Food Storage

Products to Help Reduce Food Waste

According to the NRDC, Americans waste nearly 40 percent of the food they buy—does this ring true in your household? If you find that plenty of produce, meat, and even dry goods end up in your trash...

Storing watermelon in refrigerator using aluminum foil

by mike6 12 days ago

Can I wrap fresh watermelon in aluminum foil? I do not have any plastic wrap but I do have wax paper.

All day simmering?

by thegforceny 14 days ago

So say you have some free time in the morning or mid day to make a dish that benefits from long simmering. It was massaman curry, but stews or a bolognese would work in this case as well. Do you l...


by mbgizmo 21 days ago

I make home-made cole slaw a few times a year. This past weekend, I shredded a half head cabbage for a birthday dinner for a relative. I used 2/3 of the shredded cabbage. The leftover cabbage brown...

Tomatoes good or bad?

by amandarose23 1 month ago

So I had tomatoes (plum I believe - but slightly larger maybe?) on my counter in the store plastics bag for 5 days. I totally forgot that my husband got them. When I opened them they seemed totally...

New business

by vrossi 2 years ago

Hello everyone, I have decided to design an app to keep inventory of the food in your fridge and know exactly when it's going to expire (with a notification). This app will also suggest recipes wi...

Toss or Eat?

by amlyharo 1 month ago

I just realized this turkey has a used by date from a week ago. It's fully cooked, sealed and under constant refrigeration. Would you toss or eat it?

Dehydrating longan

by cybrtigr 1 month ago

Does anyone have tips on dehydrating longan? Thanks

Red Chili Peppers

by JerkPork 2 months ago

I have a bunch growing on my plant, I typically freeze them whole. Any other ideas on what to do with them?


by reunion 3 months ago

I purchased 162 fortune cookies wrapped in clear package individually. The company sent them right away BUT I made a mistake on the year. I needed them in August 2020. Will they be fresh in a ye...


by cecewili 3 months ago

In the process of spring cleaning I found a brand new set of now, Vintage Anchor Hocking Foodkeeper set of microwave containers. I wanted to know if they were BPA free and so called the company. Th...

Slimy kimchi / raw milk

by Bob_B 4 months ago

I "make" my kimchi using as a starter a jar of the kimchi I buy at my farmer's market. I add veggies of many kinds and then turmeric, sea salt, pepper. Let ferment for a few days to perhaps ten. ...

Shredded Wheat

by crn 3 months ago

After I finish the squares of shredded wheat I always have (in the bottom of the box) a lot of shredded wheat crumbs. Can I use them for something (instead of throwing them away)?

Turmeric Storage / Uses

by Googie00 4 months ago

Asking for a friend... Said friend has become obsessed with turmeric, and because of this has approx 6kgs of the stuff available to harvest right now. It would be very difficult for her to use t...


by cindysgarden 3 months ago

We are having a banner year with our fruit trees! Right now apricots are the star of the show. I freeze, make jam, fruit leather and much more. Can I dry and make flour with some of them?

So, I Just Ate ___ That Had a Best By Date of ___ and Lived to Post About it

by treb 9 months ago

I thought this might be fun to post about. There's a lot of hullabaloo about best used by dates, and expired dates on products. We see tons of threads about this on CH everyday!! I just fo...

Soft lemons - still good for juice?

by michaeljc70 4 months ago

I have a bunch of lemons that were in the fridge drawer (not sure how long). They are sort of soft if I squeeze them. If this was an orange or another piece of fruit, I'd toss it. I am wondering...

How to store cut potatoes

by drhuggs 4 months ago

We are going on a trip and need to have 2 bags of cut raw potatoes for frying into French fries. The night they will be used is on the second night of our trip. We are primitive camping and will no...

Makrut Lime Leaves and curry leaves

by farthing 5 months ago

I can't buy makrut lime leaves or curry leaves locally. What is the best way of getting them by mail and then keeping: fresh? frozen? How long do they last? Also, I have seen that makrut lime l...

What should I save? Putting my stuff in storage...

by violin 5 months ago

I am moving in with my father next month, who is aging and disabled and now needs around the clock care. His house is packed full of stuff (ugh..) so I am only bringing essential items with me. I...

Reheating stuffed monkey bread

by Nannouse 6 months ago

I was asked to make cream cheese stuffed monkey bread, I can only make it the night before, and you recommendations on heating instructions? I'm assuming because it's stuffed with cream cheese that...