Are Whole-Wheat and All-Purpose Flour Interchangeable?

If you’re in the middle of mixing up a batch of muffins, can you substitute whole-wheat flour instead of the all-purpose flour that the recipe calls for? The short answer: no. Whole-wheat flour makes...

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ISO Organic Whole Grains for Home Flour Milling

by Arlo48 2 years ago

I'm a home bread baker. I'm considering buying a mill to start milling my flour. Does anyone know of a good resource in Northern CA for buying organic grains, including heirloom (red fife, turkey r...

Rye Flour NYC

by Fritz 2 years ago

Been having trouble finding 5lb rye flour of late. Any stores in Manhattan stocked?

Organic Bread Flour delivered?

by alhanson 2 years ago

I'm looking to buy organic bread flour - white, whole wheat, rye - online and have it delivered to my home outside Midland, Ontario. Can anyone suggest a supplier? Thanks so much!

Fine Wheat Flour?

by lacoet55 2 years ago

I’m working my way through the recipes in Erick Kayser’s Larousse Book of Bread, in some of the recipes he lists fine whole wheat flour as one of the ingredients. Unfortunately, there is no explana...

Dutch-processed cocoa powder and baking powder proportion

by winzee 3 years ago

Hey guys! I’ve been trying to bake a chocolate cake, it rises quite high then when it cooled, it seems to sink in the center and becomes quite densed. They key ingredients that I want to seek advi...

Chestnut flour recipe ideas?

by MadameC 3 years ago

Hello and Bonne Année (happy new year) from France! I have a lovely supply of local organic Chestnut Flour but am looking for ideas (ideally savoury) to use it. I have successfully used it to repl...

What to do with Self-rising flour?

Katie Nell
by Katie Nell 15 years ago

I accidentally bought self-rising flour instead of all-purpose... what can I use it for? I googled a bit, and it doesn't seem like much! Does anyone have any fabulous recipes that I have to make ...

Flour substitutes for MTHFR (no folic acid)?

by heykatieben 3 years ago

Does anyone know of a guide (or what you do?) for white flour substitutes for an MTHFR diet (avoiding folic acid)? For some things, oats or almond flours will work - what flour do you use for bakin...

Beet flour

by okkevindonna 3 years ago

I have 8 lbs. of blended beets left over from juicing. I am baking at 300 degrees to dry.. then grind up to make flour!

I discarded too much starter and I panicked. Did I ruin it?

by Chandler114 3 years ago

Today is day 5 of my sourdough starter. I'm using King Arthur whole wheat flour (except on day 3 when I used all purpose but I've been using wheat since.) Last night and this morning it had a ve...

White Lily AP Flour in Manhattan or Brooklyn?

by davisesq212 4 years ago

I know this has been brought up before but its been a few years....has anyone found White Lily flour in Manhattan? I see I can order it now for pickup at Walmart in Valley Stream but was hoping fo...

Double 00 Flour

by corin 3 years ago

Does anyone know of a place where I can buy Double 00 Flour. I have bought a small amount (2kg) from Loblaws. I'm looking to buy a larger volume as I'm hoping it would be more cost effective. I'm i...

ISO Fresh milled flour in Toronto

by andmyr30 4 years ago

I am looking for freshly milled flour around Toronto,packaged is also ok,but it has to be from Ontario, preferably with a date on them, either hard wheat flour,whole wheat,or rye. Thanks

Self raising vs self rising flour

by eenie1 5 years ago

Is it British vs American terminology or is there actually a difference?

TJ White WW Flour - who makes it? Anyone bake sourdough with it?

by Arlo48 4 years ago

Does anyone know who mills this flour? I tried making a 100% whole wheat sourdough bread with it and could not get the gluten development I wanted. I then tried Bob's Red Mill Ivory (Organic), and ...

Flour: Bleached vs. Unbleached

by rockycat 14 years ago

Ignoring differences among brands and protein levels, does it make it difference in your end results if you bake with either bleached or unbleached flour?

Uses for Blue Corn flour?

by Cflower5 4 years ago

I bought some blue corn flour (not cornmeal) in Santa Fe. I thought I could make cornbread with it but after looking up it looks like it is to make some kind of drink or porriage with it which I do...

Graham Flour?

by Querencia 4 years ago

Does anyone happen to know whether graham flour also goes by another name? I want to make my great-grandma's Graham Muffins but am not finding graham flour anywhere. Is it the same as whole wheat f...

Suggestion for easy-to-find replacement for chapati atta flour

by charlesherold 5 years ago

After years of not very rigorous experimentation, I determined that the best flour for a good multigrain pancake was half whole wheat and half the chapati atta flour I bought at the Indian grocery ...

Commodity Flour vs King Arthur

by zackly 4 years ago

Here’s a question for someone who knows about wheat flour. I generally buy either King Arthur or Hecker’s flour but will buy Gold Medal when deeply discounted. Am I wasting my money? I know KA flou...