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The Key to Home Canned Tomato Sauce Is to Keep It Simple

If you want to try canning tomato sauce, there are important rules to keep in mind for safety. Here’s how to make tomato sauce that’s safe to can and super delicious. Well, well, well. For anyone who...

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Food thermometer question - help please!

by andy1010 4 years ago

I took a roast out of the freezer and placed it in the fridge to thaw. To ensure that it was fully thawed I placed my oven meat thermometer in it overnight (fridge temperatures are within its range...

Open vanilla extract

by Clarissa 4 years ago

I have a large bottle of vanilla extract that had been opened and then partly close, and knocked over. Since I had another bottle I used that for a while, and the large bottle was on its side for m...

Turkey carcass in water??

by kaydills 5 years ago

Cooked a turkey breast for Christmas (Friday), and the cut away the meat from the carcass to make soup. The carcass has been sitting in the fridge in a pot full of water and onions. It's now day 2 ...

Quick opinion needed: safety of tying this roast

by TorontoJo 5 years ago

I have a large beef tenderloin roast that I salted last night to season and air dry in the fridge until tomorrow (Christmas day). I didn't have any kitchen twine to tie it, so the pieces and folds...

Fortune: Eatery Analytics

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

"... When traditional inspection procedures were later compared to those that were data optimized, researchers found that the latter unearthed critical violations about seven days earlier. True, th...

Consumer Reports finds fecal contamination in ground beef

by ennuisans 5 years ago

I always order my hamburgers well-done when eating out. Looks like I'll be grilling them that way too from now on.

Leaving Butter Out at Room Temp?

by allegro805 13 years ago

Anyone else out there leave their butter out (in a covered dish) for days or weeks at a time? I started doing this after talking to a coworker who does it, and it makes perfect sense. Nothing I ...

Safe to put hot food in refrigerator? [Moved from Home Cooking]

by boobmoose 8 years ago

Is it safe to put hot/warm food (i.e. chicken) in the refrigerator or should it be cooled first? Thanks!

Sell-by Date on Meats?

by KimberlySH 5 years ago

In the last month, I have had 5 packages of meat I purchased (all from the same store) go bad before their sell-by date. I typically bring a cut of meat home and keep it in my meat drawer (refriger...

Is this possible: already opened jar re-popped when opening?

by jen223 5 years ago

I bought a jar of pesto a few months back. It's half used and has been sitting in the back of the fridge. I was going to use it tonight, but when I tried to open it, I had to put some force into it...

Heavy Cream Tastes Like Sour Cream

by maxwel 5 years ago

Help! I am making the usual sweet potato casserole with marshmallows here in Africa for tomorrow, Thanksgiving. I opened a container of heavy cream but it was thick and tasted exactly like sour cr...

Does store bought frozen paneer have preservatives. Is it healthy.

by blustery 5 years ago

Does store boughtfrozen paneer have preservatives? is it healthy to buy it already made.

How long will a whole chicken keep?

by ForeverBirds 5 years ago

If I buy a chicken today would it still be good to cook Wednesday for Thanksgiving? (We're having it a day early since I have to work). Or should I just buy a frozen one? I won't have time to get t...

Owens breakfast sausage safe to eat?

by ArtemisRiver 5 years ago

I purchase a roll of Natual Owens breakfast sausage labeled no preservatives and split it in half and cooked half of it . I left the other half in the fridge at it has been 5 days in a ziplock in t...

Cooling stock?

by OkieGreekGirl 5 years ago

So I made a big pot of turkey stock today to stash in the freezer for Thanksgiving. It was still simmering at about 5:30 pm when I got a phone call that my mother, who just had ankle surgery, had f...

Yelp on restaurants

by hula 5 years ago

It is very strange, any time I have a concern on health/cleaniness of a restaurant it gets deleted on yelp? I had a concern of a cafe in studio city by traders joes and it was posted and then dele...

Oven canning

by Transplant_DK 9 years ago

Is it really unsafe? I have read warning after warning about it, but there is a very popular cook/gardener here in Denmark that has been demonstrating it on TV for years and I just wonder how she c...

Soup Safety

by greenearth4u 5 years ago

After Cooking chicken soup, I put stainless steal pot with lid & towel underneath straight into the refrigerator. It goes sour by morning! Never had problems when I let cool on the counter with li...

Ravioli handling in farmers market

by Rashi22 5 years ago

I make homemade raviolis and fresh pastas and deliver to my customers in frozen form. I want to display my pastas in a farmers markets but I am not sure if ravioli can stay ok at room temperature (...

Mixer residue- toxic?

by carolinaryan 5 years ago

I've had a kitchenaide mixer for a long time but I almost always use the coated paddle mixer but tonight I used the dough hook and grey residue came off on the dough- I read online that it was beca...