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A New Food Recall Affects Apples & Other Fruit Sold at Some Walmart Locations

In a development totally in keeping with 2020, another food recall has been announced. Several Country Fresh “Freshness Guaranteed” fruit products have been pulled from shelves at some Walmart stores...

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Rustlers Burgers Left Out for 7Hrs Ok?

by AnthGood 5 years ago

Hi, Was hoping someone could offer some advice. I went to Tesco's today and bought two Rustlers burgers. The Chicken Sandwich Burger and their Cheese Burger. Drove home and then left them in...

Would you have cooked this pork roast? I'm worried it's bad.

by vvv03 11 years ago

I bought a pork roast at the grocery store Friday, haven't gotten around to cooking it until today. It has a "sell by" date of Feb 25 (tomorrow). When I took it out, it didn't smell BAD, but it sm...

BC Oysters

by LotusRapper 5 years ago

B.C. oysters sold for raw consumption recalled due to possible bacteria: http://www.vancouversun.com/health/oysters+sold+consumption+recalled+possible+bacteria/11299874/story.html

cauliflour dimemna

by NOMOSSMAMA 5 years ago

I froze some chopped, fresh cauliflower (I didn't blanch it first) in my deep freeze. The cauliflower has turned a light brown color in the freezer. I suspect that while I was on vacation, we...

Line caught wild salmon, ok to eat raw?

by Mikechowhound 5 years ago

Caught Wild Salmon in northern california, outside of SF bay today. Is this fish okay for sushi or poke-like dishes?

dill pickles

by jackieklein 5 years ago

I made these dill pickles yesterday. (Vinegar dills) a few hours after I processed them I noticed the white stuff on the ends of the cucumbers where I had cut the ends off. I can't seem to find any...

Need Advice

by Jambino46 5 years ago

Does anyone know what would cause a bottle of root beer to be hard to open and taste like vinegar. I only took a sip but I'm kinda worried about getting sick. I can't find any information about thi...

Oysters and R Months

by Jambalaya 17 years ago

At the risk of re-igniting this old debate I am going to put this question to the board. I realize the old wives tale/urban legend said you were not supposed to eat them in a month with no R suppo...

Massie and Pingree Introduce Landmark Bill on Custom Meat Processing - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

"...'Until 1967, states were able to set their own regulations for meat processing,' explained FTCLDF President Pete Kennedy. 'The Wholesome Meat Act of 1967 was sold to the public as a consumer pr...

Washington Post: Former peanut plant executive faces life sentence for lethal salmonella coverup

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

"...It was one of the most blatant coverups of lethal food production practices. And now it’s generated one of the strongest recommended punishments in a food poisoning case: life in prison. Fed...

does kimchee go bad?

by kare_raisu 14 years ago

i brought back a container of homemade kimchee from a korean friend in chicago to california, havent dived into it yet about a month later. visibly, olfactorily seems ok...any warning signs i shoul...


by Kat 5 years ago

Hello All - I bought two frozen tourtieres at Porcmeilleur last week. Shame on me for not checking the sell by dates. I just pulled one out of the freezer and lo and behold the sell by date is May ...

cooking frozen duck breasts rare

by borisabrams 5 years ago

Hi, I found two duck breasts (of the bone, skin on), in my freezer, that I think I brought around March time (2015). I have no idea what type of duck it is (is there a way to tell?). Does d...

Little Worms in Cod?

by GretchenS 10 years ago

So the cod from my fish share this week had some little worms in it. I thought I had pulled them all out but after lovingly making cod cakes yesterday I found two more little worms on the plate ne...

Barber Foods voluntary recall

by LindaWhit 5 years ago

Due to salmonella poisoning of 6 people in Wisconsin and Michigan. Seem to be mostly their stuffed chicken products. http://www.wcvb.com/health/over-17-million-pounds-of-frozen-stuffed-chicken-...

canning question

by terasec 8 years ago

I have been canning my own for about a year now. Best thing I started doing. I have only used ball jars. Sister recently told me she's been canning for years using recycled sauce jars. Am not t...

Canning question

by thunderbug84 12 years ago

My friend and I made jam for the first time yesterday. We were reading some posts and decided to sterilize/seal the jars by putting them in a 200 degree oven. We filled them up and they all sealed ...

I left food in the trunk of my car for about 6 hours

by Aimee 12 years ago

Would it still be ok to eat? I forgot I bought some food at target until I unpacked my very hot bags. It was canned salsa, applesauce, baby food, and tuna. I'm most concerned about the baby food...

Canning Newbie: Help me decide if my cans are safe?

by daily_unadventures 5 years ago

So I have canned two things so far, but in both cases have made some minor mistakes and am wondering if they are safe for consumption, and if so for how long? 1. Some "quick" raspberry jam, whic...

Sausage storage

by daves_32 5 years ago

I got some pork brats and breakfast sausages from a small butcher. I'm traveling with them. They were frozen. I've been putting them in a cooler bag to move them between the houses I'm staying. The...

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