Food Idioms

Cooking Literacy

by Candy 4 months ago

This belongs on Table Talk: I am sure everyone has things that are like fingernails on a black board to them. One of ...


Texanbychoice commented 3 months ago

Food Lingo

by Fredginger 7 months ago

I was just watching Giada for a few seconds to see if she had something worth the pain, and right away I was taken do...


paulj commented 7 months ago

Phrases You Don't Hear Anymore

by al b. darned 3 years ago

When I was growing up, when I'd get caught trying to "put one over" on my mother she would often point out that she, ...


ratgirlagogo commented 8 months ago

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Food Sayings: Besplatniy sir biyvaet tol'ko v mishelovke

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

. . . is a great Russian proverb that means: "Free cheese can be found only in a mousetrap." What to serve with th...

Price v. Price Point [split from SF]

by Sam Fujisaka 9 years ago

With all respect to some of you I dearly love, can someone please explain to me the difference between "price" and "p...


coll commented 1 year ago

Sage Sayings

by imanewbie 2 years ago

What are your favorite sayings that you've picked up along the way? My favorites: Don't crowd the mushrooms. ...


bustlingswan commented 2 years ago

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