Food Nostalgia

An Ode to 5 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Better from the Package

Nostalgia is a factor not to be discounted when it comes to food, and these five holiday staples sometimes seem even better from the box (or can). If you disagree, though, don't worry; we've got you...

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Do You Remember This Vintage Cookie?

by sivyaleah 15 years ago

When I was a young kind, about 6 or so, which would have been around 1965 there was a cookie that I couldn't get enough of. It sort of was like a Mallomar but without the chocolate covering, or s...

♪To all the bowls I've loved before♪ -- dishes you've lost along the way?

Kris in Beijing
by Kris in Beijing 7 years ago

Are there bowls you ate from in college, plates you had when you were first married, baking pans that your grandmother gave you -- that you have misplaced along the way? Broke? Lost in the separati...

Gross Food From the 1950s

by globocity 7 years ago

You are invited to a dinner party in which you must bring a dish from a 1950s cook book. Chances are, you'll have to choose from dishes with Jell-O, mayonnaise, inexplicably-placed cheese, ground b...

Searching for the long lost San Francisco Special Egg Foo Yung

by servpro8912 9 years ago

Years ago my father took us to a restaurant in Chinatown that served a special type of Egg Foo Yung. It wasn't your typical flat style but was a brown deep fried lump that was covered in a brown sa...

Canned Potato Pancakes

by PJ 20 years ago

I'm looking for any information on a product called "Pan-Tato" made by a Chicago company about 20 years ago. It was pre-made potato pancakes in a can, ready to slice, and fry up. Does anyone reme...

Palate Memory...

by jrvedivici 6 years ago

There is a thread somewhere on here about "Palatable frozen foods", which brings me to a recent experience I had. A couple of weeks ago I opened my freezer to find a box of Ellio's pizza. I really ...

Remember this candy bar?

by stootz 14 years ago

I can't seem to find anyone who does. It's from the mid-late 1970's and is roughly the size and shape of a Wunderbar, except it's off-white in colour (white chocolate?). It's kind of crispy/chewy...

90s food!

by blkery 8 years ago

I grew up in the early-mid 90s and would like to throw a potluck around the theme (there will be some awesome music). I'm trying to think of signature 90s food that isn't soda or candy, but the bes...

Classic old dishes I remember

by jonesstonehaven 7 years ago

This is inspired by a) The "carpetbag" and "remember these restaurants" threads b) The LA magazine food issue out now c) Julia Child's quote on nouvelle cuisine but could also apply to fusion d...

Kitchen staples you have now....that you didn't grow up with

by cb1 7 years ago

Was throwing together a dinner tonight with whatever I could find in the kitchen. Used cilantro, capers & sriracha to make salmon cakes. These are three ingredients that our house always has on h...

What candy (chocolate) Bars do you still crave?

by bigfellow 11 years ago

Lately I've been craving Cadbury Flake and Bournville bars, as well as Yorkie Bars! I'm going to have to plan a trip to the "Burbs to buy some. What bars do you crave or miss?

Flashback: Menu ideas for 70's/80's potluck. Tupperware optional.

by thedragonlady 11 years ago

I'm helping to plan a friend's Birthday party and we're having it themed around the types of party foods we grew up with at our own parent's dinner parties. Fondue, meatballs in ketchup and grape j...

Not Oreo, Not Hydrox... Name this sandwich cookie!

by CulinaryKate 14 years ago

The name this candy bar topic reminded me of my quest to find out what these cookies were called and if they still exist. When I was a kid growing up (in the 80's, this isn't that long ago peo...

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