Fort Wayne


Family Power! - New Burmese in Fort Wayne

by Barry Strugatz 4 years ago

Had a great meal at the new Burmese restaurant Family Power at 5205 Decatur Road (260) 744-2720 Closed Mondays. Photos attached...

Best Burmese Food Outside Burma...in Fort Wayne?!

by Barry Strugatz 11 years ago

Fort Wayne, Indiana sits at the crossroads of the Rust Belt and the Bible Belt. In recent years it has become home to many Burmese refugees. The largest population outside of Burma. There are s...

Weekly Burmese/Lao Market Outdoors in Fort Wayne

by Barry Strugatz 8 years ago

This Sunday in Foster Park my family stumbled upon an amazing Burmese/Lao market. It's every summer weekend, Sat & Sun, 11am-8pm. About a dozen vendors. Prepared foods, exotic vegetables, clothe...

Another authentic Burmese place in Fort Wayne!

by Barry Strugatz 7 years ago

Had an excellent meal at : Sone Sea Yar @ 5527 S. Anthony Blvd. The food is Muslim style, everything homemade. http://www.fortwayne.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20131108/NEWS/320111611

What's New in Fort Wayne?

by Barry Strugatz 7 years ago

Wondering if there are any good new places to check out. Especially interested in Burmese, BBQ, Soul, Amish….

Fort Wayne, IN - Burmese food

by Tobelo 14 years ago

Does anyone know if there is a Burmese restaurant in Fort Wayne, IN? I know there are thousands of Refugees. If not restaurant what about a grocery store that caters to the Burmese. Pickled tea?

Fort Wayne, Indiana Mexican food

by Kim 18 years ago

Hello! We just moved here from the west coast 8 months ago. We have adapted well...except...we miss REAL mexican food. The few places we have tried have been a miss. Everthing is covered in red ...

South Bend and Fort Wayne recommendations

by salesgirl19 8 years ago

I am flying into Fort Wayne around lunch time, then headed to South Bend for dinner. Looking for recommendations, no chains, open to all foods. I may also be back in Fort Wayne for dinner the nex...

Fort Wayne

by JimGrinsfelder 9 years ago

A few notes from recent trip to the Fort. 1. Power's is still rockin' the sliders. If you live a good life and believe you'll be rewarded with a trip to heaven, I expect you will see a replica...

Searching for nice grocers btwn Cleveland and Fort Wayne?

by tsfirefly 10 years ago

Our foodie family will be traveling to Fort Wayne this summer and will be spending a couple weeks in an extended-stay hotel. I'm a chef hoping to find some interesting grocery stores in the immedi...

Burmese Fort Wayne

by Barry Strugatz 11 years ago

Hi, Are there any new Burmese restaurants in Fort Wayne?

Fort Wayne, IN: buying Ribs at Pio's

by JimGrinsfelder 12 years ago

Visiting family on Labor Day weekend, my Dad & Mom picked up 5 racks of spare ribs at Pio market on East State Street. We grilled them and finished them in the oven. They were an extremely good d...

Anyone eaten at Joseph Decuis in Roanoke near Fort Wayne, IN?

by Main Line Tracey 12 years ago

Hello! I am scouting out restaurants to enjoy for my birthday dinner and wondered if anyone has eaten at Joseph Decuis. Do you recommend it? Any favorite dishes? Thanks so much for your advice.

Possible Move to Fort Wayne, IN

by bluedevil33 13 years ago

I am going to be interviewing at a company in Fort Wayne, with the possibility to relocate there. I am a big food and wine fan, and was wondering what the scene was like in Ft. Wayne. Mainly I am...

Good, Moderately Priced Eats in Fort Wayne?

by nofunlatte 13 years ago

I go to Fort Wayne every month or so to stock up on groceries at the local co-op, picking up a sandwich at the deli. But if there are any moderately priced places (not chains!) to eat that would b...

best bakeries in fort wayne?

by miss t 14 years ago

i'm looking for the best bakery in Fort Wayne - specifically best BREAD. i wanna find something in town better than Panera or The Mill - any suggestions? thanks. the bread lady

Good deli/lunch food in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

by bradleyt78 15 years ago

I will be travelling to Fort Wayne, Indiana in the next month and wondering if anyone has suggestions for good deli sandwiches? I am not interested in a chain (Panera, etc) but a local eatery. Wi...

Upscale in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

by Amfortas 16 years ago

I'll be in Fort Wayne for one night next week. Any recommendations for upscale dining? Any cuisine is fine, but my preference is for classic French and Thai.