Food Court

Food courts can be our savior or a total failure. Discuss them here: Tell us which ones you love, which spots to avoid, and what makes a good food court.

This Ugly Atlanta Food Court Has One of the South’s Best Restaurants

Atlanta’s food scene is popping with chefs gaining national recognition for their craft and a renewed interest in Southern cuisine, though the restaurant you should seek out most right now is Aviva...

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Indian Food Court in Parlin, NJ

by wench31 13 years ago

I was driving by when I saw this place on Ernston Rd in Sayreville. It's in Wendy's old building. I forgot the name of it but it says Food Court as well. Has anybody been in there? If so, what did ...

Guide to the New World Mall Food Court

Joe MacBu
by Joe MacBu 10 years ago

I'm starting this thread on the New World Mall's food court offerings in hopes of having our collective experiences collated in a semi-organized manner. NWM opened a few weeks ago in downtown F...

Urbanspace food court @ Vanderbilt

by Monica 6 years ago

Anyone tried? I was passing by the other day and it was open. http://urbanspacenyc.com/ http://www.grubstreet.com/2015/09/urbanspace-vanderbilt.html Love to try the fried chicken at Delaney c...

Gee! Taste Good (8888 Odlin Crescent 2nd floor foodcourt) - Other food courts like this hidden away?

by YVRChow 6 years ago

Gee! How did I not know that this food court existed? I thought I had stumbled onto all of the hidden food courts in Richmond. But alas, "Gee! Taste Good", a new one, and with a pleasant surprise...

New to Pacific Plaza Food Court in RH: O'Heavy Noodles, May 35 Food

by JThur01 6 years ago

Walked in and noticed this sign. Look familiar? While on their break, I talked to the women working the counter and, yep, it's a branch of JTYH that opened just a few days ago. The spot of the "com...

Latin Plaza on Milvan & Finch - Food Court

by weebey 15 years ago

There's a plaza on Finch & Milvan that has an all Latin food court at the back. From what I saw there were food stalls from Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico & El Salvador. I tried the seafoo...

Best bets at the Eaton Centre's Urban Eatery

by prima 6 years ago

Which restaurants and dishes do you like the most? I usually go to the Aroma Espresso for a cheese boureka, turkey club or Mediterranean sandwich. I have found the Amaya to be a bit overpriced. ...

Any decent food in Scotiabank food court downtown?

by meagain 6 years ago

Just wondering what the best bets are there, either restaurant wise or dish specific. Thanks to anyone who can help.

hawker/ food court recs near Kent Vale?

by trueblu 6 years ago

Wow: not sure I know how to navigate the new chowhound site -- it's been a while since I've posted and I can't seem to find anything! My family (wife, 6 yo daughter and I) are going to Singapore...

First glimpse into new UBC AMS Student Nest food court

by LotusRapper 6 years ago

Of course I got in/out of UBC 30 years too early for this :-/ http://vancouverfoodster.com/2015/08/24/ams-student-nest-at-ubc-opens-with-new-restaurants/

HMart Edison and what to do with semi-fresh uni

by seal 6 years ago

Went to HMart in Edison today to buy uni and try the ramen at their food court. We had a bowl of Shoyu and a bowl of Tonkatsu. Two full big bowls arrived soon and the broth was pretty good in both....

Great Wall Supermarket food court

by Disneyfreak 6 years ago

Can any of you tell me about the Great Wall supermarket food court? The ones on Lincoln or Washington Street specifically. Are the food court any good? do they open early? Is there anything you rec...

New food court in Flushing

by hoi lai 7 years ago

Looks like a new food court " New York Food Court " is going to open it's doors on Roosevelt Ave between Prince St and College Pt. Blv'd. Sign was up today ,I don't remember seeing it last week.

Galleries LaFayette-Food Hall Changed Dramatically

by Delucacheesemonger 7 years ago

l may be the only one did not know this but the wonderful food court at Galleries LaFayette, which l preferred to Le Bon Marche's version, both old version and new version, has also changed. Gave ...

Eataly ?

by Janskitchen 6 years ago

Haven't heard anything, lately, about Eataly coming to Philly. Anyone know if it's still in the works?

UBC Asian food court - the forgotten international food court in GVRD

by LotusRapper 6 years ago

I don't go out there all that much these days except for special appointments. But yesterday after a meeting there, it was well past lunch time and I was famished. I almost stopped in at that Japan...

Asking for vegetarian in Flushing Chinese Food Courts/restaurants

by realcuisine 10 years ago

I'm a food writer for an independent weekly in Springfield, IL. But I'm out in NYC -- specifically Brooklyn -- frequently, visiting my daughter, son-in-law, and new grandson. Since I usually dri...

In Praise of the H-Mart food court (Hartsdale)

by Elisa515 7 years ago

The only problem with eating at the H-Mart food court is that, no matter what you order, you are hyper-aware of all the great stuff you didn't choose. I love the bustle of people waiting for foo...

Metro Vancouver's Chinese Malls' food courts - any others ?

by LotusRapper 7 years ago

Are there other malls in addition to these ? Aberdeen Centre Admiralty Centre Crystal Mall Empire Centre Parker Place Richmond Public Market Yaohan

Singapore - Nyonya food at Tanjong Katong Village Food Court

by klyeoh 7 years ago

Not many Katong-ites are even aware that you can get freshly-cooked on the spot Nyonya food at Tanjong Katong Village food court (formerly known as Peranakan Food Village). Tried the Nyonya nood...