Food Nostalgia

The Humble History and Evolution of the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Kids across the nation are going back to school—or maybe distance learning from home again—which means one thing: Countless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are being made. Alright, maybe the disruption...

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by heybaldy 5 years ago

About a week ago, I was in an airport lounge waiting to come home. Overheard a fascinating conversation regarding ordering hacks in restaurants to derive more for your dollar. The portly gentleman...

Ribbon candy

by zelmo2001 5 years ago

Hi looking for ribbon candy on Littleton..the real stuff!! My husband is not keen on hammonds so I am looking for the nice thin kind..thank you

tastycakes fruitcake

by ladykemma2 5 years ago

on a whim, today, i bought a tastycakes fruitcake in the bakery section at my local randall's grocery store. it was like eating flowers in a sweet moist cake. fragrant. nummy nummy. the fruit in ...

Help Me Find a Good Butterhorn

by headRN 5 years ago

Every once in awhile a childhood memory triggers the memory of a favorite food item. Today I thought about the butterhorns from Neldams Bakery. Where can I find something similar? Taste of Denmark ...

1920's 90th Birthday Party

by Cflower5 5 years ago

My mother-in-law turns 90 and we are doing a 20's theme. What kind of finger foods were eaten at parties back then. I'm thinking really fancy appetizers would not go over with the group but that is...

What is your favorite food you have ever eaten?

by jaylyn3907 5 years ago

I used to hate potatoes...Now I love them. I love incorporating them into anything that I can. They are amazing. Bacon as well, bacon is addicting!

Crispy whole fish

by hjacmc 5 years ago

Just had a flashback to the crispy whole fish that was on the menu at the old Ghengis Khan near the corner of Tulane and Carrollton. It came on a platter swimming upright with head, tail and fins i...

Welsh Rarebit

by syrup09 5 years ago

This morning I watched Gomer Pyle on ME TV. In it Gomer finds a place near the base that serves Welsh Rarebit. After being warned that it causes bad dreams he eats it anyway. Gomer ends up ...

1950s Atrocities

by Chazzz 5 years ago

I just read this article, and it seems like an idea hounds would love. The BLUF: host a get-together where everyone makes the most horrible-sounding/looking stereotypical 50s recipe they can, and t...

Favorite type of egg?

by jaylyn3907 5 years ago

I just made a 6 minute duck egg...It tastes amazing. What is your favorite type of egg to use?

Mexican Vanilla In Vancouver

by Veggigal 5 years ago

Hi Everyone. I'm running out of my favorite Mexican vanilla. Does anyone know if any import stores carry it in Vancouver or Victoria? I'd be willing to make a trip to get some. It comes in a ...

Favorite winner of Top Chef?

by jaylyn3907 5 years ago

I would have to say that I love Stephanie Izard. She is a midwestern girl, has hometown flair and always seems to smile..

Cookies from the late 50s to early 60s

by greenroses 5 years ago

Maybe someone can help me on this site. My dad is trying to remember the name of a cookie from the late 50s early 60s. It was a chocolate sandwich cookie, round in shape, with chocolate creme filli...

Orange Cream Pie - a SF Chinatown memory

by Cynsa 5 years ago

If you grew up in San Francisco Chinatown, or you are of a certain age, you may have a taste for Orange Cream Pie (Sun Wah Kue specialty whole pie $3 in the 70s). http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/...

Italian Deli

by somethin_gd 5 years ago

Can someone recommend a true Italian Deli in the North End? Something with the hanging garlic and sausages.

1960'S Cookie Favorite Mystery

by NYCRealtorRobin 5 years ago

Searching for name and manufacturer of cookies popular in the 1960's. The box was filled with cookies in the shapes of hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. Half the cookies in the box were chocolate...

Book recommendation

by Howard_2 5 years ago

I'm currently reading The Food Lab by J. Kenji López-Alt. I recommend it highly--at least take a look at. It's massive--8-1/2 X 11, about 900 pages, probably 5 lbs in weight, glossy pages, lots o...

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