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Trying to recall cookies from the past

by CajunJacques 7 years ago

One is a windmill cookie that my mom used to buy possibly in late '70s but definitely in the '80s but I don't know wh...


cclendrum commented 1 day ago

Raisin Pie and Coconut Custard Pie

by RosaHemken 7 days ago

There used to be a restaurant in Pasadena back in the 50's and 60's called Beadle's, which sadly has closed. I used t...


RosaHemken commented 7 days ago

Blum's Almondettes

by Alice 17 years ago

Does anyone remember Blum's Almondettes? I assume they're history by now, but if you ever spot them, please post!


RobGR commented 7 days ago

Shortbread Cookies in the blue can

by Shaylala 10 years ago

I am having a craving for the shortbread cookies in the blue can. Not the holiday cookie mix blue can it was in a cof...


maryjanekerr56 commented 14 days ago

Food Passport Help

by ad7yn 3 months ago

Hi Guys, I want to create a food passport for my toddler. What are your top 10 favorite meals? Ethnic meals and fami...

The_Libster commented 1 month ago

Cookies from the 80s???

by jnb336 7 years ago

I'm trying to find some cookies from my husband's childhood that he talks about ALL the time! I'm pretty sure they d...


Bron1309 commented 1 month ago

any old new yorkers out there, Yorkville in the 1970's?

by sues 16 years ago

I lived in New York in the 1970's, and I still dream about the Linzer cookies, raspberry and apricot, from Bauer's ba...


GaryUES commented 1 month ago

Date Nut Bread and Cream Cheese

by Michael S 16 years ago

I grew up eating these sandwiches. If I am not mistaken the brand name of the bread was Dromedary. It was a fixture o...


halosue commented 2 months ago

Sunday Soup

by munchkin1 5 months ago

I tried posting, but laptop decided to be lackadaisical. (Sp?) Shit the bed, basically. I was sharing and asking ...

thegforceny commented 2 months ago

Banana Flips

by psalm14517 9 years ago

I've seen a few posts on here about those wonderful snacks from my childhood--banana flips!! They look like a big tac...


beverlyedwards commented 2 months ago

Frozen Pineapple Dessert

by JaneS917 2 months ago

Many years ago, sometime in the 50s, my mother frequently made a frozen pineapple dessert in ice cube trays (the old ...


Madrid commented 2 months ago

Childhood tastes - favorites then and now

by cheesytaters 5 months ago

A few of us highjacked a post about recreating deli-style tuna salad to discuss favorite childhood foods. What were y...

DuffyH commented 2 months ago

Homemade Ice Cream From Your Childhood

by MIMIMOM 3 months ago

I love the nostalgic posts on CH and have been thinking of the homemade ice cream my mother made when I was a child. ...


Chowrin commented 2 months ago

If you only had 10 food options...

by MIMIMOM 2 months ago

A friend of mine asked me this question years ago and we hashed it out for weeks. It's recently come back up so I tho...


zackly commented 2 months ago

Hombre "wine for men" 1960-70s?

by Hershey Bomar 9 years ago

Hombre "wine for men" 1960-70s. Does anyone remember this stuff and have any info on it? I guess it was the drink ...


Lincolnkings commented 2 months ago

Food Memories

by Richard Halpern 15 years ago

Checkout this website for baby boomer food remembrances of food items from your youth (if you're a baby boomer, that ...


dadsfavor8 commented 2 months ago

Favorite discontinued food items

by hamiltonheights 2 years ago

What are some great discontinued food items that come to mind? I used to love Pepperidge Farm Capri cookies, and they...


mary30 commented 3 months ago

Care package to Canada from the States... What should I get?

by njcamocutie 3 months ago

What's some good food items from the States the Canadians don't have but would love , i guess im looking for non peri...

thegforceny commented 3 months ago

Chocolate Covered Jelly Grahams

by TAKEOUTISFORME 3 months ago

Many years ago, my friends and I enjoyed these unusual but delicious treats and now can no longer find them. Does an...


TAKEOUTISFORME commented 3 months ago

Teani's Italian Deli | South San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

As a 30-year fan of Little Lucca deli in SSF, where I first encountered Dutch crunch bread and LL's famous garlic sau...

Melanie Wong commented 3 months ago