Food Preferences

The Fascinating Science Behind Picky Eaters

“Food memories are very powerful memories,” wrote Psychologist Nancy Zucker—and they’re words that couldn’t be more accurate. 10 years ago I was having lunch at a restaurant. I couldn’t tell you the...

Large Portions... Swamp the Appetite?

by kaleokahu 14 days ago

Over the course of my life, I've noticed that very large portions of food can have a negative effect on appetite even before the first bite. My elderly parents, for instance, each had an instant v...

Vegetables + fruit in season? Favorite website or app or book recommendations

by novaks 18 days ago

Hi Do you have a favorite website or app or book that you refer to often, to figure out which vegetables or fruits are in season? There are so many possibilities. I’m looking for one reliab...

Atlantic vs Pacific Cod - do you have a preference?

by fldhkybnva 8 years ago

While I live on the East Coast, it seems the only cod in the market (previously frozen varieties) is Pacific Cod. I know that cod is quite mild, but I remember it had some natural flavor, less tha...

Twining’s Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

by walker 5 months ago

I make a pot of tea nearly every day, steep the leave for 4 minutes. I used to buy the tins from Cost Plus World Market but have been buying 6 big cans at a time from Amazon, better price, convenie...

Blue cheese differences? What is your favorite?

by mushroomaffairs 6 months ago

I'm used to eating gorgonzola. I bought roquefort but I don't like it and just saw the label that it's sheep's milk cheese. I thought I was eating goat's milk cheese which I can't stand. Anyway ...

Best Foods slightly different than in the past?

by sbbodcderf 6 months ago

Best Foods has always been my favorite of the typical top name brands in my area, and maybe it is my imagination, but has anyone noticed a difference lately? Trying it on it's own, when it firs...

Fresh whole chicken

by robbyc 8 months ago

Hello. Being a bit new to Philadelphia I’m trying to find out where I can buy a fresh, not pre frozen, free range chicken. There are plenty in certain supermarkets but they’ve all been previously f...

Why do so many people cook pork loin in a slow cooker?

by momto4girls 8 months ago

Why does it seem like the preferred method of cooking a pork loin is slow cooker or pressure cooker? It's a tender cut of meat. Mine always come out delicious roasted in the oven. It's easier and q...

Super Bowl LV - Menu Favorites

by treb 9 months ago

Well at least there was a full season. What's your favorite tail gate (although inside) goodies? I'm focusing on Spicy (real spicy) Texas Style (no beans) Chili with all the tasty sides. C...

Where are you on Synthetic/Cultured Chicken?

by kySafran 9 months ago

The first company has been licenced to sell synthetic/cultured chicken to be eaten by the public. I've been reading about this in science fiction books since I was a child. Humanities food probl...

What's been your favorite meat of 2020?

by gutreactions 10 months ago

Was it a steak, a pork chop, a good-old roasted chicken? Perhaps a certain type of wild game? Our holiday Angus rib-eye based Surf & Turf was very satisfying the other night. Enjoyed some pork roas...

To Cream or Not to Cream your Carbonara?

by kySafran 10 months ago

Ski in Europe and you'll find yourself one side of the Italian border at lunch and the French side for dinner. Lots of slow burn carbs in pasta means Carbonara is a staple in many bars and resta...

What's been your favorite fish or seafood in 2020?

by gutreactions 10 months ago

Have you been enjoying a lot of fish and/or seafood this past year? Is it an old favorite, or did you discover something new? Due to the pandemic, we rediscovered the pleasures of preparing Mussels...

Most popular vegetable of the year 2020: Brussels sprouts?

by gutreactions 10 months ago

What's been your favorite vegetable of 2020? My vote goes to Brussels sprouts, both loved and hated by gourmands all over. I have been enjoying them at home or out, whenever I can. I believe more e...

When Buying Bread: sliced or uncut?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

When shopping for bread, do you prefer it pre-sliced, sliced at the point of purchase, or uncut? Depending on the type of loaf, I usually like to slice it myself as needed. How about you?

Mousseline issues

by GTJ 11 months ago

I have been researching how to make different terrines and patés. I have never made a mousseline and I have some reservations because of the issue of eating raw meat. For example, could it be consi...

Best peppermint bark?

by bsugarcream 11 months ago

I used to always buy peppermint bark at Costco but a couple of years ago they changed their recipe and I don't like it. Trader Joes is probably a good option. I like Williams Sonoma but I hardly ev...

Watermelons WITH seeds?

by FrannySF 1 year ago

I love watermelon, but those seedless ones in the store are poor replicas. Does anyone know where to purchase a watermelon WITH seeds? In my opinion, no seeds, no flavor. Used to be a pickup par...

Coca Cola Sheds Zombie Brands

by syrup09 1 year ago

In order to focus on its core business Coca Cola is getting rid of what it is calling "Zombie Brands. The notable loss is Odwalla Juice, (I like the stuff but it's not cheap.)