Fish Sauce

Try These Secret Ingredients for Award-Winning Chili

What are the best secret ingredients for chili? Depends on who you ask, but there's a whole world of extra ingredients people like to add to the pot to boost the flavor. Chili can be a surprisingly...

Comparisons of top level fish sauces

by Delucacheesemonger 2 years ago

Through some imprudent shopping l was able to accumulate five of the best fish sauces available on the internet in the USA. Did a comparison of the five with some friends with like minded interest ...

Low sodium fish sauce

by Oaktree77 11 years ago

I love Thai food, and fish sauce is the base of so many Thai dishes. The problem is the incredibly high salt content of fish sauce. I'm trying to keep my daily sodium intake to <2000mg, (USDA rec <...

ISO Red Boat Fish Sauce

by CocoTO 5 years ago

Anyone seen Red Boat Fish Sauce in the GTA? I know I can mail order it from Mikuni Wild Harvest, but was hoping for local options.

Is there a good substitution for Fish sauce?

by kezdenek 9 years ago

Hi fellow food lovers, We are making a homemade Pad Kee Mao. Our first time to make fresh pasta for a thai dish so we are really excited. Problem is I really am not the biggest fan of fish ...

Shottsuru! Where can I find it on line?

by vessalamonti 9 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for shottsuru (Japanese fish sauce) on line and I can't find it. Any suggestions?

You Know You're A Foodie

by Scarbo 3 years ago

. . . the day you go looking in the pantry for the right soy sauce and realize you're stocked to open a small Chinese take-out. (Hoisin and Oyster Sauce are in fridge)

Red Boat Fish Sauce now in Montreal - Marche Oriental St Denis

by sensual_maths 5 years ago

Marche Oriental on St Denis near JTM is now stocking Red Boat fish sauce. Been keeping my eyes peeled for this stuff around town for quite awhile. This is one of the highest quality fish sauces out...

Vietnamese chicken wings...who's got the best recipe?

by wabi 3 years ago

Andy Ricker's Pok Pok Ike's chicken wings started it all for me. The best of all worlds, 1..Chicken wings, and 2..Vietnamese flavors. Now I have enjoyed wings at The Pig & The Lady in Honolulu, and...

Trader Joes - Red Boat Fish Sauce

by grant.cook 6 years ago

Saw that Trader Joes (or at least mine, in Arlington, MA) was carrying Red Boat Fish Sauce now.. $6.99 a bottle, I believe..

opening fish sauce

by CT1 15 years ago

I recently bought a bottle of Golden Boy fish sauce, and for the life of me I can't figure out a way to open it other than poking a hole in the top with a knife or icepick. Is that really how it's...

ISO Megachef "Blue" 30 degrees fish sauce in Vancouver

by grayelf 4 years ago

Okay CHers, now it's your chance to help out a fellow Hound in finding a particular fish sauce. Here's a pic of my current bottle, which only has three precious tablespoons left, erlack. Sadly, New...

Where to buy patis in Manhattan?

by _emilie_ 4 years ago

Anyone here know a store that sells patis (Filipino fish sauce) in Manhattan?

ISO Colatura di Alici (or Garum)

by PoppiYYZ 10 years ago

Colatura di Alici is an Italian anchovy based fish sauce from Cetara on the Almalfi coast south of Naples (sometimes called by it's ancient name Garum). It is used as a condiment to enhance the fla...

Not very salty fish sauce in Vietnam

by mistysfinds 5 years ago

I'm just back from central Vietnam, and we had a lot of dishes that were accompanied by fish sauce, but it wasn't salty like the fish sauce I'm used to. It was maybe as salty as broth or less. Lik...

How much Tamicon tamarind paste in a pad thai recipe?

by arielleeve 6 years ago

So I attempted my first home cooked pad thai a few weeks back. I thought I had every essential "authentic" ingredient to nail it: preserved radish, dried shrimp, tamarind paste, fish sauce, palm su...

Kosher Fish Sauce!

by iris 6 years ago

Great news from the best brand of fish sauce - Red Boat. They are now manufacturing a run of kosher fish sauce!

Red Boat Fish Sauce 50N or Salt

by goodeatsgal 7 years ago

Has anyone spotted the 50N Fish Sauce or the Salt by Red Boat anywhere in the Bay Area? So far, I've only found them on the Red Boat site. The 40N seems to be the more common sauce, and even that...

Need a recipe for Thai "brown sauce"

by leca 6 years ago

When I go out Thai, one of my favorite dishes is the simple dish called various names of KaPow, Kra Prao, Spicy Thai Basil Chicken, etc.... As I understand it, served with a fried egg and minced c...

Veg*n Fish Sauce

by frumgirl1 6 years ago

I keep hearing rumors of the existence of store-bought vegan/vegetarian fish sauce, but have never run across any at stores or online. Does this stuff actually exist? What's it called?