Food Preferences

The Fascinating Science Behind Picky Eaters

“Food memories are very powerful memories,” wrote Psychologist Nancy Zucker—and they’re words that couldn’t be more accurate. 10 years ago I was having lunch at a restaurant. I couldn’t tell you the...

Fast meal preparation

by codmeister 7 days ago

Often I am in a hurry and find myself eating a TV dinner or opening a can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti, neither of which are particularly healthy and probably contain some unhealthy ingredients. Can...

The Truth About (Wild) Turkeys

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 15 days ago

From the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program --- " . . . What can you do if you see a wild turkey in your neighborhood? • Do not feed the turkeys. Many p...

Bubu Lubu

by syrup09 15 days ago

Has anyone out there ever have a Bubu Lubu Candy Bar? You can find them in Mercados, (Hispanic Groceries stores) and to me they're preferable to anything made by Hershey or Mars. It has str...

What one ingredient makes you immediately avoid a recipe?

by BethNH 5 months ago

I don't consider myself a picky eater but there are a handful of foods I avoid at all cost. When I'm reading through recipes I notice that if I see one of these foods I will immediately skip to th...

Borden Eggnog in a can?

by donutcat0 2 years ago

Does anyone know where one can find the old canned Borden eggnog? I know more recently they've switched over to selling it in the carton and I have been told that it's not as good. Trying to find t...

What are some foods you once avoided but have learned to enjoy?

by BigG 4 months ago

EllenCooks suggested this topic (deserving the credit for its conception) on another thread (What one ingredient makes you...). My first taste of cilantro was, like many on here have iterated, s...

The ESSENCE of French Sauces

by GTJ 2 months ago

My object: introduce myself formally, and a little rigorously, to *the French canon* to use Charlie's term. The more that I look into the question, the more certain I am of my general inexperience....

The ESSENCE of European Cooking

by GTJ 2 months ago

On a thread having to do with cast iron pots the topic shifted to French Cuisine and, in somewhat obsessive fashion as is my tendency, I decided to pursue the topic 'theoretically' as well as pract...

Online Grocery Services

by treb 2 months ago

Just curious, how do you feel about someone else picking out your produce, protein and groceries? For me, I like to select my own produce, point out the cut of meat or seafood from the display c...

KISS (keep it simple stupid)

by BigG 5 months ago

I really do appreciate how many on here have shared great recipes and techniques. There are some food items, however, that seem to shine the more simply they are prepared. I'll go fishy again as my...

Counterintuitive Pleasures

by JeffinNYC 4 months ago

Are there foods so tart, hot, or salty that you love eating them, even though, objectively, they cause at least a modicum of discomfort? This is not a phenomenon unique to food. People love hor...

Why would someone order Chicken Parm at a diner?

by gutreactions 4 months ago

Or, Tacos at a local tavern? Or, Sushi Rolls at the supermarket? Why not go to an Italian, Mexican, or Asian restaurant? Wouldn't the dish be better? Perhaps price is a factor? Maybe you don't have...

What's your GO-TO meal if you're feeling sick?

by seefoo 3 months ago

my wife enjoys the classics. chicken soup. of course part of her reasoning is that she gets to stay home and i make it for her., if its Me? (i'm not cooking) Soon-Du-Bu-Jigea. Korean Soft T...

Anything you cook, but don’t like to eat?

by seefoo 4 months ago

I’m talking about cooking something your significant other likes, but you don’t care for. I’m sure there’s vegetarian spouses that cook meat for kids and spouse, but for FUN. Any one thing? Me?...

New business

by vrossi 2 years ago

Hello everyone, I have decided to design an app to keep inventory of the food in your fridge and know exactly when it's going to expire (with a notification). This app will also suggest recipes wi...

Freezer Jam

by AquamansGirl2073 3 months ago

Making raspberry freezer jam for the very first time. To crush the raspberries, what will be best to use...pastry blender or a whisk ?

Looking for a good breakfast place on rt 13 in Delaware

by Sandiy 3 months ago

we are traveling through De to Va and want to meet up with another car for breakfast. any recommendations ?