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Food courts can be our savior or a total failure. Discuss them here: Tell us which ones you love, which spots to avoid, and what makes a good food court.

This Ugly Atlanta Food Court Has One of the South’s Best Restaurants

Atlanta’s food scene is popping with chefs gaining national recognition for their craft and a renewed interest in Southern cuisine, though the restaurant you should seek out most right now is Aviva...

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flushing food court apology (refused by me)

by piney 18 years ago

the flushing food court on main street near 37th street (a.k.a. "Delicious Food City") has posted an apology to customers, which i refuse to accept. the 2nd stand past the ramen king makes tow dof...

Food Courts of Underground Montreal

by N Tocus 18 years ago

I hope that nobody visits Montreal without going to the underground shopping district, which is bigger than can be imagined (one guidebook points out that if the underground city were laid out in a...

Vietnamese Food Court

by G Wiv 18 years ago

Had lunch at the new Vietnamese Food Court today, this is the second time I have been and see an improvement in service and ordering procedure from my first visit. I had, as does seemingly every ot...

Preliminary report on Ba Mien, Viet Food Court on Argyle (much, much too long)

by titus wong 18 years ago

Ba Mien, the new Vietnamese food court as it styles itself, opened this Labor Day weekend in the old spot vacated by the Monaco restaurant/karaoke club on Broadway, half a block south of Argyle (t...

xian counter at flushing food court

by tracyk 18 years ago

Was out of town for 3 weeks and went this friday to find them closed! There was a sign in chinese, but couldn't find anyone to translate or explain whether they were on vacation or closed for good....

Sripraphai, flushing food court and fay da review

by jd 18 years ago

Just got back from the our third and final trip to the US open this year. We ate at Sripraphai twice and the food court on main st. once. Sripraphai was great and I have little add to the glowing...

Argyle Viet Food Court

by pdaane 18 years ago

UPDATE: I stopped by this morning on the way to the "el", the person who appeared to be the owner said they will be open for business next week. I can hardly wait. I saw what looked like a rot...

Flushing Food Court: Xian counter and HK Tasty Food

by MumonA 18 years ago

I dropped by the food court tonight to have some beef noodles from the Xian counter. However, they were closed. A hand-scrawled note dated Aug. 11 indicated that they would be on vacation for one...

New Argyle Food Court

by pdaane 18 years ago

Vietnamese Food Court The sign reads Vietnamese Food Court on a storefront next to the street entrance to the Argyle strip mall on Broadway. I've been waiting to see what will go in that building...

Vietnamese Food Court

by pdaane 18 years ago

Vietnamese Food Court The sign reads Vietnamese Food Court on a storefront next to the street entrance to the Argyle strip mall on Broadway. I've been waiting to see what will go in that buildin...

you should revisit the flushing food court

by babar ganesh 18 years ago

a couple months ago, the flushing food court seemed to be in decline -- open stalls, poor upkeep, more polished places moving in -- but i went back yesterday and saw a lot of promising changes. th...

Is Ramen King (Flushing Food Court) really Uighur food?

by flywheel 18 years ago

I went to the Flushing Court for the first time this week, and was really blown away by the hand-made noodles at the Ramen King stand. Many of the recipes are called "northwest style", but I'm wond...

Grand Central - downstairs food court

by steven 18 years ago

Just began a job on 42nd St. across from Grand Central Station. A co-worker took me to the downstairs food court yesterday. Spectacular. Never knew it was there. So many choices...I was overwhe...

Bambourgh Food Court

by neighborguy 18 years ago

This parking lot services more than just the supermarket and the Mcdonalds! Has anyone eaten here, besides at either of the Sam Woos? I would really appreciate any recommendations as an alternat...

Chinese food courts -- best dishes

by divirtual 18 years ago

I feel compelled to reveal my family's favourite Chinese take out -- not delivered -- food. (We're Chinese, so we have high standards!) At the Metro Square Food Court at 3636 Steeles Avenue East...

Flushing food court update, Xi'an counter

by Eric Eto 18 years ago

First, the bad news. The Shanghai Snack counter is no longer. It's being replaced by a Malaysian fast food counter called Asia Malaysia Cuisine. It didn't look quite open yet, but they were spre...

grand central food court...never been...

by bob in queens 18 years ago

good morning myself and some coworkers are all going to the food court @ g.c. today is there anything i shouldn't miss? is there thai there (i have a hankering for pad thai) i'd appreciate any inp...

flushing food court - back stall food/sandwich?

by tracyk 18 years ago

what are the sandwiches in that last stall at the flushing food court on the first level? they look like really thick scallion pancakes. i couldn't tell if they were for snacking or dipping or what...

bakery and noodle house hide a 2nd Main Street Food Court

by piney 18 years ago

on main street in flushing near 40th road (just south of the lirr station and on the same side of the street) are two adjoining storefronts. one is called mayflower bakery & cafe. the other is cal...

Super 88 Takeout and Food Court (LONG)

by ErstwhileEditor 19 years ago

I have been going to Super 88 at least two times per week for a while now, having promised my daughter I would get her coconut pearl tea on Mondays and Fridays. Hence, I have had an opportunity to...

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