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Slow cooker chili

by katmac1961 20 days ago

I've made this few times before and added jalapeno last hour as instructed but wasn't spicy enough, so I added it in ...


hotoynoodle commented 19 days ago

Scotch Shortbread Cookies

by RegularEater 22 days ago

I like my shortbread cookies to be crunchy, but the time given to cook a batch that came with the shortbread plate wa...


Foxeyblue commented 20 days ago

Food is Life

by fortheloveoffood1 3 months ago

I've been thinking much about food these days. Up until early this year, I thought plants felt no pain. Now, after do...


fortheloveoffood1 commented 27 days ago

Hidden Bottom Heating Element Questions

by jeff_finger 27 days ago

I am new to Chowhound, and I hope this question is not out of place. We have bought an oven with a hidden bottom h...


PSRaT commented 27 days ago

Good to you, but taboo to other cultures

by BigG 2 months ago

I'm a school counselor in a very rural district in w. central Wisconsin. I'm the only Spanish speaker, besides our Sp...


BigG commented 1 month ago

Veggie dip

by csabos 2 months ago

Quick question. Which has better taste? Ranch dip mix mixed with sour cream or the Marzetti prepared kind? It'll just...


Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

I love my coffee with milk froth

by LupeClark 2 months ago

My milk frother is not working properly and I am tired of it. It heats fine but will only spin when it feels like it ...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 2 months ago

Coca Cola and cane sugar

by weinsteinj93 10 months ago

I know that high fructose corn syrup is cheaper than cane sugar but why now in almost 2018? I have always been able t...


burge commented 2 months ago

BLT argument - please help settle!

by abiebaby47 3 months ago

My husband insists that a BLT should always be on toasted white bread. I vastly prefer a BLT on rye toast. What is ...


Multifoiled commented 3 months ago

Large Size Calamari

by SeltzerGal 3 months ago

I'm in Bergen County and lately whenever I order calamari marinara the rings are thick and very large. They're mostl...


seefoo commented 3 months ago

Kosher in Rome

by jdblank 4 months ago

Looking for information on shabbat meals in Rome . How to set up meals etc Thanks


sidcundiff commented 3 months ago

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Best Brand for Russian Salted Tomatoes?

by LiliSG 5 months ago

Hey everyone, so I have two Russian friends that have both said one of their favorite things to eat is salted tomatoe...

Which dessert/snack do you think is the best?

by bakersgold 6 months ago

I would like to make a new recipe and this is what I have come up with so far. *Chocolate Coconut cookie ( chocolat...


hotoynoodle commented 6 months ago

New business

by vrossi 9 months ago

Hello everyone, I have decided to design an app to keep inventory of the food in your fridge and know exactly when i...


Joanne_r commented 6 months ago

Should Wagyu Beef Tartare be Gristly?

by singingsalley 6 months ago

I was at a restaurant last night and ordered their wagyu beef tartare. It had a lot more gristle than I’m used to (I ...


therealdoctorlew commented 6 months ago

Best Mozzarella in London I need help quickly

by archon 7 months ago

I'll be in London This Tuesday and I'm looking to bring home some good imported mozzarella preferably Buffalo a few ...


DavidT commented 6 months ago

Grass Fed meatballs

by musiclvr56 7 months ago

I don't make meatballs, but would like to make these from grassfed meat. Can I use the same recipe from nonorganic g...


hotoynoodle commented 7 months ago

Chinese chicken soup?

by basketballs1fan 7 months ago

I have Chinese chicken salad mix, could I use the left over veggies to make soup? Do add anything else to it?


angustia commented 7 months ago