From salmon to battered cod tacos, find top recipes and tips for cooking fish and ask Chowhounds where to eat the best fish dishes in restaurants near you.

18 Seafood Recipes for the BBQ to Help You Conquer Your Fish Grilling Fears

It's high time to learn how to grill fish and seafood—and our best recipes for grilled fish, shrimp, and more will get you where you need to go. Grilling season is synonymous with summer, but really...

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by Steve 21 years ago

It will be my birthday soon, and I am thinking of these two places. I have never been to either, and am interested in suggestions and opinions. I never used to eat fish (probably because I never ha...

Fish Burritos

by jaimesol 21 years ago

Was down in Ensenada recently and had some really good "Baja-style" fish tacos and burritos, i.e, lightly battered with a mayonnaise-based sauce. After crossing the border, I found that the same d...

Carroll Gardens Fish and Meat Stores etc...

by Brendan T. 21 years ago

I've lived in Carroll Gardens for about half a year now and I've come to really enjoy getting a bagel at Bagels by the Park, getting produce at the health food store on Union, getting bread at Mazz...

freezing gefilte fish

by Phil Rose 21 years ago

My wife went overboard and made a truckload of salmon gefilte fish. I assume freezing is OK. What's best method of defrosting? Thanks.

marshall's smoke fish outlet

by andrew reibman 21 years ago

I keep passing this place on the BQE. Its on the east side a little south of the Kosciuskco bridge. (I believe that's the edge of Williamsburg there, not sure - Brooklyn experts will correct me, I'...

fish at the beach

by Deborah 21 years ago

Would you all share recommendations for fish at the beach? My ideal is cheap, fresh, plain, and outdoors. Oh, and tonight. Which eliminates Malibu Fish and Seafood, which I was tempted to try fol...

fresh fish

by Sarah 22 years ago

Hi, I just moved to Chicago and I am wondering if anyone knows a good fishmonger in this city; a place where one could buy really fresh tuna and swordfish and interesting seafoods. I am also seeki...

Best Places To Buy Fresh Fish??

by Ric Zoon 21 years ago

Hi There I would be greatful for suggestions on the best places to buy Fish. I'm sure there are numerous places but I live in the West 50's, so anywhere on the West including the village would b...

Real Fish & Chips

by Sean 21 years ago

Who knows where to find real British-style fish & chips in/around NYC? I mean a big piece of battered cod and thick greasy chips with salt & vinegar served in a piece of newspaper. So bad it's good!

Vietnamese Fish Dish

by Helen 21 years ago

Here's a question that arose from Sat. nite's meal at Pho Bac (in Elmhust, Queens, for those who don't follow that board.) Hoping for help in solving a mystery -- an apparent disconnect between wh...

nice fish pie

by klinsmann 21 years ago

Well I have been over here for a few months and i really need some nice fish pie like i got in england. It should be juicy and a a nice fishy aroma. I really like the italian version poonami.

Care for some steamaed fish lips with black beans sauce?

by Lisa Antinore 23 years ago

Sautering about Main Street after an appointment with my gastrointerologist in search of something picante to wake up my numb, post-endoscopy taste buds (happy,happy, joy,joy) I stumbled upon the n...

Crispy, Sweet & Sour Whole Fish -- Where are you!?

by josh 21 years ago

About ten years ago I used to go to a restaurant on East Broadway called Hang Zhou Lu (not sure of spelling). The restaurant closed awhile ago. They made a fantastic crispy, sweet and sour whole fi...

opinions on naked fish restuarant

by anisha 21 years ago

went to naked fish restaurant this weekend. i want to know other's opinions before i post mine, at the risk of sounding hyper-negative.

red sauce italian-sf/also plain fresh fish

by adamstoler 21 years ago

here i try again-can anyone recommend a true redsauce italian place that serves old stanbys-albeit freshened up-in the city? and how about a simple piece of grilled fresh fish(no salmon please!)?

Keyport NJ -- good fried fish

by Val G 22 years ago

The Keyport Fishery (150 W Front St, 732-264-9723) is a fishmarket that sells delicious fried fish at lunchtime. You can order fried flounder, haddock, shrimp or scallops by the pound or on a sandw...

Fish Market in Long Beach, CA?

by Heather 22 years ago

Can anyone guide me to a place to get a wide selection of seriously fresh fish? I have tried "special ordering" Opakapaka at Bristol Farms, but not surprisingly they tried to convince me tha...

Egyptian Fish Restaurant in Queens

by Mike 22 years ago

Hi. Has anybody been to the Al Montaza restaurant on Steinway Street of late? My wife and I and many friends were there often since about a year ago and loved it. The fish was very fresh (it'...

Gefilte fish

by Allan Evans 23 years ago

Is there in New York City a take-out shop or store stocking home-made gefilte fish (fresh or frozen) that is WITHOUT sugar? Not that diabetes is the issue, but having been raised on the subtle t...

Foley's Fish House - Times Square

by Sandra Kazahn Masur 22 years ago

Great view, mediocre food Stick to the simplest - e.g. tuna carpacio

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