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Food courts can be our savior or a total failure. Discuss them here: Tell us which ones you love, which spots to avoid, and what makes a good food court.

This Ugly Atlanta Food Court Has One of the South’s Best Restaurants

Atlanta’s food scene is popping with chefs gaining national recognition for their craft and a renewed interest in Southern cuisine, though the restaurant you should seek out most right now is Aviva...

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Chinese food court in Arcadia

by Stan 19 years ago

In response to my cry for food courts with good food, esteemed hound Chandavkl recommended the one at the 99 Ranch Market anchored mall at 1300 S Golden West Ave in Arcadia (not 1220 -- it's at the...

Conveyor belt sushi at Flushing Food Court?

by Lambretta76 19 years ago

I've heard rumors about a conveyor-belt sushi joint in the Flushing Food Court. Any truth to this? If so, is it good? Inexpensive? I had some of the best sushi of my life at one of these - as well ...

Hilarious typo on menu board at Flushing Mall food court

by Eric Eto 19 years ago

On the menu board at the stand near the shabu shabu place, you'll find a menu item called something like pork with "presumed vegetables." This one made me laugh for quite a while.

Flushing Food Court update - for mrnyc

by HLing 19 years ago

The place across from the upstairs Shanghai Snacks, the Xi An place had even better hand pulled noodles than the ones from downstairs! Well, this is different in that these are flatter and wider, ...

food courts with good food?

by Stan 19 years ago

Eating at the Koreatown Galleria has reminded me just how chain-ridden and boring most food courts are. Does anybody know of any food courts in the LA area that have good food? They might be ethn...

Closings at 88 Food Court; Misono grill

by ju 19 years ago

It looks like the Japanese stall and Rickshaw (Indian) have closed. The former has been shut for more than a week (or perhaps longer; I was out of town until early Sept) while Rickshaw was closed o...

Food Court / Indian/Chinese buffet in the Dedham area ?

by TonyJ 19 years ago

I am on work staying at the Hilton Dedham and was wondering if there is any Mall Food Court or a Buffet place with preferably Indian or Chinese food, in Dedham or the surrounding areas. TIA.

sampling at the Super 88 food court

by munchabunch 19 years ago

Did a little sampling at Super 88's food court last night. To test whether it was worth paying for sushi, we ordered just one avocado roll and a couple tuna nigiri's to start. The rice was too sw...

Food Court OPEN at Allston/Brighton Super 88

by ld 19 years ago

Yes, it's open -- folks eating, wonderful food scents. Here's what's offered (courtesy of their flyer): Ajisen Noodle (Japanese noodle soups), Kantin (Chinese), Rickshaw (Northern Indian tandori an...

flushing food court review

by mrnyc 19 years ago

i went out to the new flushing food court (36-58 main street) for lunch today expressly to try the hand made noodles at chinese RAMEN KING since i am on a ramen kick lately and for the avocado shak...

Korean Explorations - best mall food court, at least

by TastyJon 19 years ago

I've driven by this newly-built place on Olympic now and again, wondering what was in there. Then I caught the below article on Wed. and dragged a foodie friend who also works downtown (about a 9 ...

Hong Kong Style Open Food Court

by Vital Information 19 years ago

Zim mentioned in his Shui Wah review that we eyed the menu at this place last week. For some reasons too complicated to explain, we found ourselves there on saturday night. It's not really enough...

Flushing Food Court revisted

by HLing 19 years ago

36-58 Main street Flushing Food Court revisted after 3 weeks. The Ramen King downstairs is a must. As I mentioned in the first post, the ramen here is Chinese hand-pulled noodles. Get the #1, th...

Food Court on Main street(Flushing) opened yesterday

by HLing 19 years ago

The Food Court(not the ones in the Flushing Mall)at 36-58 Main Street just opened yesterday. It's a two+ story building that's narrow, with different food stations on either side of the hall. Fir...

Food Court bet. 18th/19th & K/I Sts.

by Bill 19 years ago

I am suffering through another miserable lunch from this foodcourt that is simply too convenient for me avoid. Please fellow 'hounds, what have you found in this underground maze that's good? I'...

Food Court Eats

by Lauren 19 years ago

The thread on "Hot Dog on A stick" got me thinking.... what do people eat at shopping malls? I always try to plan my shopping excursions around my meals to avoid eating in the food court at all c...

Flushing Food Court

by ruth arcone 19 years ago

Yesterday's Daily News food section had an article about a food court at a mall in Flushing, serving (except for 1 pizza place and 1 place serving Mexican food) various types of Asian food, includi...

Uwajimaya food court?

by Nan 20 years ago

Anyone been there yet? I want to pick your brains. Unless I read a few thumbs-downs, I'm going.

Alternative food courts

by Dylan Yolles 20 years ago

I love ethnic food courts. Anyone who's spent time in Asia knows that food courts are part of the zeitgest of most Asian countries, from the hawker centers of Singapore, to the open air stands of I...

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