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Are Sprouted Potatoes Really Poisonous?

Are sprouted potatoes poisonous? Or is that an old wives’ tale? You've probably wondered this on occasion, when you’re rummaging through the corner of your pantry and come across a sack of potatoes...

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how long does stock keep in the frig?

by mschow 11 years ago

I made some homemade chicken stock 2 weeks ago and have not used it all up. It's been refrigerated and kept in a ceramic container in the frig. How long will this stay good, or is it already spoi...

Is it safe to eat these oysters?

by Brillig 1 year ago

Two weeks ago, my mother bought two pints of oysters at Costco. They look just like this: http://swede.typepad.com/.a/6a0120a7d7b7c3970b0147e039dc40970b-750wi The "Sell By" date is today, and w...

Cooking sprouted almonds and lentils - safety

by borisabrams 4 months ago

Hey there! I recently started trying to cut the levels of phytic acid in my diet down (maybe I am over reacting?). I brought some TrueRoots sprouted lentils. I then discovered that sprouts can ...

How long can apple cider last if I boil it everyday?

by lisaleira 4 months ago

I have this spiced apple cider I made that has to live in the fridge for now. If I boil it in it’s little sauce pot every day, how long will it last unspoiled?

Weird Mayo/Food Question

by breadchick 5 months ago

A family member does this on a regular basis, and I've seen it and it makes me skeeve out: he takes food (grilled chicken, sausages, etc.) and opens the mayo jar and dips the food in there. It leav...

Food safety/asian condiments

by palomalou 5 months ago

Our fridge died. We discarded or immediately cooked and ate what we could, leaving only condiments. Do things like black bean, hoisin, oyster sauce (labeled “refrigerate after opening”) really need...

Why does cooked chicken smell bad after being refrigerated?

by Bidnezz 12 years ago

I cook chicken breast at home and then take the leftovers to work. I usually put it on a salad, and often when I open up the container to eat my lunch it smells almost sulphuric. I've noticed this ...

What was wrong with the 夫妻肺片 Ox Tongue & Tripe w. Spicy Pepper Sauce I just ate?

by irbaboon 6 months ago

I love authentic Chinese food and I am especially fond of offal and other variety meats.So I was very excited to try a new Chinese restaurant in my town. I ordered 夫妻肺片 Ox Tongue & Tripe w. Spicy ...

My roast chicken w red near thigh bone - is the whole chicken bad?

by lisaleira 2 years ago

Hello!! I just roasted a whole chicken and I didn't use a meat thermometer to check the thigh, I just cooked it for about an hour at 425 or 450, it seemed and smelled done. I just had some of t...

Leaving out cut onions, not safe?

by limepop73 5 months ago

There’s a food blogger who makes “marinated onions” in a bowl and she leaves them out for days at a time on her counter. I thought leaving out cut onions on refrigerated was a food safety iss...

Raw, packaged chicken in fridge with Sell by March 4 and Sell by March 12 dates

by yippee1999 6 months ago

Hi all. So about 4 days ago I bought some chicken from the refrigerated cases at two different stores. They've been in my fridge for about 4-5 days. One pkg says 'Sell by March 4' and the other ...

Costco Ahi tuna...sushi grade?

by cleopatra999 6 years ago

I am assuming the ahi tuna at Costco is not sushi grade. I am wanting to make ahi poke, and most of the recipes call for sushi grade tuna. Any problems with using the Costco Ahi in it?

How long does a raw chicken sausage from butcher last?

by cook2474 6 months ago

I bought a chicken sausage from a local butcher five days ago and totally forgot I had it. Is it still safe to cook or did I wait to long. It’s also a stuffed one that has cheese and tomato sauce i...

Slightly pink burger?

by toastedtoast 7 months ago

The burger seemed to have a slight pink tint to it but not really undercooked. Do you think it can make me sick?

Cooked shredded chicken safe to eat?

by toastedtoast 6 months ago

I went to Byerly’s to pick up some shredded rotisserie chicken for a recipe. It was precooked and they had it in a cooler but there was a thermometer in the cooler and it read 45 degrees. I knows t...

Cheese storage?

by toastedtoast 6 months ago

I have some Colby Jack cheese sticks that I put in the side of the fridge. The fridge is at 38 degrees but I’m wondering if this part gets a little warmer. Should I continue to store it here?

Buttermilk Out Overnight

by JerkPork 6 months ago

Title says it all? Toss or keep? I know, it's only $3. It's not the cash but I didn't get a chance to go but another one today.

Cast iron in overnight dishes

by lacoet55 6 months ago

Hi, Could somebody please tell me if it’s ok to leave a breakfast casserole soaking overnight in a cast iron skillet to have it ready to bake the next morning? Below is the exact recipe I’m ...