Food Nostalgia

An Ode to 5 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Better from the Package

Nostalgia is a factor not to be discounted when it comes to food, and these five holiday staples sometimes seem even better from the box (or can). If you disagree, though, don't worry; we've got you...

The best Chinese almond cookie in San Francisco?

by poot 1 year ago

I see loads of walnut cookies in the classic mode, New May Wah has great big tins and plastic hatboxes full of nasty-looking things, but nowhere the almond cookies of my youth. Where in San Fran...

What is 'old-school' Italian cooking?

by gutreactions 2 years ago

We hear the term so often. Where did it get started? How do you define it? Is it a knock, or a compliment? Is it a kitchen that uses a lot of red sauce? Is it an Italian-American restaurant in the ...

Hickory Farm

by beef2021 23 days ago

Can anyone locate the original beef stick...not beef summsausage?

Holiday Fruitcakes & Panettones: what's to like?

by gutreactions 2 years ago

Do you enjoy fruitcake or panettone? Are they comparable? They are certainly popular during the Holiday season. So, tell me of the best, or the worst...

Any food historians or French cooks here? What was this 1880s dish?

by Kate9299 2 months ago

While randomly browsing the net, I happened across an article that described the Thanksgiving banquet menu that a wealthy Chicago businessman gave for 500 (!!!) of his closest friends and relati...

Hough Bakery "Modernistic" cookies [Cleveland]

by PB 20 years ago

My wife used to enjoy a cookie sold by Cleveland's Hough Bakery chain. It was a large flat cookie with chocolate icing on one half and vanilla icing on the other, with a swirled boundary between th...

Desperately Seeking Cookies

by omgalletas 11 years ago

Well, one particular kind of cookie I recall from my childhood. I grew up in the bordertown of El Paso, Texas with my very, very Mexican family. It wasn't unusual to find Mexican food products in...

Pineapple Cheese Danish

by kathleen168 1 year ago

Does anyone know of any bakeries or stores that sell PINEAPPLE CHEESE DANISH or similar. My elderly neighbor Doris used to buy it at a local bakery years ago and then bought Entennman's but she sa...

Pizzerias/Restaurants & ready-made crusts

by twodales2 3 months ago

After 42 years a local pizza place closed when the owner decided to retire. A restaurant with a few places in the city took it's place. We tried a thin crust and found the toppings to be really go...

Eating pizza with knife & fork: what's the problem?

by gutreactions 11 months ago

I have extracted this issue from an unrelated discussion on these boards. There are those 'purists' out there that continuously rant about eating pizza with a knife & fork. Ok, I know that's what w...

The New Yorker: Trader Joe Wrote a Memoir

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

My years in Los Angeles as a grad student were filled with trips to TJ's in Culver City and occasionally to Pasadena for bargains in French cheeses, imported and domestic wines at 20-30% discounts,...

A Southern Season Bowtie Pasta

by Tehama 5 months ago

I'm having happy memories of this bowtie pasta that was in the deli at A Southern Season. It was quite simple, but I can't recall after all these years exactly what was in it. Do any of y'all re...


by walker 4 months ago

David Lebovitz’ latest newsletter mentioned that every time he returns to Paris from USA, he brings Mallomar cookies in his luggage. I had not eaten one in at least 20 years. Safeway didn’t hav...

How will you handle Grandparent's Day this year, Sept. 13th?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

It doesn't get as much publicity as Mother's Day and Father's Day, but Grandparents like to be a part of the love, too. Finding the right tags for this post has not been easy. Grandparent's Day fal...

Curry House recipe

by Kablooie 5 months ago

Curry House had the best Japanese Curry in LA. Now that they are gone I wondered if anyone out there who worked at Curry House had a copy of their recipe? It's a shame to let it disappear forever.

Healthy meals in minutes recipe cards

by ladymcelmon 5 months ago

Hi, I'm new here and I'm wondering if someone might have the "healthy meals in minutes" recipe card for chocolate chip cookies. She swears they are the best but has misplaced her copy. Thanks!

The various Schat's bakerys

by nakni 9 years ago

I visited the newest bakery in El Segundo. An employee told me that the one there, while not a franchise, is on good terms with the original Bishop location. They also mentioned, and I recall readi...

Playlist: Stay Away from the Fridge (Or not)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

A Spotify playlist of food-centric songs, a gift from a friend and meant for sharing.

Stuck overseas. Need Coles Roast Chicken Stuffing Copycat Recipe To Tide Me Over?

by cgxy96 6 months ago

I love coles roast chicken. It’s cheap, it’s juicy, it’s filling and it reminds me of home. The stuffing is the main attraction and the only reason why I’m loyal to Coles. Woolies can suck it. Unfo...

What Were These Called?!

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

Driving me nuts. You know "oyster crackers"?- a tiny soda cracker that New Englanders often eat with chowder? Well in the 60's we used to have 6" round flat discs just like oyster crackers. "low fa...