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Cooking habits change depending on where you are and so do internet-searching habits around cooking, recipes, and those all-important kitchen tools. Empire Today recently looked at which kitchen tools...

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Food mill really a juicer.... why?

by happybellynh 11 years ago

Last fall, I purchased a decent looking stainless steel food mill (in the canning section of my local farm store) to help me get through the 200 pounds of tomatoes that I canned as crushed tomatoes...

Old Foley Food Mill -- Safe to use?

by Kiyah 12 years ago

I have an old Foley Food Mill that still works, but it has a metallic smell to it. Can I use it or will it react to acidic food and/or make the food taste metallic? TIA!

New OXO food mill. Now, what do I use it for?

by adamshoe 11 years ago

I know they're great for tomato sauce and mashed potatoes. What do those of you who have a food mill use it for? (Please no baby food, as I don't have a baby and am hopefully a few years away from...

Food Mill for applesauce

by PattiCakes 11 years ago

Call me crazy, but we went apple picking this weekend here in Pennsylvania with my daughter's family & my son's -- 185 lbs of apples, which will be shared between 4 families. I want to make apples...

food mill - tomatoes - help

by Summerfield 12 years ago

Ordinarily, for tomato sauce for pastas, I would just puree the canned tomatoes in a blender, which works okay for getting a sauce-like texture. However, I just bought a food mill (Oxo), and mille...

Procedure for tomatoes thru food mill?

by LillianJean 12 years ago

No instructions with my new frieling food mill! How do I prep fresh whole tomatoes for the mill? Do I blanche to loosen the skin? Should I chop them first? Help!!

Food Mills - Rosle

by chefwong 12 years ago

Has anyone personally seen or used a Rosle Food Mill ? Looking to add a food mill to my stash of tools. Not alot of reviews on the Rosle Food Mill....and was looking for some feedback,

Quick Question - Mouli-Legumes = Food Mill?

by MMRuth 12 years ago

Or Potato Ricer? This is for a mashed potato recipe, from an English cookbook. I have both. TIA

Need food mill advice

by jono37 13 years ago

Is there a food mill that actually works and doesn't fall apart within a month? I bought one from Linens and Things which did not work at all... food would just spin around without passing throu...

Food mill--inexpensive and good

by slacker 13 years ago

I've never owned a food mill and think about getting one now and then. I don't think I'll use it that much but still want one, so don't want to invest a lot. What are some good ones in the under ...

Ricer with Holes on Sides and Bottom or Bottom Only? Or Just Use a Food Mill?

by ellaj 13 years ago

Have been reading ricer reviews and wonder if there are advantages to having holes on the sides as well as the bottom? One reviewer mentioned preferring no side holes but did not explain why. ...

food mill to make red chile

by dvereen 13 years ago

has anyone tried using a food mill to make red chile from pods to keep seeds and skin out of the dish. sometimes i don't mind the seeds and tiny peelings, but it's a finer sauce without them.

Looking for a food mill

by JessWil 14 years ago

Hi, I bought a food mill last summer, about $50, can't remember the brand, but it was hand-crank with stainless mesh "strainer," and it was terrible!! Hardly worked at all. I should've brought it...

Juicer or Food Mill , which one is better for ....

by Cheese Boy 14 years ago

A friend wants to make Tomato Juice. I already know that spending a lot of money on a kitchen item is out of the question. Do I suggest a Food Mill to make TOMATO JUICE, or a JUICER? Are there an...

food mill - do I need one?

by Montrose 14 years ago

I have earmarked part of my tax return for kitchen gadgets (because, really, there is no such thing as too many in my book.) One item I have been considering is a food mill. I have several recipes ...

Food Mill Baby Food Recipes

by Alice 14 years ago

Just got a little hand held baby food mill and now I amin search of recipes. A website would be nice, or any ideas anyone has. Thanks!

Food Mill

by oakjoan 15 years ago

I searched through the message board and didn't find any mention of the Food Mill and so am posting myself. I was driving on MacArthur the other day and, right at Kaiser/Howe Street, I happened to...

Food mills

by MichaelB 17 years ago

Can anyone share advice on food mills? I have an ancient aluminum Foley mill that takes forever to puree anything and is a pain to clean (it also makes a truly grating metal-on-metal sound, but tha...

What to do with a food mill in the spring?

by The Loaf 18 years ago

I just found this brand new-looking food mill in a thrift store for $22. It's a Cuispro with 3 discs--same model new was $85 at a nearby kitchen store--and I've been considering buying it at that ...

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