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Salmonella Outbreak: Here's What We Know

Here’s what we know about the recent salmonella outbreak connected to ground beef, reported in several states across the country. At least eight people have been hospitalized and one person is dead...

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Sous Vide Ribs

by thejester 4 months ago

I had some vacuum sealed ribs in Sous vide somebody came by and unplugged it and didnt take the meat out so it sat in the water bath over night. Its vacuum sealed but I know it went through the tem...

Left cheese out overnight; unsafe?

by aynrandgirl 11 years ago

I accidentally left some still factory-sealed cheese on the counter overnight rather than putting it in the refrigerator like I'm supposed to. Is it now unsafe to eat?

Arsenic in Some Bottled Water Brands at Unsafe Levels

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Of the 130 brands tested by Consumer Reports, six that had 3 ppb (the maximum amount Consumer Reports recommends for bottled water which below the Food and Drug Administration’s 10 ppb limit.) or h...

Slimy kimchi / raw milk

by Bob_B 4 months ago

I "make" my kimchi using as a starter a jar of the kimchi I buy at my farmer's market. I add veggies of many kinds and then turmeric, sea salt, pepper. Let ferment for a few days to perhaps ten. ...

Turmeric Storage / Uses

by Googie00 5 months ago

Asking for a friend... Said friend has become obsessed with turmeric, and because of this has approx 6kgs of the stuff available to harvest right now. It would be very difficult for her to use t...

So, I Just Ate ___ That Had a Best By Date of ___ and Lived to Post About it

by treb 10 months ago

I thought this might be fun to post about. There's a lot of hullabaloo about best used by dates, and expired dates on products. We see tons of threads about this on CH everyday!! I just fo...

One man ate 'expired' food for a year, and he's just fine

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

" . . . Last year, Mom’s Organic Market founder and CEO Scott Nash did something many are afraid to do: He ate a cup of yogurt months after its expiration date. And then tortillas a year past their...

King Arthur Flour Recall

by JerkPork 5 months ago

Recall of King Arthur Flour, based in Vermont. I'm in Montreal and have purchased this in the past in Burlington and Plattsburgh.

Cooking frozen cod fish

by codmeister 1 year ago

I am trying to bake frozen Costco cod fillets. The directions say to pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees, thaw the fillet, then bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until the internal temp. is 145 degrees. ...

Meat ball holding

by kris088 6 months ago

So I am planning to open up a meatball food stand serving different kind of meat balls (pork, beef, chicken etc), and a few number of sauces to go along with it. The idea is a customer can just ...

Cooked hamburgers left out - can they be eaten?

by cackalackie 12 years ago

We grilled out burgers yesterday and set up the buffet inside the house. When I was putting things away a few hours later, I realised the leftover hamburgers were still sitting out. How long do you...

Can I Use Box Organic Chicken Broth After Opening?

by cgxy96 6 months ago

I opened a box of organic chicken stock that comes in a box 3 months ago but barely used a quarter of it. It has been in the fridge the whole time of opening. Can I still use it?

Off white ground pork that smells like cheese its

by novicecrafter 7 months ago

I bought it from the discount bin and it had some off white around the edges. I froze on the sell by date. When thawed the top layer was off white. Not exactly grey. But it smells like cheese it's....

Concerned: I reheated wedges from room temperature?

by Jarod 7 months ago

Hi everyone, I have a question, I just came to the realisation of what I have done. This week in work has been stressful and so tiring that today on my day of I fell asleep after cooking tortell...

Reheating stuffed monkey bread

by Nannouse 7 months ago

I was asked to make cream cheese stuffed monkey bread, I can only make it the night before, and you recommendations on heating instructions? I'm assuming because it's stuffed with cream cheese that...

Question about keeping home made salsa

by borisabrams 7 months ago

Hey all, i am new cooking Mexican salsa (had enough of overpriced store-brought nonsense). I have been cooking my way through Gabriela Camara's new book, My Mexico City Cookbook. She has a recip...

Roast beef safety

by Meeskeit 7 months ago

Made roast beef on Friday. Chopped leftovers & cooked in gravy, onions & wine etc to make base for cottage pie. How long can I keep in fridge or should I freeze.

how long does stock keep in the frig?

by mschow 11 years ago

I made some homemade chicken stock 2 weeks ago and have not used it all up. It's been refrigerated and kept in a ceramic container in the frig. How long will this stay good, or is it already spoi...

Is it safe to eat these oysters?

by Brillig 2 years ago

Two weeks ago, my mother bought two pints of oysters at Costco. They look just like this: http://swede.typepad.com/.a/6a0120a7d7b7c3970b0147e039dc40970b-750wi The "Sell By" date is today, and w...

Cooking sprouted almonds and lentils - safety

by borisabrams 7 months ago

Hey there! I recently started trying to cut the levels of phytic acid in my diet down (maybe I am over reacting?). I brought some TrueRoots sprouted lentils. I then discovered that sprouts can ...