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I Tried Whole Foods' Cauliflower Pizza Crust and Didn't Hate It

Cauliflower pizza crust is nothing new, but it's still popular (and divisive). Here's a review of Whole Foods' cauliflower pizza crust—and an option for making your own cauli crust at home. I’m of the...

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what dishes in spain typically contain nuts?

by moi 10 years ago

hi! i love CHOWHOUND! we are going to spain this summer and our son is allergic to nuts (tree nuts). Visiting madrid and barcelona. Trying to find out what dishes typically contain nuts (pine nuts,...

Special Diets: Restaurants, Shops & Local Products

by dinaofdoom 7 years ago

Starting this thread for those of us who can't eat everything any more. Low carb, low sodium, allergies, gluten sensitivity, you name it. Let's talk about accommodating restaurants, and wher...

Making yellow cake mix with club soda??

by trolley 10 years ago

i another post someone mentioned making cake from a mix by simply adding just club soda and nothing else. does it work? i've been trying to find a decent yellow/vanilla cake recipe that does no...

Allergic reaction to fruit acid

by margoladybug 6 years ago

I am 43 and have all a sudden been having a reaction to certain fruits. Basically the only fruits I can eat are: bananas, melons, apples, and pears. Does anybody know what to do because berries are...

London next week, upscale but not high end nor set menu

by ceekskat 6 years ago

We are a family of four from San Francisco including 16 & 19 yr old girls staying at The Soho Hotel for 3 nights. Prefer a place which takes dinner reservations & has a la carte menu due to shellf...

Food allergies: When and how did you develop them?

by tonina_mdc 11 years ago

I was on a different thread and the issue of food allergies came up unexpectedly. Now I'm rather curious. I know people can and do develop food allergies later in life and lose those they had as ch...

Tree nut allergy at Cape Cod restaurants

by mpd 6 years ago

I'm heading to Cape Cod, lower cape area, i.e., Harwich, Chatham, Dennis, Orleans, with my grandson who is allergic to tree nuts. Has anyone had any luck finding a secure restaurant? Mthanks.

Pinot Grigio vs. Riesling with Allergies

by courtabella 13 years ago

I just wanted to throw this question out there. A few years ago I developed an allergy to alcohol. As a wine lover I decided not to give up, and to try again. I tried a few different Pinot's wit...

Special education teachers and parents, do you think doctors often get carried away with spefial diets for children with autism and adhd??

by krissyafite 6 years ago

Am I thebonly one who feel this way? Excuse my por typing, im on a touch screen. I feel like drs automatically assume if a child has autism they are alergic to milk and wheat. I am all for a more n...

Bakeries that don't use malted barley flour or malt?

by tazia 6 years ago

I've been recently diagnosed with a barley allergy and was horrified to learn that means I am going to have to abstain from most breads and baked goods outside the home, since many flour blends inc...

Nut Allergic Travelling

by Travlingmom 6 years ago

I'm looking for information about travelling in Europe with a peanut and tree nut allergy. We are deciding between Spain, Italy, Greece. Which country would be easier to travel to with a peanut a...

Please Help - Fresh Ideas for Someone with Herb/Spice Allergies

by cecropia 6 years ago

A family member has had allergic reactions for years without being able to pinpoint the cause... and it's a complicated back story... but it turns out that when he avoids anything in the mint famil...

Itchy skate wing question and possible Roche Bros. downhill alert

Bob Dobalina
by Bob Dobalina 6 years ago

Hi everyone - the fish the first couple of weeks at the new Roche Bros. at DTX was beautiful. Stuff looked really choice. But last couple of visits, the stuff has looked really second rate. All the...

Gluten-free in Piedmont

by susannac 6 years ago

I follow a strict gluten-free diet and am also very allergic to pine nuts. I will be traveling to the Piedmont region for the first time in one week (Turin and then to La Morra for 2 nights). I am...

What's wrong with "milk containing celery" as an ingredient?

by ratgirlagogo 6 years ago

We bought a jar of Thomy's Sweet Mustard at Euro Market here in Queens. It looks like this: http://www.germandeli.com/Thomy-Ser-Senf-im-Glas-Sweet-Mustard-in-Glass-250ml.html This is the ingred...

On peanut allergies and peanut exposures and the joy of Bamba

by cresyd 6 years ago

New day, new food study. This one is showing that early exposure to peanuts helps in suppressing/preventing/whatevering peanut allergies. This study started with looking at Jewish children of sim...

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