Best Wor Su Gai/Almond Boneless Chicken?

by DarkRose 2 years ago

Hey, Hounds! I’m returning home to Michigan after more than a decade away, and I’m DYING for my favorite regional Chinese dish, Wor Su Gai/Almond Boneless Chicken! My go-to place was always Wah...

Restaurants for dinner in Flint?

by aljones18 4 years ago

We are spending the night in Flint, MI tonight and we are looking for a good restaurant for dinner. I heard 501 bar and grill was good but after reading reviews I am a little wary. We are pretty op...

Flint favorites

by midwesterner 5 years ago

I have a few local favorites I would like to make at home so I am hoping to find recipes. Maybe some former restaurant employees could help? Here's my list: Mai Tai at Empress of China House sa...

Fifty Years - DTW

by rainsux 9 years ago

What Detroit restaurants have endured fifty, count'm 50, years - or more? My list, in no particular order: Scotty Simpson's (Fish & Chips), 1950 Marcus (Burgers), 1929 Gonellas (Subs), 194x...

Detroit and flint

by salesgirl19 6 years ago

Flying to Detroit next week. Looking for a spot for lunch downtown or on the way to downtown from the airport. Then staying in Southfield and need dinner, breakfast and lunch. Then driving to Flint...

Flint, MI restaurant suggestions for brunch and Asian cuisine

by Msviolatordm 7 years ago

Moved to the Flint, MI area back in late April and still looking for a brunch spot and Asian restaurants (not Chinese). Mainly looking for a great Korean restaurant. I still fulfill my cravings b...

Recipe for Flint-style Coney Islands [moved to Home Cooking board]

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 7 years ago

sarahjanet posted: "I work with Viking Books and thought you all might enjoy this recipe from Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good, which is a memoir about the author's experiences growing up in Michiga...

Flint/Grand Blanc, MI food

by GrueLurks 7 years ago

I'm working in the Flint/Grand Blanc, MI area these days and am on the lookout for some good lunch suggestions. Greasy spoons, independent sub shops, pizza joints, etc...


by pinkishfloyd 8 years ago

So I was up in Flint a for a fantastic "Punk Rock Rummage Sale", looking for something good to eat when I stumbled upon what looked like a fast-food joint called Freakin' Unbelievable Burgers & Fri...

Detroit Metro, north to Flint

by walkoda 8 years ago

Any good restaurants in between Detroit airport and Flint? Looking for maybe something Americana as there will be a picky eater amongst us. But open for other suggestions as well. It will be lun...

Flint Michigan, good eats?

by cab 9 years ago

I have to be in Flint over a weekend in July for work. Any good places to eat, preferably near the Flint Arts center? Any kind of food/price range OK, I am just trying to find out what my options w...

Flint Style Coney Island's in Canton / Plymouth Area - need suggestions please!

by melpadilla 9 years ago

Can anyone suggest a place to get a "Flint, MI" style Coney Island? This is the dry chili topping and preferably a Koegel hot dog. I'll be visiting the Canton, Plymouth, Ann Arbor area in a coupl...

Healthy Food in Flint?

by Sundancer 9 years ago

We're in the Flint area for 10 days without any access to cooking. Since we're eating all three meals out, any suggestions for restaurants in the area that are good options for fresh, healthy food ...

Gift certificate for the best restaurant in the Tri-City area of Bay City, Saginaw and even Flint

by zinfanatic 10 years ago

We want to purchase a gift certificate for dining at a good restaurant (nice atmosphere good food) for friends in this area. We are from California so need help in choosing a nice dining restaurant.

Polish in Flint

by Bob Foster 10 years ago

San Diego Chowhound coming to Michigan for a few days this summer. Is there a great Polish restaurant in/near Flint?

Flint...any good Mexican and/or pizza joints left?

by walkoda 11 years ago

Will be visiting Flint, grew up there. From the Davison, Genesee area and looking for good mexican and good pizza. Live in FL and have a hard time finding either.

Auto museum road trip-Auburn, Shipshewana, South Bend, Hickory Corners, Lansing, Flint

by estarae 11 years ago

Looking for any and all restaurant suggestions along our antique auto museum road trip route. We are going from the Detroit airport to Auburn In, then to Shipshewana, South Bend, up to Hickory Cor...

Caribbean/Jamaican Food in Saginaw/Bay City/Flint?

by tokyo 11 years ago

I'm looking for a Caribbean market in the vicinity of the Saginaw/Bay area, including Flint. Someplace that would carry authentic Jamaican spices, in particular. Also, are there any hole-in-the-w...

Good eats in Gains or Flint Michigan?

by jackiecat 11 years ago

I have a friend coming to Gains Michigan this Sunday. Any good eats in the area?

Flint MI

by ride2food 12 years ago

looking for a good steak in the Flint MI. area. ride2food