Food Allergies

These Healthy Halloween Treats Are Scary Good

Halloween just wouldn't be the same without certain things, like costumes, or scary movies. And Halloween candy is a must, for sure. But it's not necessary to consume a frightening amount of sugar...

Different green edibles that are not in the mustard family?

by GrammyKH 25 days ago

I just found out I have a food allergy to the Mustard Family Brassicas. I have been eating Kale, Broccoli, Arugula, etc., thinking it was healthy for me. Come to find out it has been causing inflam...

Pho Attack

by danna 10 years ago

I ate a nice bowl of Pho Tai about an hour ago. About the time I finished slurping it up, I felt this WEIRD sensation. Like my head was being compressed. From my collarbones, up my neck and into...

Looking for unflavored gelatin and citric acid

by elg97477 6 months ago

I am looking for unflavored gelatin and citric acid products from legitimate companies. I am aware of the Knox brand, but, unfortunately, it is packaged and processed in a facility containing pe...

I need some serious help!!!

by jritz 11 months ago

My girlfriend was born with many food allergies, and I’m trying to find some recipes that cater to her needs. Her allergies include: Peanuts Nuts Eggs Wheat Seeds Sesame seeds Edamame Fish...

Clausthaler, my favorite non-alcoholic, non-GMO, non-propylene glycol beer

by sweet100s 8 months ago

In my old Chowhound topic linked below, I was trying to find out which beers definitely don't contain propylene glycol because it causes my skin to char and because (amazing but true because of t...

bizarre cheese-mouth reaction

by messycook 15 years ago

The weirdest thing happened the other day....I ate a bite of some appelenzer (spelling?) and my mouth almost instantly felt itchy and then after a few minutes it felt like it had many tiny cuts in ...

Gluten free and dairy free Myrtle Beach

by rachelstuckey 9 months ago

I will be attending a conference next week 03/20-03/24 in Myrtle Beach. I have recently been advised that I must be gluten and dairy free for health reasons. Any recommendations in the area that ...

Zucchini and Stomach Pain

by AngMacgill 12 months ago

I have found that sometimes when I eat zucchini I get horrible stomach pains. Other times I'm fine. I have tried paying close attention to what I am eating and how it is cooked. The only common den...

ISO pie recipes that don't use cinnamon/nutmeg and the like or stonefruit

by ebenay 1 year ago

I know I could just omit these items, but I tend to like making recipes exactly how they're meant to be if they're known to be particularly good. That said, due to food allergies by Thanksgiving at...

New allergy, need help with recipes (Benzoic Acid, Cinnamates, and Balsam of Peru)

by Rambutan2000 6 years ago

My wife was recently diagnosed with a number of food allergies. Not life-threatening, but the effects do seriously impact quality of life. We are hoping that the right diet will help. Sadly, t...

Flour substitutes for MTHFR (no folic acid)?

by heykatieben 1 year ago

Does anyone know of a guide (or what you do?) for white flour substitutes for an MTHFR diet (avoiding folic acid)? For some things, oats or almond flours will work - what flour do you use for bakin...

Substitutions for sesame oil

by MightyThor 1 year ago

Sesame oil is used in a lot of dishes I enjoy making like stir fry and the like, but my daughter is allergic to sesame. Is there anything to sub that will be similar? I use extra virgin olive oil f...

Recommendations for person with food allergies

by kbeachy46 1 year ago

My wife is allergic to wheat, mustard, shellfish, nuts, and cloves. Although these foods create an anaphylactic reaction which requires drug intervention to limit her body's response, she has agree...

Desperate for make-ahead or easy prep real foods

by CollectingRecipes 2 years ago

Our household's dynamics is making for a difficult menu planning combination. We went to a dietitian actually offering menu planning and received a printout of the new food pyramid called MyPlate. ...

Soup ideas

by Rebel46 2 years ago

Am interested in making soup though not sure where to start. Have made Chicken soup from carcasses and giblets, along with Tomato soup from Passata (albeit from branches without citric acid) yet lo...

Family trip to Barcelona with allergies

by selena03 2 years ago

We will be travelling to Barcelona (from Vancouver) this March with 2 children (6,11) who have food allergies to peanuts, pistachios, cashews, chickpeas, lentils, sesame, and buckwheat. We were ...

Egg Free Recipes, Low Carb.

by DavyLeo 2 years ago

Hey All. So after finding out about an egg allergy, yes even free range, organic, grass fed magical eggs ;( I have removed them from my food regime. Which is low carb, grass fed finished meats etc....

Family trip to Paris with allergies

by selena03 2 years ago

We will be travelling to Paris (from Vancouver) this March with 2 children (6, 11) who have food allergies to peanuts, pistachios, cashews, chickpeas, lentils, sesame, and buckwheat. We were in ...

NOLA with a shellfish allergy!

by teamkitty 4 years ago

Help! Would love suggestions of dishes and restaurants where there is no shellfish. I love it, but it now closes my throat(!). We love good food, and are more interested in local quality than fancy...

Chocolate and ice cream without vanilla - please help!

by jaina_rose 2 years ago

I just found out I am allergic to vanilla and that consuming vanilla has been causing a LOT of stomach issues for me. However, I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, especially for chocolate and ice cream! I ...