Filet Mignon

11 Romantic Valentine's Day Recipes That Never Fail to Impress

Chocolate body paint and rose petals are for amateurs. We all know that the way to someone's heart is via the belly. If these dishes look familiar, it's because they're the all-stars of precoital dining...

Sukarne Beef aka Beef from Mexico - Thoughts?

by AllieM 2 years ago

I stopped in at my local IGA today and they had a special on what they called Sukarne Beef Butt Tenderloin at $6.97 per pound - average weights of 2 - 3 lbs. I came home and Googled Sukarne and fo...

Filet Mignon, Porterhouse, Ribeye or New York Strip?

by Scott 14 years ago

What is your favorite steak? Going to a great steakhouse and considering the choices. Growing up we normally had T-Bone/Porterhouse tons of time on the charcoal grill. Yum. Usually get that or ...

Quick question about beef tenderloin

by mrjones15 3 years ago

I like watching cooking shows just to give me new ideas on what to make and what not and on this episode of good eats they did a tenderloin show and explained how buying the whole tenderloin is way...


by somethin_gd 4 years ago

Looking for a restaurant near the southern NH border near Lowell that has a great lean charbroiled filet. Cost not important.

Best Steak In Los Angeles....

Keith Gilabert
by Keith Gilabert 7 years ago

I went to the Stinking Rose and I had the best steak ever. I have eaten at CUT, Morton's and Dan Tanas and no one compares to the filet mignon at Stinking Rose. I ordered my steak medium-rare a...

A Recipe From The Depot Restaurant [moved from Miami-Ft. Lauderdale board]

by lrdecker1 8 years ago

I ate at The Depot restaurant many years ago and had what I recall was a filet mignon that was stuffed with oysters that had been marinated in whiskey/bourbon. Awesome!!!!! Off and on over the ye...

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