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Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Weigh in on the discussion about the Five Guys burger chain, plus read up on tips from Chowhounds on where the next locations are opening (or closing) around the country.


by BuckCarnell 5 years ago

Went to the Chattanooga Gunbarrel Road location of Five Guys this afternoon to get what I consider a really good b...


RobertJBiggs commented 8 months ago

five guys burger sucks

by RCTRIPLEFRESH5 9 years ago

5 guys is a fucking ripoff. i heard so much hype about five guys burgers it cost me 9 bucks for a double cheeseburge...


medtran49 commented 1 year ago

5 guys burgers :pro's and cons

by Kbear919 12 years ago

Was wondering if people could list 2 pro's and 2 cons about 5 guys famous burgers and fries. Also do you know any of ...


LadyJane commented 1 year ago

Five Guys Burgers Vs McDonald's

by sanchezkk 1 year ago

I live in Southern Indiana. I wanted to know the pros and cons of Five Guys Burgers Vs McDonald's. What do you guys...

masha bousha

masha bousha commented 1 year ago

Oh My Dayum Five Guys Burgers And Fries

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

While I do agree that the fries have "crispety crunch", I'm not as taken with the cheeseburger as this reviewer.


Querencia commented 2 years ago

5 guys? Is it really that good?

by beauxgoris 10 years ago

We're looking for a decent (cheap eat) burger. I keep hearing about 5 guys - is it worth it?


Wallaganoosh commented 2 years ago

Five Guys Burger Cajun Spice Ingridients

by ThePowerUp 4 years ago

Does anyone know what Five Guys puts in its cajun spice seasoning? I'm wanting to replicate it at home, and am wonder...


shallots commented 3 years ago

Five Guys vs. In-N-Out

by hotdoglover 11 years ago

I live in New Jersey and recently Five Guys started opening franchises here. In my opinion they make the best fast fo...


gfr1111 commented 3 years ago

5 Guys vs. In & Out... Time for a simple vote

by 90024 3 years ago

There have been so many discussions about which is best, I think it's time for a simple vote. Either vote '5G' o...

John E.

John E. commented 3 years ago

New Fries Size At Five Guys!

by MikeR 5 years ago

For at least ten years, I've been complaining, both here and by e-mail to Five Guys that their small order of French ...


Hobbert commented 3 years ago

Five Guys in Old Saybrook

by DonShirer 3 years ago

I noticed that they were putting a Five Guys burger into the BigY shopping center near the corner of Rt. 1 and Rt 166...


BiscuitBoy commented 3 years ago

5 Guys does SUCK

by dexxa 7 years ago

Went to 5 Guys today for the first time. Paid $12 for a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a coke. The Burger was OK, noth...


alwayshungrygal commented 3 years ago

Five Guys Cheese- Brand?

by scott123 8 years ago

I went to Five Guys yesterday, and, although I wasn't all that impressed by the fries, the cheese on the cheeseburger...


ebchower commented 4 years ago

Five Guys vs. In-N-Out? [moved from Los Angeles board]

by EarlyBird 7 years ago

All, The scuttlebutt is true: Five Guys, the famous burger chain on the East Coast, is putting up a shop in Westw...


pinbrules commented 4 years ago

FIVE GUYS - Mayonnaise Brand?

by DannyMcCaffrey 5 years ago

I already asked, and was already told, and already forgot. But I'll be damned if it isn't better than all others. ...

The Professor

The Professor commented 4 years ago

Five Guys, Broad St/35 Shrewsbury, NJ

by jrvedivici 5 years ago

I have only eaten 5 Guys one other time when my wife brought it home unbeknownst to be where the burgers were from, I...


Tom34 commented 5 years ago

New Five Guys Burgers Location coming soon!

by jmarcroyal 8 years ago

I grabbed some Five Guys today and I asked the guy taking my order if any ither locations are coming, and to my surpr...


Herne commented 5 years ago

A Five Guys Vow

by Vinnie Vidimangi 5 years ago

The peanuts were bad again. But I couldn't help myself. I still ate a scoop of them. I need the calories like I need ...


stephen commented 5 years ago

Five Guys has opened in North Yonkers

by foodiemom10583 5 years ago

This is the one behind Best Buy and next to Pathmark on Central Avenue. They were serving as early as 10:30 am today.


foodiemom10583 commented 5 years ago