Food Safety

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A New Food Recall Affects Apples & Other Fruit Sold at Some Walmart Locations

In a development totally in keeping with 2020, another food recall has been announced. Several Country Fresh “Freshness Guaranteed” fruit products have been pulled from shelves at some Walmart stores...

Just Eat It: Documentary & Panel Discussion, 10/16

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 days ago

"Please join the Office of Sustainability at the University of California, Merced for a panel discussion with producer Jen Rustemeyer from the documentary film, 'Just Eat It'. The event will be hel...

Marketers say pandemic has raised interest in produce

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

". . . 'Cost, taste and variety are traditionally the most important reasons people choose a restaurant, followed by convenience,' Li said. 'What's in the No. 1 position now is cleanliness and sani...

Long Term Cheese Storage

by melamartin42 8 years ago

Is there a way to store cheese so it will last for a year or two? I've read that red wax will keep it longer, but how long? Can I buy a 1 lb block of cheddar or colby or jack cheese at the store,...

How long is Costco Rotisserie Chicken good if I reseal into smaller bags?

by BhamGuy 28 days ago

This is the refrigerated, pre-pulled rotisserie meat that is available by the bag. The expiration date says several months away, December 15. If I open the bag and immediately reseal in Foo...

Protecting Your Spices From Insect Infestation

by gremlinkurst 1 month ago

This usually isn't a problem with USP (United States Procured) cooking ingredients, but controls aren't so stringent in other markets...Billy from Idaho can order paprika for a great price online, ...

Should yogurt taste carbonated?

by wino22 13 years ago

Help, I am eating some right now and it smells fine, tastes like peach yogurt, but seems carbonated. I also noticed that the lid was popped up, like air was trapped inside... should I throw it out...

Can I eat this?

by theswain 1 month ago

I recently ordered some meats from an online purveyor. I've ordered before with no problem. This time, the USPS SAID they tried to deliver on Sat evening and couldn't get to my door (poppycock).......

Red beets and possible signs of not safe to eat

by ziroks 2 months ago

So I just made beet salad for the evening but when I removed the water from the pot, it was a the same color as blood mixed with water. This has never happened before and the water tends to be a lo...

Chinese restaurants impacted by Coronavirus...

by gutreactions 8 months ago

Here in NYC metro, officials are asking patrons to come back to Chinatown. There is a dramatic decline in business due to the Coronavirus epidemic. Officials say it is safe to eat here locally. How...

Slightly stinky chicken... Am I crazy or is it okay?

by SocksManly 12 years ago

I have to admit, I'm a procrastinator of the highest degree. I end up letting stuff sit in the refrigerator for a few days on a regular basis. So I have this good chicken I bought, and it was j...

Sorrowful Possible-Bad-Chicken-in-Soup Question :(

by lisaleira 3 months ago

Hello my dear Chowies, I am living in Istanbul, Turkey. I am having some stomach problems already, that I think are related to sugar (sigh), so I have been thinking aha, chicken soup shall solve...

Hot smoked salmon - left out of fridge 3-4 hours, safe to eat?

by baobab808 3 months ago

So, we had two mishaps with Whole Foods delivery today and want to know whether we should be eating either of these... 1.) Scenario 1: Shopper took 4 hours from the start of shopping to dropping...

Pasta lovers

by Giulia96 3 months ago

Hello, I am an italian student from Bocconi University. For my master's thesis I'm working on a project concerning the pasta purchasing habits during Covid-19 in the US market. If you currently ...

Food Safety - Frozen Meat

by jjohio 3 months ago

Disclaimer - ever since I had kids I've become a psycho about food safety because I don't want to give my kids food poisoning then be up with a sick child all night lol. Alright so story. We got...

Food safety question

by sallyt 3 months ago

Hi - when returning from grocery shopping, I accidentally left 3 lbs of raw chicken breast on the floor of the kitchen for 2 hours. Kitchen was 75 degrees. The chicken was still cold when I put it ...

Panic buying has begun in my area. Grocery stores in my area are crazy and empty

by mushroomaffairs 7 months ago

I know this had been going on in other areas of the country but I went to Stop & Shop and Trader Joes and was stunned by how empty the entire stores were. I had never seen anything like it. Usual...

Must I refrigerate fried chicken of the woods mushrooms?

by Cale_with_a_C 4 months ago

I battered & fried some chicken of the woods mushrooms last night but forgot the leftovers in the oven overnight. It's a very dry mushroom - certainly dryer than cornbread - so I wonder if they're ...

Jarred Sauce Storage Question

by MamaManda23 5 months ago

Hi all, I was wondering about jarred sauce. I have a few jars of Rao’s marinara sauce. They have not been stored in a pantry. They have been on an open shelf in my front room. The room does her a l...

Food is Life

by fortheloveoffood1 2 years ago

I've been thinking much about food these days. Up until early this year, I thought plants felt no pain. Now, after doing some research, I have found they have many characteristics similar to humans...