Food Storage

Magic Green Fridge Bags

by obillo 6 days ago

What do Hounds know about these things, sold in Bed, Bath & Beryond and other stores? They supposedly keep vegetables...


travelerjjm commented 4 days ago

Refrigerating Food in Stainless Steel

by boobmoose 7 years ago

I'm looking for a great lasagna pan. I'm thinking about getting the Cuisinart stainless steel lasagna pan but I thoug...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 6 days ago

What's that smell and why is it permeating my food?

by alikaprincess 3 years ago

Please help! I need to figure out what could be causing this, ruining expensive food, and how to fix it if possible....


cellomommy commented 6 days ago

Storing jalapeno vinegar

by sbbodcderf 27 days ago

I bought a 6 lb can of pickled jalapenos. I plan on dehydrating most of them, and to preserve the vinegar. I'm look...


sbbodcderf commented 25 days ago

Kiwi: Will it ripen or will it rot?

by TracyPark 1 month ago

I have a love/hate relationship with kiwi. The slices are beautiful. I like the textural difference between the crunc...


TracyPark commented 1 month ago

What do pizza shops do with leftover pizza?

by gutreactions 2 months ago

The workday is over at your local pizza place. What do pizza shops do with the leftover pizza? Do they eat it, take i...


beevod commented 1 month ago

How long to wait before refrigerating home made chicken soup?

by jm 12 years ago

I know chicken soup must be room temp before refrigerating. If I cook it tonight can I leave it out 7 hours or so to...


janniecooks commented 2 months ago

Smoking Pork Butt BBQ and Time Management

by Imby 12 years ago

We are hosting a BBQ/Cookout this weekend, and I intend to smoke a pork shoulder, NC-style, on my Weber kettle. I ha...


Texan_In_Thailand commented 2 months ago

Revelation Re: Fresh Basil

by walker 2 months ago

For years, I've tried different methods of keeping fresh basil, in the fridge, one way or another. Sometimes I've ju...


dfrostnh commented 2 months ago

Mysterious Powder in Lentil Bag

by JerkPork 2 months ago

Should I be concerned? Red lentils are a few months passed the date on bag, bought them probably over a year ago. Are...


dave_c commented 2 months ago

New business

by vrossi 5 months ago

Hello everyone, I have decided to design an app to keep inventory of the food in your fridge and know exactly when i...


Joanne_r commented 2 months ago

Does cooked ground sausage need to be refrigerated?

by Caraseil 1 year ago

Every Christmas my in-laws bake sausage cheddar biscuit balls made with cooked ground sausage. They put them in a bow...


Querencia commented 2 months ago

how to keep roasted garlic

by ChrisKC 7 years ago

I'm not sure what I was thinking, but a couple days ago I roasted a head of garlic & only used a little.. Now I'm go...


Billie_Jo1971 commented 2 months ago

Storing a Pound of Butter

by moberemk 2 months ago

So, living in Canada means that butter is expensive. The 1lb blocks are way less convenient than the sticks I got use...


fourunder commented 2 months ago

Parts for clamp lid storage jars

by amohler 1 year ago

I have a lot of jars with clamp lids I use for storing food. I often take off the lid for washing in the dishwasher....


CeraJean commented 3 months ago

How creatively do you use your Pillivuyt?

by damiano 4 months ago

I've long been an admirer of French porcelain, having some items in rotation for over 15 years now. I used to buy (Ge...


Nannybakes commented 3 months ago

Plastic-free storage for bulk dry goods

by sliverstorm 3 months ago

I just discovered the lovely vast collection of rubbermaid & cambro storage containers I picked up were all made with...


sliverstorm commented 3 months ago