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Food Mill

Large/Larger Food Mill

by mobiledynamics 4 months ago

Looking at Food Mills in JB Prince. Can't think of any other places.... It' that time of the year again. Way too t...


acgold7 commented 4 months ago

No food mill...what to do?

by SLOLindsay 13 years ago

I made Ina's roasted tomato soup yesterday (from the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook) and at the end it calls for running ...


davidlovesina commented 7 months ago

Food mill rookie in need of help

by King B 13 years ago

So I finally got around to using the food mill we received as a wedding present last night...looking to puree some pa...


paulj commented 1 year ago

Mashed Potato

by SalbertoV05 2 years ago

I have used a potato ricer before to make fluffy mashed potatoes. This year I am working in someone else's kitchen a...


Splendid Spatula commented 2 years ago

Making Mashed Potatoes with No Ricer or Food Mill

by lucienne78 10 years ago

I am going to be making a Goat Cheese Mashed Potato Gratin for a side on Christmas but the recipe is saying that I ne...


TastyReuben commented 2 years ago

Mashed Potatoes: Food Mill vs. Ricer

by HououinKyouma 4 years ago

Im looking to replicate Joel Robuchon's purée de pommes de terre which he is famous for. For mashed potatoes, one can...


PBulger commented 2 years ago

Best food mill

by wdames 9 years ago

I could use some advice on which food mill I should buy There are alot out there and hate when I buy on impulse and ...


Chazzz commented 2 years ago

Small batch canning- food mill or large food strainer?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 3 years ago

For small batch canning (4-6 jars at a time) would I be better served by a food mill or one of those large tabletop f...


jennysthing commented 3 years ago

Uses for a food mill?

by lexuschef 6 years ago

I purchased a food mill a few years ago and it has been sorely underused (tomato soup and spaghetti sauce base). For...


dorothydpatterson commented 3 years ago

Can I boil my potatoes with skin on, then let the food mill peel them?

by Isolda 4 years ago

I'm not a fan of mashed potatoes, so I hardly ever make them, which is why my question is so stupid. My son asked if ...


Dirtywextraolives commented 4 years ago

Food mill for mashed potatoes - what do you think?

by glorypea 11 years ago

The article in today's NY Times about mashed potatoes (


goodeatsgal commented 4 years ago

New food mill vs. vintage

by Niki20072 4 years ago

Have read through several older discussions on food mills but wondered if I could get some thoughts from you guys.......


goodeatsgal commented 4 years ago

Foley-type food mill vs. Roma/Victorio type

by Niki20072 4 years ago

I have decided that I need a food mill so now I need to decide which type to get...I have it narrowed down as far as ...


Niki20072 commented 4 years ago

Food Mills

by akp 12 years ago

Would like to invest in a food mill. Any recommendations? Thank you.


eLizard commented 4 years ago

Food mill for raspberry jam recipe: necessary?

by rstuart 7 years ago

I really want to try Christine Ferber's chocolate and raspberry jam recipe. However, it calls for straining the rasbe...

iL Divo

iL Divo commented 4 years ago

your favorite uses for a food mill

by dvereen 12 years ago

trying to justify the purchase of a food mill. but wondering how much i would really use it. so what are your favorit...


freemind1 commented 5 years ago

Food Mill Sale

by dcrb 6 years ago

Good deal or not? t


Chemicalkinetics commented 6 years ago

Food Mill vs. China Cap/Chinoise for Tomato Sauce?

by sherrib 8 years ago

I make my own chicken stock all the time. I've also recently become obsessed with making my own tomato sauce. I fig...

Stephanie Wong

Stephanie Wong commented 6 years ago

Food mill recommendations?

by shivery 6 years ago

Hello all! I'm in the market for a food mill. Never having owned one before, I don't know what to look for. Does a...


dcrb commented 6 years ago