremont

by K K 7 years ago

Apparently the Cantonese Chinese community already knows about this place, still under the radar for most folks. ...


Nineteen commented 10 months ago

Chicory in the Bay Area?

by walkie74 1 year ago

Hi folks, Some of my coworkers are looking for powdered chicory root to mix with their coffee. I know there are c...

ssfire commented 1 year ago

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Eden Silk Road Cuisine | Fremont

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

First chowing of 2016 was dinner at Eden Silk Road Cuisine in Fremont. When I called to check whether it was open on ...

Hing Lung [San Francisco] [now Fremont]

by PuffinCA 5 years ago

Went by this morning for my once a month jook. The place was dark and a loses sign was out front. Are they closed per...

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

Green Champa Garden: laotian, lu-mein, thai [Fremont]

by shanghaikid 5 years ago

Green Champa Garden is an extension of oaktown's champa garden, same family a cursory look at champa garden's menu...

Cicely commented 1 year ago

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Three Guys Pies | New York Pizza in Fremont

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Also spotted in Fremont last night, Three Guys Pies opened last year offering up NY style specialties. Who's trie...

Best Chinese in Hayward/Union City/Fremont?

by essvee 2 years ago

Need to take an old friend out. Would love to wow him with some superb Chinese. Any and all recommendations please. T...


essvee commented 2 years ago

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Seoul 2Go in Fremont for Chi^Mc

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Yesterday I took a break from traffic on Mission in Fremont, pulling into the shopping center with CVS to take a brea...

Chobani passion fruit yogurt?

by Robert Lauriston 3 years ago

Berkeley Bowl used to carry this but dropped that flavor. Is it regularly available anywhere else between Berkeley an...


Abgarvey commented 2 years ago

Jay Bharat Bay Area – Gujarati in Fremont

by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Thanks to this tip from “hhc”, I checked out Jay Bharat in Fremont two weeks ago. It’s a new branch of the Southe...


bigger_eyes commented 2 years ago

Advice appreciated re: Chinese Food 101 class for HS students

by lexdevil 2 years ago

I taught this class several years back and I am reprising it next week. And getting hungry thinking about it. I'd ...


OliverB commented 2 years ago

Fremont Diner Report (Sonoma)

by Civil Bear 2 years ago

Had a chance to stop by Fremont Diner on my way in to Napa this morning. I really like their morning menu of low coun...


Andrew H commented 2 years ago