The Top 10 Tastes of Finland (Number 1 Might Shock You)

Finnish food may not have the global cachet of some other cuisines, but there are lots of delicious things to eat and drink in Helsinki and surroundings. Here, one writer's picks for the top 10 tastes...

Toilet paper roll cakes save Finland bakery from closing

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . Bakery owner Sanna Lampinen said business turned around when photos of her toilet paper roll cakes went viral on social media, leading to hundreds of new orders. Lampinen said the increa...

Helsinki, Finland

by lunahod 2 years ago

hi, any suggestions for Helsinki food? may be even some Lapland ideas? anything would be useful. thanks.

Planning a Finland Meal

by Autumm2 3 years ago

Back during the winter Olympics my first grader was randomly placed on Team Finland for her school's Olympics. Ever since she has been asking for a meal "like they would eat in Finland" I have no...

Supper Clubs

by lazyflavors 4 years ago

hi there! I am looking to find the best supper clubs in Europe, especially in nordic countries. Has anyone been to a noteworthy supper club lately? Thanks!

Salmiakki Ice Cream in the Bay Area?

by TLX 6 years ago

Hello! I really want to try salmiakki ice cream but I don't think any online store will be able to ship ice cream to the US. Since I can't find it online, I'm trying to look for a shop in the Ba...

Canned moose (elk?) meat

by annaesm 5 years ago

My mother brought a 400-gram can of moose meat from Finland. The drawing looks like a moose, at any rate. The title is "Hirvenlihaa," which google translates as Venison. The main ingredients are li...

Helsinki/Tallinn in summer

by .kit 5 years ago

Hello! We are going to Helsinki and Tallinn in August 2017 and would love recommendations for restaurants, cafes, breakfasts and icecream. We are mainly looking for good but not exorbitantly ...

Helsinki long layover

by Monica 5 years ago

Going to Spain and I am purposely taking Finnair to have a stop over in Helsinki. I have an option of either 8 hr layover or over-night layover taking a flight to Barcelona early next morning(5:30...

Collab between Heart and Nuvrei

by grayelf 6 years ago

http://pdx.eater.com/2015/11/18/9758164/heart-coffee-roasters-new-finnish-pastries-by-nuvrei-bakery Sounds like a great match! I've only had Finnish pastries in Toronto so will be fun to try mor...

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