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Food Nostalgia

Festa di San Giusepp'

by little big al 5 days ago

I completely forgot last year. Where is everyone getting their sfingi/zeppolle? Can anyone tell me the difference, I'...


Multifoiled commented 5 days ago

What Were These Called?!

by opinionatedchef 2 years ago

Driving me nuts. You know "oyster crackers"?- a tiny soda cracker that New Englanders often eat with chowder? Well in...


ferret commented 10 days ago

Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery (c.1966)

by breadchick 16 days ago

One of my favorite aunts passed away recently, and she had scads of cookbooks. I mean shelves of them. No one in our ...


Bigley9 commented 12 days ago

Yes Yes Cookies

by Amy 13 years ago

Does anyone remember/know where I can get Yes Yes cookies (online or in the SF Bay Area)? I last remember eating thes...


Gregory_1 commented 14 days ago

Rice can give a massive contrast

by StephenCowell 19 days ago

My mother made only one spicy meal, curry and rice. Her rice was an amazing contract with her mild curries. The rice ...


StephenCowell commented 16 days ago

Nabisco Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

by cestmoi 17 years ago

In the 50's, growing up in Brooklyn,I could purchase packages of chocolate covered graham crackers by Nabisco, (made ...


acgold7 commented 26 days ago

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Belgian Waffles baking doesn't smell at all

by mannslove 27 days ago

Hi, I am a big Belgian Waffle fan but I am currently facing 2 issues- 1) When I walk into certain waffle s...

ISO hard candy from childhood

by BookGirl 13 years ago

I can't seem to find these candies anywhere and have no idea how to search for them on the web as I don't know who ma...


RoslynSFrancis commented 1 month ago

Sticky Buns (from Mr. Otto, Williamsport PA)

by glaforme 11 years ago

Stumbled on this site this a.m. and read some postings from folks from the Williamsport area. Fondly remember the Vi...


acgold7 commented 1 month ago

Smoked Meat at Marche Jean-Talon

by missbidon 1 month ago

Probably 8 years ago, my husband and I were at Marche Jean-Talon. There was a man with a small stand selling smoked m...


lagatta commented 1 month ago

Care package to Canada from the States... What should I get?

by njcamocutie 12 months ago

What's some good food items from the States the Canadians don't have but would love , i guess im looking for non peri...


Querencia commented 1 month ago

Kelloggs Danish Go Rounds

by Mike Cecere 17 years ago

I can remember them when I was a child (born in 1964.) They were similar to Pop Tarts, only much better. They were sw...


curvecurve commented 1 month ago

Yum-Yum Cookies -- Does Anyone Remember?

by onebite 11 years ago

There was a cookie made by Sunshine Co. that was my childhood favorite. Called Yum-Yum cookies, it was a wafer cover...


elkinsc commented 1 month ago

Bon Appetit Recipe

by mjpttmn 2 months ago

Long shot but I'm looking for 2 recipes from sometime between 1989 and 1995 (I think!) My family LOVED both and while...


mjpttmn commented 1 month ago

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Cooking and Dining Clubs

by Candy 2 months ago

When we used to live in Bloomington, IN we were involved with a couple dining groups. The first one we joined was thr...

Hombre "wine for men" 1960-70s?

by Hershey Bomar 9 years ago

Hombre "wine for men" 1960-70s. Does anyone remember this stuff and have any info on it? I guess it was the drink ...


acgold7 commented 2 months ago

Has anyone heard of a chocolate bell?

by sweetpotato 2 years ago

I'm from New York, maybe it's a New York thing, but when I was a child the bakery had a single serving concoction tha...


Steve commented 2 months ago

Elementary School Chalupa

by Mike13241 9 years ago

Ok so bear with me on this, but did anyone else have a "chalupa" on their elementary school cafeteria menu? Basically...


fancyshnancy commented 2 months ago

Soursop versus Taiwanese Sugar Apple

by maxmillan 2 months ago

I bought this fruit in hope it’s a soursop. However the sign at the market reads, “Taiwanese Sugar Apple.” Here’s th...


acgold7 commented 2 months ago

The Greenery - in Barrington?

by orchid1 11 years ago

Hello to everyone, I'm new here! I've been reading some of the boards and there is A LOT of good information here! ...


PeachyPetie commented 2 months ago