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A New Food Recall Affects Apples & Other Fruit Sold at Some Walmart Locations

In a development totally in keeping with 2020, another food recall has been announced. Several Country Fresh “Freshness Guaranteed” fruit products have been pulled from shelves at some Walmart stores...

Does this vinegar expire?

by marina292 12 days ago

I received a pretty bottle of cherry balsamic vinegar in- gulp- 2008. Well, actually the best before date is 2008. I liked the bottle/label so didn't get around to actually using it- silly, I kno...

Best by/expired food

by Chatsworth 7 months ago

I know people's tolerance (or not) for food past its expiration date has come up often, but I had to share that I finally opened a tub of Greek yogurt with a date of May 10, 2020. If there had bee...

Foaming watermelon NOT thrown away

by Boleslaw 24 days ago

I bought a watermelon on 8/29/2021, stored it on my kitchen table. It started foaming M evening 8/30. I washed it off and put it in the fridge to cool. Today on T, I cut it into cubes. The melo...

Food staff touching the rim of your glass/cup?

by seefoo 2 months ago

it doesnt derail my day by any means. but ever since my late teens, when i took a food handling course i immediately notice it when someone handles my drinking vessel by the lip. i cannot recall ...

Advice needed regarding a defrosted steak

by CHSeifert 3 months ago

My father had a huge 750 gram wagyu steak in the freezer and would serve it for me for dinner at his place. He took it out at around noon and placed it in the fridge for 5-6 hours, but unfortunatel...

Chicken thawed for four days. Safe?

by laredo 3 months ago

I thawed four or five chicken breasts Sunday, intending to make Chicken Romano Monday night. I cut them in half Monday but wasn't able to cook them Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Do you think t...

Massie and Pingree Introduce Landmark Bill on Custom Meat Processing - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

"...'Until 1967, states were able to set their own regulations for meat processing,' explained FTCLDF President Pete Kennedy. 'The Wholesome Meat Act of 1967 was sold to the public as a consumer pr...

Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker Join Forces on Bill to Ban Most Factory Farming by 2040

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . The Farm System Reform Act would prohibit new large factory farms from going into business and force others to cease expansions before halting operations entirely within two decades. Warren...

Expiration dates on jarred sundried tomatoes in oil?

by Wafflecopter 2 months ago

I've got a couple of jars of sundried tomatoes in oil, imported from Italy and purchased sometime in the last 12 months. I'm trying to figure out if they're still okay to eat. There's no North Am...

Sabrett's Hot Dogs, Slimy?!?!?!?!

by chromacosmic 12 years ago

Hey, I've never bought them before and picked up two packages @ Bloom tonight. Both expire 8/10, so they should be just fine, right? I opened one pack and the dogs were covered in a nasty, thi...

"Labels Unwrapped"

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

"...What information is required on food labels? Who regulates food labels? And why are food labels important? Although most of us encounter food packaging on a daily basis, many of us struggle to ...

Food Handling

by blulady20 3 months ago

Since the beginning of the pandemic I've been watching a lot of food shows. I find I've become increasingly uncomfortable watching chefs handle ready to eat food with bare hands. In our state, at l...

Des Moines Register: What to know about Shelby Houlihan, nandrolone, a burrito, and her Olympic suspension

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

"...She believes the nandrolone came from pork in a burrito. Houlihan said she appealed the ruling to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and was informed that it did not accept her explanation. ...

Couscous 4+ years past its “best by” date

by masha 4 months ago

I just discovered a box of Israeli couscous in the back of the cupboard with a February 2017 best-by date. The couscous is inside a fully sealed plastic pouch that is inside of a sealed box. Is th...

Pot lobsters?

by law_doc89 4 months ago

Put them in the freezer about half an hour and they go dormant. Much easier and more effective.

Bugs in Rice-Is it still edible?

by iLoveFood 15 years ago

I have a giant bag of jasmine reice I bought a few months ago and it now has these tiny little gray bugs in it. Some are dead and others are alive and when I rinse my rice they float to the surfac...

How long does bacon keep?

by karykat 12 years ago

I have some really good bacon we bought about a month ago. We used some but have most of a package left. How long does bacon keep? I've never been clear on that. It seems like it should keep a ...

2020/21 Local Dungeness Crab in Markets and Price Agreement

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

Today the crab fleets in California and Oregon reached price agreement with wholesalers to start the season. Yesterday's offer from the fishers was $3.10 per pound. https://wildrivers.lostcoastoutp...

Leaving a scoop in a container

by orlybabe 5 months ago

Hey, I’m getting new Rubbermaid Brilliance containers for my dry baking ingredients. I was wondering if its ok to leave a scoop inside the containers, say like resting inside the flour or sugar - d...

Soy Glaze Recipe & Storage

by loves2cook82 4 months ago

Hello, I have a pork & rice noodle recipe I love and make frequently that calls for soy glaze. Rather than a store-bought version, I've been making my own. There's a variety of recipes out ther...