Food Mill

The Most-Searched Kitchen Gadget in Every U.S. State

Cooking habits change depending on where you are and so do internet-searching habits around cooking, recipes, and those all-important kitchen tools. Empire Today recently looked at which kitchen tools...

Guillouard/ Matfer Bourgeat food mill?

by bloodboy 1 year ago

Has anyone ever tried these two food mills before? Guillouard seems to be made in France from the description on their website, but I'm not sure about the Matfer Bourgeat food mill. I have email...

Large/Larger Food Mill

by mobiledynamics 3 years ago

Looking at Food Mills in JB Prince. Can't think of any other places.... It' that time of the year again. Way too tomatoes from the garden to eat. Time to sauce them up. My itty bitty food mill -...

No food mill...what to do?

by SLOLindsay 16 years ago

I made Ina's roasted tomato soup yesterday (from the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook) and at the end it calls for running the soup through a food mill set on the coarsest setting. I'm a young cook wit...

Food mill rookie in need of help

by King B 16 years ago

So I finally got around to using the food mill we received as a wedding present last night...looking to puree some pasta sauce. I am pretty sure I totally screwed it up, since what came out was on...

Mashed Potato

by SalbertoV05 5 years ago

I have used a potato ricer before to make fluffy mashed potatoes. This year I am working in someone else's kitchen and they have a food mill. I have seen recipes for that option-- but does anyone ...

Making Mashed Potatoes with No Ricer or Food Mill

by lucienne78 13 years ago

I am going to be making a Goat Cheese Mashed Potato Gratin for a side on Christmas but the recipe is saying that I need a ricer or a food mill and I don't have either. And I know that I just can't...

Mashed Potatoes: Food Mill vs. Ricer

by HououinKyouma 7 years ago

Im looking to replicate Joel Robuchon's purée de pommes de terre which he is famous for. For mashed potatoes, one can use a regular masher, a ricer, or a food mill, though a masher would be for som...

Best food mill

by wdames 12 years ago

I could use some advice on which food mill I should buy There are alot out there and hate when I buy on impulse and find there was a better one if had jsut done a little research. Bill

Small batch canning- food mill or large food strainer?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 6 years ago

For small batch canning (4-6 jars at a time) would I be better served by a food mill or one of those large tabletop food strainers like this (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000BYDR1/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_n...

Uses for a food mill?

by lexuschef 9 years ago

I purchased a food mill a few years ago and it has been sorely underused (tomato soup and spaghetti sauce base). For what other purposes is this tool handy? It is seeing too much cabinet time and...

What cooking gadgets changed your life?... Well at least your cooking?

by RhonelyInsanediego 7 years ago

I really love a good time saver in the kitchen. Rather than create a Zombie thread (revive a 9 or 10 yo dead thread), I thought I'd see if the hounds have any new kitchen gadgets that they just ca...

Can I boil my potatoes with skin on, then let the food mill peel them?

by Isolda 7 years ago

I'm not a fan of mashed potatoes, so I hardly ever make them, which is why my question is so stupid. My son asked if I could please make him some mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving "without any of th...

Food mill for mashed potatoes - what do you think?

by glorypea 14 years ago

The article in today's NY Times about mashed potatoes (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/14/dining/14spud.html?ref=dining) got me thinking. I have only the "practically useless" old fashioned kind of ...

New food mill vs. vintage

by Niki20072 7 years ago

Have read through several older discussions on food mills but wondered if I could get some thoughts from you guys.....for roughly the same money would you recommend buying a old Foley off Ebay or s...

Foley-type food mill vs. Roma/Victorio type

by Niki20072 7 years ago

I have decided that I need a food mill so now I need to decide which type to get...I have it narrowed down as far as a brand in each different type so that isn't the issue. What I am trying to fig...

Food Mills

by akp 15 years ago

Would like to invest in a food mill. Any recommendations? Thank you.

Food mill for raspberry jam recipe: necessary?

by rstuart 10 years ago

I really want to try Christine Ferber's chocolate and raspberry jam recipe. However, it calls for straining the rasberries through a food mill to get rid of most of the seeds. I don't have a food m...

your favorite uses for a food mill

by dvereen 15 years ago

trying to justify the purchase of a food mill. but wondering how much i would really use it. so what are your favorite uses for yours?

Food Mill Sale

by dcrb 9 years ago

Good deal or not? thttp://www.cutleryandmore.com/miu/stainless-steel-food-mill-p125829?src=dtw_mill&utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Cutlery%20and%20More,%20LLC&utm_content=DOW+...

Food Mill vs. China Cap/Chinoise for Tomato Sauce?

by sherrib 11 years ago

I make my own chicken stock all the time. I've also recently become obsessed with making my own tomato sauce. I figured a China Cap (aka Chinoise) would be a good choice for both (straining stock...