Food Storage

Freezer Storage Tips and Tricks to Help You Keep Your Cool

Freezer storage is a little bit art and a little bit science, with some good sense and nifty tricks mixed in. These handy tips will help you get your freezer organized and keep your food from getting...

Plastic Food Storage Issues: Dry Goods going rancid or stale

by VFish 24 days ago

I think plastic storage has made some rice go rancid. Here are two. I had Basmati rice in a similar type of container that I had recycled for storage and opened it and it smelled rancid. I had c...

3 year old Frozen Shrimp

by JerkPork 1 month ago

I found a a pack of frozen shrimp in my freezer yesterday, they are from a few years ago. Do I toss or are they still fine to eat?

Best by/expired food

by Chatsworth 2 months ago

I know people's tolerance (or not) for food past its expiration date has come up often, but I had to share that I finally opened a tub of Greek yogurt with a date of May 10, 2020. If there had bee...

Does pickled ginger go bad?

by veronykah 12 years ago

I have some pickled ginger in my fridge, and have NO idea how old it is and it never seems to go bad, does it?

What would you do? They asked me if I'd eat turkey left out at room temp all night. I said I will absolutely not eat any due to the risk of dying.

by sixstringkevin 4 months ago

I see discussions every year about cooked turkey left out overnight, and a lot of people think it might be OK, if they never heard of anyone who died from it. Q. WHAT KIND OF INFECTION DO YO...

Deep Space Food Challenge: Food for the Next Frontier

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

" . . . Our focus is on providing future space explorers and people on Earth nutritious foods they will enjoy. The Deep Space Food Challenge will identify food production technologies that can: ...

Keeping fried chicken crispy in the refrigerator

by ChefPattiJean 3 months ago

Store your fried chicken in Tupperware with about a half of an inch of uncooked rice in the bottom. The rice draws the moisture out of the breading and keeps it fairly crispy. I tried this recently...

How Can I Keep Rolls Fresh?

by ctflowers 13 years ago

I purchased rolls (made at a grocery store bakery) today...the sell date is 12/12/07. I will not be serving them until this Saturday evening, 12/15/07. How can I keep them fresh without freezing ...

When Buying Bread: sliced or uncut?

by gutreactions 9 months ago

When shopping for bread, do you prefer it pre-sliced, sliced at the point of purchase, or uncut? Depending on the type of loaf, I usually like to slice it myself as needed. How about you?

Mousseline issues

by GTJ 5 months ago

I have been researching how to make different terrines and patés. I have never made a mousseline and I have some reservations because of the issue of eating raw meat. For example, could it be consi...

Raw Egg Safety? [Split from Cookware community]

by eugenep 4 months ago

I was planning to make a raw-egg chocolate mouse and I make mayonnaise from scratch regularly. I use only organic eggs but I wonder if its safe?

Food Vacuum Sealer

by Kathy642 5 months ago

I have an old white plastic Foodsaver vacuum sealer that has worked well for several years, but now it doesn't always seal. It works by pressing hard on both front corners for it to seal and it is...

Flying bug in my Mexican dried chilies

by Clark77 5 months ago

I purchased a variety of dried chilis at a local mexican market recently. They are not packaged but are displayed uncovered in very large baskets. (looks beautiful but..maybe asking for trouble). I...

Fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving - How Long in Frig?

by eldogg 5 months ago

I went to Whole Foods today (Nov 11). They have fresh whole turkeys. But they are dated "Sell of Freeze by Nov 30". This is almost 19 days. How can this be? When I googled this, many sites say not ...

What's that smell and why is it permeating my food?

by alikaprincess 6 years ago

Please help! I need to figure out what could be causing this, ruining expensive food, and how to fix it if possible. I live in a reasonably sized apt in a top floor in Northern California, but bec...

Zwilling Fresh & Save?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 6 months ago

Has anyone used this vacuum sealer? While surfing the Henckels website, they were promoting this product. Looking at it, it seems attractively priced if the quality is there. For sous vide and...

How long is Costco Rotisserie Chicken good if I reseal into smaller bags?

by BhamGuy 7 months ago

This is the refrigerated, pre-pulled rotisserie meat that is available by the bag. The expiration date says several months away, December 15. If I open the bag and immediately reseal in Foo...

Protecting Your Spices From Insect Infestation

by gremlinkurst 7 months ago

This usually isn't a problem with USP (United States Procured) cooking ingredients, but controls aren't so stringent in other markets...Billy from Idaho can order paprika for a great price online, ...

Dried Lemon Grass

by 3MTA3 8 months ago

Is dried lemon grass worth buying, or making to be stored? Or does it lose its punch?

Parmigiano Rind Olive Oil Bread Dip

by JoeBronxLA 10 months ago

I've been given an "ANCIENT" family recipe using Parmigiano Rinds, Garlic Cloves, Oregano, and EV Olive Oil to make infused Olive Oil Dip...should this dip age in the fridge or on a dark cupboard s...