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Amazon's Best Cookbooks (& Other Food Books) of the Year...So Far

Amazon has announced its list of best food and cookbooks of the year...so far, as chosen by their in-house team of editors who've scoured the literary world reading literally thousands of pages of chef...

Best City-focused Cookbook

by borisabrams 6 days ago

Hi all! What is a good city-specific cookbook, one that really gets to explore the history and culture of a place? I have been inspired by the cult recipes cookbooks buttt they seem to lack all...

RIP Molly O’Neill

by alkapal 6 days ago

A great loss for the food world.

N.Y. Times offers mixed blessings to The Four Seasons reboot...

by gutreactions 7 months ago

Times' restaurant critic Pete Wells offers an extraordinary review of the newly reopened Four Seasons Restaurant in its new digs on E. 49th Street. Both scathing and admiring. Has anyone returned? ...

Whatever Happened to Portland?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 15 days ago

"The Eater Guide to the Pacific Northwest" dropped last week, https://www.eater.com/pacific-northwest-restaurants-portland-seattle . Meghan McCarron penned a nuanced look at the current eating scen...

Sam Sifton to speak at Bartow-Pell, Bronx, June 6th...

by gutreactions 25 days ago

Sam Sifton, food editor and restaurant critic for the New York Times, will speak at a special luncheon/fundraiser at the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum in the Bronx, June 6th from noon to 2 p.m. Bartow...

An Edible Legacy: Diversity, Californios, and the Birth of San Diego-Baja Cuisine

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 18 days ago

" . . . The Californios had a distinct way of cooking. William Smythe, the first to write a definitive history of San Diego, described their food as such: 'The Californios naturally survived on a d...

Diana Kennedy Says Goodbye to Her Cookbooks

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 21 days ago

" . . . From Kennedy’s home among the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental, she transported her archival material overland on an earlier trip of 800 miles (one way), chauffeured by a trusted ta...

Salvador Dalí’s Eccentric Cookbook Is Being Reissued for the First Time in Over 40 Years

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 29 days ago

" . . . The book, which includes 136 recipes divided into 12 chapters, is arranged by courses—including aphrodisiacs. Aside from his illustrations, Dalí’s musings are scattered through the publicat...

Food Fiction Books Recommendations

by ad7yn 2 years ago

What are your favorite food fiction books? Please recommend your favorites. I started reading Ruth Reichl's Delicious! Such a wonderful book! Other faves include: Dinner at Antoines - Frances P...

NYT Frugal Traveler - Paris

by grumpyspatient 2 months ago

From today's NYT, it may be behind a paywall. Hopefully its free. We are heading to Paris in the fall so this was of great interest.

James Beard Journalism Award Finalists 2019

by patsully 3 months ago

I thought this was worth posting here with links where available! If I find more, I'll add. *Columns* America’s Best Worst Cook: “Hi, I’m America’s Best Worst Cook”; “Dear Chefs, Will Eating ...

Food Critic Barred From Charleston Restaurant, Finds a Way

by patsully 2 months ago

Very much enjoyed this read, which manages to ask some pointed questions about the Charleston restaurant scene in a respectful way (considering the circumstances). "Some restaurant owners hang a...

Los Angeles Times Nails April Fool's Day

by patsully 3 months ago

I'm normally anti-April Fool's Day online, but this is pretty solid. "In Los Angeles, we’re spoiled by the breadth and quality of our dining options. In addition to outstanding year-round produc...

3 Star restaurant orders pizza for little boy

by t19103 3 months ago

As a new mother, old foodie and world traveler, this article hit home....

"When In Venice, Eat Like A Venetian"

by DavidT 4 months ago

NY Times article on cicchetti bacaros in Venice

January 2019 COTM UNFORGETTABLE: A Big and Empty Place through On the Pepper Trail

by islandmermaid 6 months ago

Welcome to Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters of UNFORGETTABLE: A BIG AND EMPTY PLACE (p. 113 - 151) SEARCHING FOR A NEW CO...

January 2019 COTM UNFORGETTABLE: Forager through An Unforgettable Larder

by islandmermaid 6 months ago

Welcome to Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters of UNFORGETTABLE: FORAGER (p. 213-237) CONFIDENCE IN THE KITCHEN (p. 241-260)...

A Real Hot Mess: How Grits Got Weaponized Against Cheating Men

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

" . . . Throwing grits at a male partner can be gendered justice, a weapon of the weak when that woman has been that man’s punching bag. . ."

Toward a Unified Theory of the Doughnut

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

"Like most works of art, doughnuts are defined by an absence. They are modest and hollow. They belong to anyone."