Food Coloring

The Mysterious History of Red Velvet Cake

What exactly is in a real red velvet cake and where did it come from in the first place? Red velvet cake is an equal parts vivacious and mysterious confection with Southern...

Using food coloring to enhance colors when pickling

by ggeorgio 2 years ago

It's peak watermelon season here in sunny South Texas. Truck farmers, roadside stands, farmers markets are brimming with this iconic summertime treat. My family LOVES WATERMELON! Fat ones, skinny o...

Scarlet Powder

by evr 4 years ago

Hi everyone, I was intrigued by this powder that I found at a Chinese/Vietnamese grocery store. Anyone know what this is? It is brick red in colour and I found it where the alum and baking soda are...

Natural food coloring, black?

by Quita 14 years ago

I can't find any natural food coloring in black. I am coloring marzapan, which i already made and came out brown like almonds. HELP. i need to make my daughters's birthday cake for this weekend,...

Food coloring in peanut butter buttercream?

by jedik 6 years ago

I made a batch of chocolate stout beer cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream a few weeks ago and had a request from a friend that I make these for her baby shower. Of course she asked that I dec...

Bakeries using all-natural food coloring

by fashionistababy 7 years ago

Does anyone know of any bakeries that use all-natural food colorings -- besides Whole Foods? Loved the Whole Foods cake, but want to try a different bakery.

Best plant-based or natural food coloring for baking?

by cocomamba 9 years ago

I'm looking for a solid line of plant-based food coloring (powder coloring is preferable) for baking sweet treats. They seem to be rather difficult to find and I'm often skeptical of random powders...

food coloring Q for red velvet cake

by pammc 9 years ago

Hi, I'm supposed to make a red velvet cake, which I've never made before. Most recipes seem to call for a couple of tablespoons of red food coloring if not more, but don't specify what sort of f...

Should I add food coloring to my key lime pie?

by pharmnerd 13 years ago

I use a Cook's illustrated recipe for key lime pie (actually calls for regular limes instead) and it tastes good but barely has a tinge of green. Is this typical? Basically, whisk lime zest w/ eg...

Green Food Coloring

by lukfam 9 years ago

I would like to color an icing I am making to make "frog decorations" on a cake. Does anyone have any ideas as to what would work?

Food Coloring markers or pens

by ryuutchi 10 years ago

Hey y'all, I'm trying to find food coloring/food decorating markers, and have had no luck so far. Anyone have an idea of where to find these in San Francisco? (preferably SF proper-- I don't dr...

Natural Alternatives to Food Coloring?

by thursday 10 years ago

This was the first holiday season in which we've been avoiding food coloring for health reasons, and it was a little sad for me, especially the lack of red - no candy cane twist cookies, no pink ic...

Green food coloring?

by LaureltQ 10 years ago

I was recently cleaning out oft-unused items from my cupboards and ran across a great quantity of the liquid food coloring commonly available in grocery stores. I had 4 boxes of the 4 colors each,...

what's the natural source of food coloring: blue, purple, green, orange

by goute 11 years ago

I'm following a recipe ( http://www.wikimama.com/recipe/bento ) to dye onrigi (japanese rice ball) with rainbow colors. Yellow (curry) and red (beet) is easy, but I couldn't find out any inform...

Natural Food Coloring by Seelect?

by hazelnut_spread 12 years ago

Has anyone had any experience with this brand? This weekend, I plan on baking a Red Velvet Cake using their natural red food coloring (made of Hibiscus extract and beet powder extract). Does i...

Baking specialty stores/paste food coloring

by napthene 13 years ago

Hi: I'm trying to find paste food coloring, and have had no luck at Safeway, Draeger's or Andronico's: are there any baking specialty suppliers on the Peninsula that I could try?

Grass-fed cows' bright yellow butter and questions about food coloring

by grocerytrekker 14 years ago

The grass-fed cows' butter I tasted recently was sunny yellow due to natural carotene content. Now, I've seen some very yellow butter, good quality butter and otherwise. (Similar quality variati...

ideas for natural green food coloring

by YumTum 14 years ago

I'm making mint ice cream this weekend. Since it's St Paddy's Day and kids will be attending- ice cream needs to be green. I really hate the idea of adding artifical food coloring. I'm afraid that...

Kosher For Passover - food coloring

by kidsbooks 14 years ago

For reasons that only my boyfriend and his brother truly understand, I am in need of Blue food coloring that is Kosher for Passover. I can travel to any part of Manhattan to get it...and am totally...

A challenge: Fortune cookies and natural food coloring

by JoyM 15 years ago

OK, I have a clever idea for this year's church auction -- I'm going to make fortune cookies with funny little fortunes. (Like "You will bid on item #12," and "You will join several committees this...