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Homemade Nutella Is the Very Best Use of Your Food Processor

Nutella—that chocolate-hazelnut manna from Italy—is so good it's inspired people to name their children after it, and it has its own holiday: World Nutella Day on Feb. 5. But some diehards were unhappy...

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Why do you love your food processor?

by AMM2008 3 years ago

I'm in the market for a new food processor. What do you have and why do you love it/not love it? ATK says Cuisinart model # DFP-14BCNY is the way to go but I read some negative reviews on Amazon so...

Cuisinart Food Processor whisk, attachments

by anniette 3 years ago

I am cleaning out kitchen drawers, and though I use my FP almost daily, and have and use two extra sets of work bowls and all of the disc blades, I have never used the whisk attachment and wonder i...

Equipment for making mint chutney, rolling pin for samosas

by blustery 3 years ago

Today I will be attempting samosas, starting first with a tortilla version until I get my Indian rolling pin for pastry which I may attempt with chickpea flour. I am going to make some mint chu...

Need a processor that purees veggies

by Itsame 3 years ago

I'm looking for a machine that will puree veggies, green leafy ones in particular. I have a 4Qt KitchenAid, but it takes forever and I'm having trouble finding a replacement blade. The smaller sm...

Need advice on food processors, size and brand.

by mchutch 4 years ago

Hello, I need advice on purchasing a new food processor. I had a mini chopper attachment for my immersion blender but it broke recently. I have an old food processor that was given as a gift but th...

Best Commercial Food Processor / Equipment for Catering / Home Meal Delivery

by ashleyg 4 years ago

I'm looking for the best food processor or multiple food processors (or any pieces of equipment) that can help me in the kitchen prepare meals in bulk (100-500 meals/day) a couple times a week to d...

Micro-serrated Blades for Food Processor

by ashleyg 4 years ago

Are micro-serrations necessary on the blades of a food processor? Should I be using a micro-serrated blade for some vegetables and a plan sharp blade for others? I'm looking to dice, julienne, chop...

Debate: Can a Commercial Food Processor Replace Your Cook?

by ashleyg 4 years ago

Just curious to those who has experience with commercial food processors in their kitchens. Can it replace the work of a dicing/slicing/julienning/cutting prep work of a line cook? Obviously, a...

Never-used blade in food processor

by Enso 4 years ago

In addition to the "normal" metal bladed attachment, my food processor has one that has plastic blades. What type of ingredients or functions would this typically be used for?

Cuisinart issues

by jefpen2 4 years ago

Cuisinart issues Last night I made a batch of soup and went to puree it in my 12(?) year old 11 cup Cuisinart. Maybe the blade wasn't set right or something, but when I put a large load in the b...

Food Processor vs Immersion Blender

by dcsandpiper 4 years ago

I have very little counter space but want to make some things that require a food processor (eg pesto, crust made with nuts, thick pastes (eg pumpkin). Can i use an immersion blender as a food pro...

Appliances for Indian cooking

by makf1127 7 years ago

Hi, I have been trying to learn Indian cooking recently, and am interested in buying some equipment (blender/food processor/etc) so I can make more types of dishes. I have been researching diffe...

New food processor's plastic lock broke

by nycguy20011 4 years ago

Upon using my brand new Cuisinart food processor for the first time , the plastic snap on the cover that locks the machine snapped off when I twisted and pulled the top too hard. Should I super-glu...

Disk locked into lid of KitchenAid food processor?

by Ascender 4 years ago

Using the slicing blade of my KitchenAid food processor to slice brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving, I inadvertently over-filled the bowl. When I removed the lid, I had sliced sprouts over-flow ont...

Breville Sous Chef - where does spatula store?

by Maironad 4 years ago

Just got the Breville Sous Chef 16 cup yesterday. Now that all the parts are washed and dried, I can't figure out how the spatula goes back in the storage container! There's a label, but no slot. A...

Cuisinart 8-cup Food Processor - Don't Buy

by MissDior 4 years ago

I'm usually an obsessive comparison shopper, but I had a $40 Macy's gift card so I decided to buy a Cuisinart 8 cup food processor, the DLC-6 (a brand that Cuisinart made for Macy's - it's the same...

Repair or replace? ( Cuisinart Smart-Power Duet blender and Cuisinart 11 cup food processor)

by Shrinkrap 4 years ago

This is the blender/small food processor; probably 15 years old, and not the first time I have replaced parts. Right now I need the glass blender jar ( $25.00), the blender blade ($ 17.00 ) and th...

Food Processors NOT Made in China

by GibsonGirl55 7 years ago

I am in the market for a food processor. While I previously owned a Cuisinart food processor that I purchased in 2002, I've since learned that Cuisinart products are manufactured in China. Coul...

Disposing of Cuisinart

by lemons 4 years ago

I acquired a Cuisinart Custom 11 that's maybe 10 years old. The whole thing, blades, instruction book, etc. But the top is broken so that unless replaced, it doesn't work. This would be good for re...

list your favorite kitchen gadgets

by clairelv 4 years ago

as a housewife which one do you like best in the kitchen ? i means some gadgets .tools .containers. anything !