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fort lauderdale smoked fish and bagels

by phyllis 16 years ago

Anyone in Fort Lauderdale know where is a good place to buy smoked fish and bagels? They don't have to be in the same place. We don't expect NY quality bagels but hope there is a good place there...

Fried Scallops in Miami/Fort Lauderdale?

by Tim 16 years ago

I have lived in Miami for 3+ years, and have yet to find great fried scallops - my favorite food. In fact, I only know a couple restaurants that even serve them. Any suggestions out there? Would...

Guatemalan Restaurant, SW Fort Lauderdale

by s.m. koppelman 17 years ago

A tiny, clean counter-and-stools takeout on Davie Blvd. just east of 441, this was today's stop on my ongoing Central American chow investigation. I saw they had tacos (in their proper soft-tortill...

Fort Lauderdale Favorites

by HarryR 18 years ago

How about sharing some of your favorite Fort Lauderdale restaurants. They don't have to be 4 star or touristy, just good food. Some of our favorites are as follows- Casablanca Cafe - Corner of A1...

where to go for stone crab in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area?

by Earl Grey 17 years ago

I'll be in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area soon and would like to try stone crabs. Should I try Joe's Stone Crab or Billy's Stone Crab or go somewhere else? Thanks in advance for your help!

Fort Lauderdale Thai

by Rich 17 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone one has a Thai restaurant in the FTL/Hollywood area that they can recommend. Thanks, Rich

GREAT ETHNIC FOOD - Ft. Lauderdale, and maybe Miami

by NYC Food Snob 17 years ago

I'm looking for must-try secrets of the locals. No tourist haunts, please, unless they qualify. Anything Chinese, Thai, Latin/Cuban, Creole, Indian, or Mexican. Thanks!

Fort Lauderdale and Miami followup

by tennjack 17 years ago

visited several of the places recommended and agreed with the recommendations. Several observations are: traffic on 95 and everywhere can be horrible, horrible, horrible, at rush hour (80% of th...

Fort Lauderdale and Miami area

by Tenjack 17 years ago

I am working my way through the messages but would appreciate recommendations for Seafood, Mexican, and Oriental. We like places like JR's oyster deck in downunder in Daytona Beach where you si...

Fort Lauderdale Sunday Brunch

by HarryR 17 years ago

We have previously had brunch at the Marriott Marina and Martha's in Hollywood. Looking for an upscale brunch to try in the beach area or within a few miles. Any other recommendations for nice dini...

Fort Lauderdale/Sunrise Kosher options

by AH 17 years ago

My greatgrandmother is now in a nursing home in Sunrise and keeps kosher. I'm visiting next week and would like to take her out for a meal. Her niece told me that the only option is a non-kosher ...

where to stay in Fort Lauderdale?

by Thanya 17 years ago

I'll be visiting from Seattle in late February. I know this is a food board, but any suggestions for charming budget accomodations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Thanya

very old fort lauderdale restaurant

by LilMsFoodie 18 years ago

actually maybe Lighthouse Point. You get there by launch..really a seafood shack as I remember it. Has been there for 70 years maybe? A rum runner place? Ring any bells. Thanks in advance

very old fort lauderdale restaurant

by LilMsFoodie 18 years ago

actually maybe Lighthouse Point. You get there by launch..really a seafood shack as I remember it. Has been there for 70 years maybe? A rum runner place? Ring any bells. I know it is still t...

Miami/Boca/Ft Lauderdale Recommendations Please

by Dan Raffle 18 years ago

I grew up in Miami and now live in San Francisco. I come back every year or so and eat the things I can't get on the west coast: -Frankie's Pizza -La Spada Subs -Cuban food (Versailles, Casa Lario...

Blue Moon - Fort Lauderdale

by Dynamo 18 years ago

After an excellent meal, the staff took it upon themselves to add 17% gratuity. The reason given was that 'between November and May, gratuity is sometimes added !' After checking with two adjacent ...

Marks - Las Olas - Fort Lauderdale

by Dynamo 18 years ago

Superb atmosphere, amazing food combinations, tasty large portions - an excellent restaurant !

Fort Lauderdale

by Taylor 18 years ago

I will be in Fort Lauderdale in February, staying at the Yankee Clipper. Can anyone recommend restaurants in the area. Mainly looking for more casual but would like to do at least one night of fi...

Moving to Fort Lauderdale - Pompano Beach

by TT 19 years ago

Hi I am moving to either Fort Lauderdale or Pompano Beach later this year. I am hoping to buy either a house or condo and am looking for suggestions on neighborhoods to live. I'd like to live in ...

In Fort Lauderdale I like Big Pink

by Tim 19 years ago

We tried Big Pink a few months back and have been back since. It's in the Las Olas Riverfront complex (free parking across the street in the government garage on the weekends.) It's designed to loo...

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