That's a Wrap: The World's Best Handheld Meals & How to Make Them All at Home

Wraps are a much healthier alternative to fast food and one of the easiest things to make at home. Versatile for picnics, road trips, and office lunches, wraps are portable, quick, and hearty. They...

Keep homemade pita Lebanese bread soft and more questions about the process?

by cgxy96 13 days ago

I miss the thin Lebanese bread but have since moved to another country where I can’t get any. I’ve tried making lebanese bread 3 times and have no issue getting them to puff up. 1. How do I keep...

Flatbread Pizza Crust

by zackly 2 months ago

I saw Jacques Pepin making a smoked salmon "pizza" using store bough flatbread pizza crust last week so I looked for some. I found this product made by Brooklyn Bred at Trader Joe's and it was exc...

Chapli and Bolani @ Naan and Kabob Bazaar in Antioch

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Last year I was in the far East Bay on September 11. For my annual tradition of eating a halal meal to mark the day, stand against bigotry, and support a Muslim-American business, I ordered Afghani...

Store Bought Flatbread for Pizza?

by zackly 5 years ago

My wife wants me to prepare a flatbread pizza cocktail party for a group of her friends. I may have to make my own dough if I can't find a good commercially available flatbread. Can anyone reccomen...

Baghdad Bakery's (Cary, NC) flatbread makes great pizza

by bbqme 6 years ago

I've stopped buying pizza dough or making my own. Baghdad Bakery makes this thin flatbread that is around 14" in diameter and I've discovered that it makes great pizza! I have a 15" cast iron gridd...

Restaurant in San Leo

by TravelG 6 years ago

Can anybody recommend a good restaurant in San Leo, Rimini? We are going to visit the castle around Easter time and I'm looking for somewhere to go for lunch. I will be driving so anywhere within ...

Dosas, Injira and other Fermented Flat Breads

by seefox 6 years ago

Hey, I am moving off of a from-scratch tortilla obsession and starting up with dosas. I've made a version of Injira for a long time (basically sourdough with teff flour, though I don't claim mine c...

Freezing chapatis (Indian flatbread)

by andrewesque 6 years ago

I'm planning on making chapatis (an Indian whole-wheat flatbread with just flour, oil and water) tonight with the linked Telegraph recipe. I'd like to make the full quantity of 16 to save on work, ...

Mexican leavened tortillas--what are these called?

by scoyart 6 years ago

I was browsing through a long, bumped thread on flour vs. corn tortillas, and it reminded me of these delightful tacos I had in a hole-in-the wall restaurant in Monticello, Indiana. I don't know w...

farinata/faina chickpea flour flatbread

by lagatta 6 years ago

This is the version from Liguria (northwestern Italy along the coast, largest city Genova). http://memoriediangelina.com/2013/06/23/farinata-genovese-genovese-chickpea-flatbread/#.Vbp1WkVjdFU ...

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