Food Preferences

The Fascinating Science Behind Picky Eaters

“Food memories are very powerful memories,” wrote Psychologist Nancy Zucker—and they’re words that couldn’t be more accurate. 10 years ago I was having lunch at a restaurant. I couldn’t tell you the...

Where are you on Synthetic/Cultured Chicken?

by kySafran 6 days ago

The first company has been licenced to sell synthetic/cultured chicken to be eaten by the public. I've been reading about this in science fiction books since I was a child. Humanities food probl...

What's been your favorite meat of 2020?

by gutreactions 26 days ago

Was it a steak, a pork chop, a good-old roasted chicken? Perhaps a certain type of wild game? Our holiday Angus rib-eye based Surf & Turf was very satisfying the other night. Enjoyed some pork roas...

To Cream or Not to Cream your Carbonara?

by kySafran 1 month ago

Ski in Europe and you'll find yourself one side of the Italian border at lunch and the French side for dinner. Lots of slow burn carbs in pasta means Carbonara is a staple in many bars and resta...

What's been your favorite fish or seafood in 2020?

by gutreactions 25 days ago

Have you been enjoying a lot of fish and/or seafood this past year? Is it an old favorite, or did you discover something new? Due to the pandemic, we rediscovered the pleasures of preparing Mussels...

Most popular vegetable of the year 2020: Brussels sprouts?

by gutreactions 1 month ago

What's been your favorite vegetable of 2020? My vote goes to Brussels sprouts, both loved and hated by gourmands all over. I have been enjoying them at home or out, whenever I can. I believe more e...

When Buying Bread: sliced or uncut?

by gutreactions 6 months ago

When shopping for bread, do you prefer it pre-sliced, sliced at the point of purchase, or uncut? Depending on the type of loaf, I usually like to slice it myself as needed. How about you?

Mousseline issues

by GTJ 2 months ago

I have been researching how to make different terrines and patés. I have never made a mousseline and I have some reservations because of the issue of eating raw meat. For example, could it be consi...

Best peppermint bark?

by bsugarcream 2 months ago

I used to always buy peppermint bark at Costco but a couple of years ago they changed their recipe and I don't like it. Trader Joes is probably a good option. I like Williams Sonoma but I hardly ev...

Watermelons WITH seeds?

by FrannySF 5 months ago

I love watermelon, but those seedless ones in the store are poor replicas. Does anyone know where to purchase a watermelon WITH seeds? In my opinion, no seeds, no flavor. Used to be a pickup par...

Coca Cola Sheds Zombie Brands

by syrup09 6 months ago

In order to focus on its core business Coca Cola is getting rid of what it is calling "Zombie Brands. The notable loss is Odwalla Juice, (I like the stuff but it's not cheap.)

The ESSENCE of European Cooking

by GTJ 1 year ago

On a thread having to do with cast iron pots the topic shifted to French Cuisine and, in somewhat obsessive fashion as is my tendency, I decided to pursue the topic 'theoretically' as well as pract...

I generally enjoy “Poor Man’s Cuisine” the most

by Smokeydoke30 12 months ago

I got to thinking, what were some of my favorite dishes to eat? Pinto beans Rice in every way; fried rice, jook, plain, rice pudding Pulled pork Dal Chili Roasted chicken Pizza Noodles,...

Do you get obsessed with certain foods?

by Slowdive 10 years ago

Does anyone else go through food "phases" where they eat the same thing every day, look for/make different version of it, and eat practically nothing else for weeks or months? For example this fall...

Question for spaghetti-lovers

by codmeister 5 months ago

Pick an option . . . Option A the main character in classic spaghetti is the pasta noodles and the sauce is a supporting character there just to perk up and enhance the noodles. Or Option B . . ...

Tuna Sandwich - Celery Yes or No?

by dave_c 3 years ago

Caught a rerun of "Everybody Loves Raymond" where the dad wanted his tuna salad sandwich with chopped celery... Also reminded me of the time I worked in a sandwich shop where the new workers though...

Creamsicle?/Dreamsicle? with popsicle on the outside?

by Maerzie 5 months ago

I am looking for the old Creamsicle?/Dreamsicle? that still puts POPSICLE on the outside of the ice cream, instead of the mushy sherbet? I bought some by accident awhile back and didn't realize I'...

Tender Fish

by MLyle 5 months ago

I need to eat more fish! I like flounder and catfish, don't like tuna or salmon, or any fish with fibrous texture. Would I like halibut? or what tender fish would be good?

Italian Style Tomato Sauce - To Sugar or Not To Sugar?

by treb 5 months ago

There's been lots of discussion about preparing a tomato based sauce here on CH, especially since we're cooking a lot more lately. My family is from about 20 minutes north of Naples. The regi...

Dear Prudence: Help! I Can’t Believe My Son’s Friend Fed Him Indian Food Without Calling Me First

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

"A: At the risk of taking the bait, you must realize that millions of people (presumably both of Neil’s parents, not to mention Neil himself) regularly eat lentils and vegetables as children in per...

"After our oysters, we'd like to order waffles!"

by gutreactions 12 months ago

Ok, so maybe I should mind my own business, but we were sitting down for brunch at a popular spot in Annapolis during our recent trip and noticed the table next to us. They started with a round of ...