Food Allergies

Pho Attack

by danna 8 years ago

I ate a nice bowl of Pho Tai about an hour ago. About the time I finished slurping it up, I felt this WEIRD sensatio...


helgadeux commented 5 days ago

Pie crust but without anything delicious

by socentury 1 month ago

Hey all! I've foolishly given myself the task of a pie for my family for Christmas, and I was hoping to do just one p...


CollectingRecipes commented 17 days ago

Desperate for make-ahead or easy prep real foods

by CollectingRecipes 4 months ago

Our household's dynamics is making for a difficult menu planning combination. We went to a dietitian actually offerin...


CollectingRecipes commented 19 days ago

What can I substitute for potato & rice flours?

by Devonviolet 3 months ago

I am trying to find a light, gluten free flour mix, that I can use for flaky biscuits and pie crust. But, so far have...

KitchenBarbarian commented 2 months ago

New allergy, need help with recipes (Benzoic Acid, Cinnamates, and Balsam of Peru)

by Rambutan2000 4 years ago

My wife was recently diagnosed with a number of food allergies. Not life-threatening, but the effects do seriously i...


ItchyScratchy commented 2 months ago

Onion Allergy

by CraigMurray 4 months ago

Hello all, I am brand new here. I am looking for alternatives for the onion family. Any color or variation, inc...

HeidiCooksSupper commented 3 months ago

Handling food allergies and intolerances out in the great beyond

by ChervilGeorge 10 months ago

Curious how all the foodies out there manage their food allergies/intolerances when away from home. I know for me it...


CollectingRecipes commented 4 months ago

Chocolate and ice cream without vanilla - please help!

by jaina_rose 5 months ago

I just found out I am allergic to vanilla and that consuming vanilla has been causing a LOT of stomach issues for me....

Ttrockwood commented 5 months ago

Egg, Garlic allergy!

by DavyLeo 6 months ago

So I found out a week I have egg and garlic, whey allergy. After stopping eating them I feel much better. But alas, s...


MikeG commented 5 months ago

bizarre cheese-mouth reaction

by messycook 13 years ago

The weirdest thing happened the other day....I ate a bite of some appelenzer (spelling?) and my mouth almost instantl...

fldhkybnva commented 5 months ago

Almond Extract and Nut Allergy

by SaraASR 9 years ago

Does anyone know if people who are allergic to nuts (like almonds) also have an allergy to Almond Extract. I am makin...


tinagill commented 7 months ago

Replace Sesame in Spice Mix

by Nadybl 12 months ago

My son is allergic to sesame. So you could say it's fairly simple, when I encounter sesame, tahini or sesame oil in ...


salsailsa commented 9 months ago

Nut free macarons in Paris?

by anaticulae 1 year ago

My two girls are both severely allergic to all tree nuts and peanuts. But, they are fascinated with macarons and I wo...

John Talbott commented 10 months ago

Red wine allergy

by kathyph 10 months ago

I seem to have developed a red wine allergy. Even Rose' makes me deathly ill. It used to give me migraines but now, w...


kathyph commented 10 months ago

Which USA-domestic beers contain propylene glycol?

by sweet100s 4 years ago

Does anyone happen to have already researched which domestic beers contain propylene glycol? I have developed an ...


Yeahthatsright commented 11 months ago

Food Elimination/Substitutions

by brilynn79 1 year ago

I had some testing that revealed many intolerances and am going to start eliminating. I mostly rely on take out and p...


Paris57 commented 11 months ago

Egg-free cake ideas

by acdashw 12 months ago

Does anyone here have ideas for baking a cake without using eggs? My son, whom I'm breast-feeding, has an egg allergy...

ninrn commented 11 months ago

Lisbon without onions

by alpha_ori 1 year ago

My wife and I will be traveling to Portugal for the first time in November. We’ll be splitting a week between Lisbon...


pshelley commented 1 year ago

Tokyo with peanut and soy allergies. PLEASE HELP!!

by AllergyMom 10 years ago

My husband, our two daughters and I are planning to visit Tokyo next Spring. Here’s the problem: my daughters are all...


bonnielo commented 1 year ago

Extremely weird butternut squash reaction

by Nyleve 13 years ago

Ok this was so weird. I know it's happened to me before, so it's not just a one-time thing but I just can't figure ou...


fism commented 1 year ago