Food Preferences


What was wrong with the 夫妻肺片 Ox Tongue & Tripe w. Spicy Pepper Sauce I just ate?

by irbaboon 13 days ago

I love authentic Chinese food and I am especially fond of offal and other variety meats.So I was very excited to try a new Chinese restaurant in my town. I ordered 夫妻肺片 Ox Tongue & Tripe w. Spicy ...

M&M's - How Do You eat Them?

by treb 18 days ago

OK, I hope I'm not the only one who has a specific order when I eat M&M's. For example; when I eat M&M plain, first I choose the ones with chips on their exterior, then odd shapes (like some tha...

Why is Boston food so bland?

by MLouis 3 years ago

I recently moved to Boston from the mid-Atlantic, and am struck by how bland the food is here. I live in Brookline, and keep trying highly rated restaurants (according to Yelp) and have been disapp...

On eating indigenously

by joeljkp 2 months ago

I've been thinking a lot about eating more indigenously, and so would like to throw the concept out there to the community to get some thoughts on it. It seems there's a small-but-growing commun...

Borden Eggnog in a can?

by donutcat0 1 year ago

Does anyone know where one can find the old canned Borden eggnog? I know more recently they've switched over to selling it in the carton and I have been told that it's not as good. Trying to find t...

New To Site

by Carolmb 3 months ago

How do I find the food Joey Skladany and Taylor Strecker talk about?

Egg yolk on cooked pasta

by SLL1065 4 months ago

So, lately I've been seeing recipes calling for egg yolk to be put on cooked pasta. Has anybody tried this for a meal? What did you think of it?

Seafood stocks

by raberbm 3 months ago

Are there any good "store-bought" brands of seafood stock that are very good? I've tried Better Than Bouillon and Kitchen Basics, which were just okay.

Has anyone else here completely lost their sweet tooth?

by Furio_giunta 4 months ago

I'm 29 and I seem to have been slowly losing my sweet tooth over the past few years. I used to enjoy sweets when I was younger quite a lot. For the past couple of years the only sweets I could real...

Carob Pods in North York or Toronto / GTA

by MasterM 4 months ago

Anyone preferably in North York or if that is not possible in Toronto / GTA know where to by Carob Pods? They used to be found in Portuguese and Italian Specialty stores but they are no where they ...

Thanksgiving count increased!

by amaK 4 months ago

I already ordered a duck for our small 4-person Thanksgiving, along with a special wine selected for that. Just learned we are now at 6, but not enough time to order another duck. What would be a ...

'I am vegan, so my dog will be vegan, too'...

by gutreactions 5 months ago

I say: if you want to live a certain nutritional lifestyle, go right ahead. But why impose it on your pet? Disturbing report on the news this morning about pet owners who are vegan feeding their pe...

Boxed vs. Homemade Mac and Cheese

by sm16 5 months ago

Everyone loves mac and cheese and while some people swear homemade is the best, others say that kraft mac and cheese from the box is just as good. Any thoughts?

Does anyone like fondant?

by ajs228 10 years ago

It seems like every semi-elaborately decorated cake is slathered in the stuff these days, and honestly, I'd be happy to never see it again. If I get a piece of cake with fondant frosting, I peel i...

Montreal style spreads

by SuzyP 6 months ago

I live in Woodstock, NY. A Montreal style bagel shop just opened here. Their bagels are great--small, dense, chewy, crusty. But their spreads are thin and sink into a warm bagel as if there's no...

Slow cooker chili

by katmac1961 8 months ago

I've made this few times before and added jalapeno last hour as instructed but wasn't spicy enough, so I added it in the beginning. Will it come out too spicy? I didn't put the whole quarter cup in...

Scotch Shortbread Cookies

by RegularEater 8 months ago

I like my shortbread cookies to be crunchy, but the time given to cook a batch that came with the shortbread plate was only 30-35 minutes, and they didn't come out very crunchy. Don't most people ...


by monavano 7 years ago

I know turmeric is supposed to be loaded with good stuff, and I love the color it imparts to food, but gosh, it has an off-putting flavor! I have a bag of turmeric from Penzey's that let's just as...

Food is Life

by fortheloveoffood1 11 months ago

I've been thinking much about food these days. Up until early this year, I thought plants felt no pain. Now, after doing some research, I have found they have many characteristics similar to humans...