Food Storage

How to Ripen an Avocado: You Can't Hack It

Need to ripen an avocado? Settle in and wait, because tips, tricks, and hacks don't really work in this case. A certain big game is fast approaching, which means you probably need some guacamole. Problem...

A Guide: How To Prepare Your Home For Coronavirus

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 23 hours ago

Some practical advice: "... The reason to stock up on certain products now isn't so much to avoid potential shortages in the event of an outbreak but to practice what experts call social distanc...


Should I wash mushrooms in vinegar to keep them good longer?

by lisaleira 5 days ago

I have these mushrooms that I don’t want to cook yet, and I’m hoping they can hang out for a while. I learned somewhere- maybe from mom or imagination- that if I wash them in water with some vineg...

Storing Pickled Jalapeno Vinegar

by sbbodcderf 9 days ago

I have a lot of leftover pickled jalapeno vinegar and regular pickle vinegar. Do they need to be refrigerated?

1 Jar of Dona Maria Mole - help!

by Lonewolfcub 13 years ago

So I've never cooked Mole before but have this jar of Dona Maria. I've read some other posts about using it, and look forward to it. But, I'm more or less cooking for 2. I've got 2 little ones who ...

Cheese for Travel: HELP!

by mlomeli6 2 months ago

Hi and thank you in advance for any helpful answers! I am traveling in Europe and because I fly spaceA (on a military plane) I can bring back things like cheese! I recently went to Paris and was ...

Standing Rib Roasting Plans

by Buswaybob 2 months ago

My current plan as follows and want someone to comment if any flaws 1. Have purchased 10lb, 6 Rib roast, Choice NOT Prime on Monday, Dec 16th 2. Plan to roast on Christmas Day for 9 adults follow...

What's that smell and why is it permeating my food?

by alikaprincess 5 years ago

Please help! I need to figure out what could be causing this, ruining expensive food, and how to fix it if possible. I live in a reasonably sized apt in a top floor in Northern California, but bec...


by mbgizmo 5 months ago

I make home-made cole slaw a few times a year. This past weekend, I shredded a half head cabbage for a birthday dinner for a relative. I used 2/3 of the shredded cabbage. The leftover cabbage brown...

Left Four Pounds of Butter out overnight

by Gretchen 3 months ago

Can I use it or should i head back to the store? We have 50 people coming tomorrow, I don't want to poison the lot of them...UGH!

Urgent! Keeping wine in Staub dutch oven overnight

by kktantique 3 months ago

Hi, I intend to poach some pears in red wine using my Staub dutch oven and let them sit in the fridge for 24 hours. I'm wondering if its safe to keep the wine in the dutch oven for so long even if ...

Keeping cilantro fresh

by lacoet55 2 years ago

Hi, I just can't find a way to keep cilantro or parsley for more than 2-3 days after I bring it home. I've tried the Ziplock bag in the vegetable drawer, putting them in a jar with little water, c...

Is it Bad?!

by ScottinPollock 4 months ago

Hi there... For the last 5 days PG&E has shut off power to nearly 1 million homes and businesses in Northern/Central California to "keep us safe". This means my fridge has been: on for 4 hour...

Storing watermelon in refrigerator using aluminum foil

by mike6 5 months ago

Can I wrap fresh watermelon in aluminum foil? I do not have any plastic wrap but I do have wax paper.

All day simmering?

by thegforceny 5 months ago

So say you have some free time in the morning or mid day to make a dish that benefits from long simmering. It was massaman curry, but stews or a bolognese would work in this case as well. Do you l...

Tomatoes good or bad?

by amandarose23 6 months ago

So I had tomatoes (plum I believe - but slightly larger maybe?) on my counter in the store plastics bag for 5 days. I totally forgot that my husband got them. When I opened them they seemed totally...

New business

by vrossi 2 years ago

Hello everyone, I have decided to design an app to keep inventory of the food in your fridge and know exactly when it's going to expire (with a notification). This app will also suggest recipes wi...

Toss or Eat?

by amlyharo 6 months ago

I just realized this turkey has a used by date from a week ago. It's fully cooked, sealed and under constant refrigeration. Would you toss or eat it?

Dehydrating longan

by cybrtigr 6 months ago

Does anyone have tips on dehydrating longan? Thanks

Red Chili Peppers

by JerkPork 7 months ago

I have a bunch growing on my plant, I typically freeze them whole. Any other ideas on what to do with them?