Florida Keys

A Bite-Size Stop in the Florida Keys

Planning a stop in the Florida Keys? Here’s where to eat, drink, and stay, and what to see and do. I remember my first visit to the Florida Keys like it was yesterday. I was a young journalist on an...

Turtle Kraals - Key West

by mikeyewing 1 year ago

Hello, Does anyone have, or know where to find the drink menu for Turtle Kraals in Key West? Thanks

Any new Key West food recommendations?

by dudleycat 1 year ago

Posts seem to be a year old or more. Will be there for a month. No car to travel with. Did the same last year. Just wondering if there is anything new. Upscale and downscale. Lunch and dinner. Eve...

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Key west theme party for end of july

by ZoeyCovey 1 year ago

We have wanted to do a key west themed party this summer so we’ve been brain storming ideas of what we should have. Please comment, add ideas or nix ideas. Specialty cocktails 1. Mojito 2....

Islamorada. Florida

by Barbarella 4 years ago

Leaving in a week for the Keys. Staying in Islamorada 7 days. How about some restaurant ideas.. Looking for seafood mainly...

Looking for a great lunch with Key lime pie on drive to Key West

by nyperr 3 years ago

I saw so many superb posts about Ma's Fish Camp and it appears to have closed. Can anyone recommend something similar? Just a great fresh fish sandwich and the best Key lime pie...doesn't need to...

Key West Dinner for a crowd - 12 people

by rubylewct 2 years ago

I am coming to Key West for work and need to plan two dinners, with 10-12 people. Good food, not fancy -fun and casual is also good - outdoor seating is event better if possible. Want to make a r...

Key West Fine Dining with Local Flavor

by nyperr 3 years ago

We are going to be in Key West for only one evening and looking for the BEST example of the Keys. We like chefs who use fresh local ingredients with creativity. Quality is more important than pri...

Restaurants in and near Islamorada

by Barbarella 4 years ago

Headed to Islamorada mid April and need some updates on which restaurants are your favorites. We will be renting a car and can drive around the vacinity. Looking for local as well as upscale seafoo...

Visiting Key West - Restaurant Suggestions?

by DCRandy 3 years ago

My wife and I visit Key West once or twice a year and find that we typically dine at the same three or four restaurants. The Marquesa is (in our opinion) the best restaurant on the island. The me...

Drive from Miami to Key West

by dining with doc 3 years ago

driving on Xmas day from miami to key west. what will be open for stops along the way. need food and other interesting stops.

What's it like in Key West post-Irma?

by dcbbq 4 years ago

We're headed to Key West for Christmas, and wonder what to expect. Are all of the restaurants and hotels back up and running? Which are not?

Two lunches and two dinners in Islamorada and Key West

by ZenFoodist 4 years ago

We will be in these areas for the upcoming weekend and am wondering if there are any not to be missed spots? Haven't been in over a decade and just remember a solid but not outstanding meal at the ...

Castaways in Marathon

by ZenFoodist 4 years ago

Last night one of my favorite things that sometimes (with some luck) happen in new places happened: we found a total gem by accident. After Key West's Sunset Celebration we wanted to eat at either ...

Key West - Outdoor Seating - Italian / Seafood recs needed

by fishermb 5 years ago

Despite living just a few hours away in Miami, I've spent next to no time in Key West, we usually just wind up with day trips to Key Largo. In a month I'll be going with my wife and dog for a weeke...

Stock Island-- Keys

by Barbarella 5 years ago

Headed to Stock Island in a month. Need to know which seafood and steak restaurants should not be missed. We are there for a week. Have a car and would like to find some really nice spots to dine.

Anything new on Siesta Key or SRQ in 2016?

by JohnnyGe 5 years ago

Will be heading to Siesta Key this weekend for 10 days and wanted to check in and see if anything noteworthy has popped up in Siesta Key or environs. Both lunch and dinner venues are being consider...

Islamorada and key west

by Barbarella 5 years ago

Finally here and I need some recs for dinner and lunch. Looking for fish... Lots of it.

NY foodies headed to Key West / Miami

by Gup 5 years ago

April 21-24. We have been to Mia, but never Key West. Any recs on what are must eats in Key West? meeting up with friends, so we will be a party of 5. Open to all cuisines and all $ to $$$$...

Key West end of January

by dudleycat 6 years ago

Looking for really good dinners and an excellent breakfast place or two. My husband and I. New York City native, so I am spoiled. Will be staying for a week. I am a veggie who eats fish. Guess...

Planning dinner for 12 in May in Key West

by Ineverwrit 5 years ago

I am looking for suggestions of places I might have missed in my research. I am planning a rehearsal dinner for 12 people in late May. It will be a Friday night. I am in the process of calling...