Food Nostalgia

An Ode to 5 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Better from the Package

Nostalgia is a factor not to be discounted when it comes to food, and these five holiday staples sometimes seem even better from the box (or can). If you disagree, though, don't worry; we've got you...

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Roasted Chicken Dinner

by divadi62 5 years ago

I will be serving a very casual dinner with friends and would love to serve cold roasted chicken. There will be a cheese platter with olives, dried cherries, and some walnuts scattered on the plate...

Content Counts - A Pair of Reads

by MGZ 5 years ago

So, as I sit here in the lonely, dusty fallout of yesterday's detonation, I find myself looking away from the sad debris. Unwilling yet to quite embrace the saccharine chirpiness of the Rachel Ray...

Chateau Cola...Anbody Remember?

by james 18 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to find any information about a soft-drink I remember drinking as a kid in the mid-to-late 80s - Chateau Cola. I remember that (a) you had to use a can opener to open the can, (b) i...

So you are moving away

by Candy 6 years ago

You are relocating to a different part of the country. What would you miss most? Is it something(s) you could carry back to the new location when on visits? Is it a recipe you have to have to try t...

A product called "gluten bread"

blue room
by blue room 6 years ago

I used to babysit for a woman (this would have been early 1960s) who always had gluten bread in her refrigerator. The package said "gluten bread" on the wrapper, and it was very light brown and v...

What restaurant foods have declined over the years and why?

by gfr1111 7 years ago

There are certain foods prepared in restaurants (generally--not in every instance) that are no longer as delicious as they used to be, often due to laziness, the cooks' preference for a preparation...

Might this have been Cincinnati Chili?

by Deenso 12 years ago

Return with me now to yesteryear. The place is Camp Wingfoot in Madison, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie; the era is the late 50s; the meal - a camp favorite - may very well have been Cincinnati C...

70s Government Cheese

by Chef Jimmy J 10 years ago

I'm sure many of you remember this stuff, firm, sharp, orange and the best damn burger topper known, next to bacon, not to mention mac-n-cheese that made kids forget the box from Kraft. So, does ...

Hello CHOW looking for Belgium biscuits!

by Iluvscookies 6 years ago

Way back in Boston, MA Back during the years of the late middle 60's or earlier. My mother used to buy these gourmet Belgium chocolate biscuits. Belgium dipped in many fine layers of wafers they w...

Trying to think of a biscuit that was sold......

by anncan 6 years ago

I would be guessing to say it was in the 1970's, but there was a delicious southern style biscuit sold in a box fully cooked. They were sold refrigerated & had a slight delicious crunchiness to the...

Need help identifying a lamb dish

by littlegreenfrog6 6 years ago

When I was growing up in the 70's, my mother used to make a dish that contained lamb stew meat, diced or maybe stewed tomoatoes, green beans, onions, and was served over white rice. Or maybe the ri...

Reason you fell in love with food

by pandathebaker 6 years ago

***I'm new to CH so forgive me if a thread of similar content was made in the past.*** I would love to know what started your love of food, whether it be a single memory or a collection. For me...

Anyone have a recipe for Mt. Gretna dish?

by gimlis1mum 6 years ago

From what I can recall of this childhood staple it was ground beef, macaroni, tomatoes, maybe some onion. That might be all there is to it, but i'm curious if anyone has an actual recipe. We've ...

Food Memories

by Kathleen 17 years ago

The discussions about chains, cokes, and fast foods got me thinking about this phenomenom, which I haven't seen addressed here before. For me, there is a whole category of things I like to eat bec...

John's Pizza on Bleecker

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 6 years ago

I was warning a friend not to eat at John's Pizza on Bleecker 'cuz it hasn't been good in decades. Then I realized I haven't eaten there in decades. It's really hard to shake stale conclusions. ...

Zucchini Bread

by 4chowpups 15 years ago

I am in search of a great zucchini bread recipe. A few I've tried in the past have been very light and or on the dry side. In my memories of my grandmother's bread it was dense and very moist and...

Looking for hazelnut mocha cake from Swiss bakery in Philly

by MochaMom 6 years ago

So, the Swiss Pastry shop in Philadelphia had a wonderful hazelnut cake. Moist layers of hazelnut sponge, covered with chocolate flakes. The actual bakery is still there, but clearly the recipe ha...

What food find still haunts you - that you had once and haven't found since?

by Cinnamon 12 years ago

For me it would be Cuban toast at some little shop off Alligator Alley in South Florida... long Cuban bread, halved, doused in butter and put through the sandwich-shop moving broiler till toasty, b...

Old Cook Books (late 1800's & early 1900's), links to free online e-copies

by Antilope 10 years ago

Old Cook Books (late 1800's & early 1900's), links to free online e-copies Here are links to complete e-copies of old cookbooks that can be read online and downloaded for free in PDF format, a...

Lime Rickey lore wanted

by Ric 18 years ago

Lime Rickeys are the stuff of childhood memories if you are from....yeah, where? I thought they were a Brooklyn tradition, and now I find out they were a Boston tradition, too.(Am I right or wrong ...

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