SF Gate finally tracked down the origin of San Francisco's love for Fernet-Branca

by patsully 8 months ago

When I moved to San Francisco and found Fernet on tap across the city, I asked a number of bartenders how it came to pass and was told a variety of urban legends, so it's nice to finally read the f...

fernet branca

by oystersallday 13 years ago

so i finally bought a bottle since i am quite a fan of such herbal digestifs/aperitifs (cynar is my favorite summer drink.) but seriously--this stuff is tough to get down. the notes of menthol make...

Best price in Boston on Fernet-Branca?

MC Slim JB
by MC Slim JB 12 years ago

I'd like to thank the local bartender community for putting Fernet-Branca on the map in Boston (first by being avid consumers, second by being an example to other drinkers). With its much greater p...

fernet branca - love it or hate it?

by emari 8 years ago

Definitely an acquired taste but it has recently become a new favorite. I tend to drink it straight but wondered if anyone has used it in mixed cocktails? Know any local bars that use in special co...

Fernet-Branca at retail in Woburn area?

MC Slim JB
by MC Slim JB 7 years ago

Trying to do some Thursday shopping in this neighborhood ahead of tomorrow's storm, and not seeing it. Any suggestions from folks familiar with Woburn, Burlington, Wilmington, Reading, Wakefield, S...

How Zappos and Fernet Saved Downtown Vegas

by patsully 7 years ago

In which Tony Hsieh reveals that he personally orders the fourth most Fernet in all of Las Vegas, with only two casinos and a cocktail bar ahead of him...

Ancient Fernet-Branca... Drink or Display?

by jackie 15 years ago

OK, I moved into a house eight years ago that was a summer cottage for an Italian family from San Francisco. They'd built it in 1948, and had owned it ever since. When they sold it to me, they le...

Fernet Magnoberta

by versicle 8 years ago

Picked up a bottle of Fernet Magnoberta on Arthur Ave. this weekend. Any suggestions on how to use it? Is it interchangeable with Fernet Branca?

Martini Rosso + Fernet Branca = substitue for Carpano Antico?

by estilker 8 years ago

Well obviously not ... but I recently ran out of Carpano (and not quite ready for another online order of quality hooch) so I picked up a bottle of the good ol' Martini Rosso at the supermarket. Un...

Where to go from Fernet

by tomjb27 9 years ago

I've become a big fan of Fernet Branca. I would swear by its utility as a digestif, but I also quite enjoy drinking it simply for it's taste and kick. Less often, I use it as a cocktail ingredient ...

Fernet on tap?

by rworange 11 years ago

This week's SF Yelp newsletter is dedicated to all things Fernet such as the Fernet ice cream at Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous. They also mention that Bullitt on Polk has Fernet on tap. At fir...

rammazzitti/fernet branca - digestifs

by Nickmerill 10 years ago

This board got me interested in sipping digestifs and these were amongst the recommended and considered very different... very different indeed. I liked Rammazzitti enough. It's okay. I got us...

Fernet Branca and Mexican coke(presumably the bottle kind)

by singlemalt 10 years ago

SWMBO and I went to El Arbol last night a I saw they served the above. Now, I know what FB is and I have tried FB but the combination with Mexican coke baffles me. Is this something special? Would ...

Fernet Branca

by jennipah 15 years ago

It's mind-baffling how this Italian digestif, which is so popular with San Francisco bartenders, is SO hard to find anywhere else! Most specifically, I'm trying to find it in DC. Any help? I did...

Fernet-Branca versus Ramazzotti Amaro

Cheese Boy
by Cheese Boy 13 years ago

Accustomed to Ramazzotti Amaro, can I easily make a transition over to Fernet-Branca ? I don't know the consistency or flavor of the Fernet-Branca and was hoping someone here could inform me how...

What's the Fernet crazy bar?

by Alcachofa 12 years ago

A friend of mine (who unfortunately I cannot contact before my trip this weekend) was describing this bar in SF that is, even by SF standards, crazy for the Fernet Branca. As in, every other bottl...

What to do with Fernet Amaro?

by Aaron 13 years ago

I got a bottle of this stuff as a gift, and I have no idea what to do with it. Any suggestions?

Where to find Fernet Branca in Montreal?

by uneventfulijk 13 years ago

At a bar or liquor store, no matter to me. I need some amaro goodness in my life and apparently they don't sell it at the Champlain/Lacolle border duty free. Any tips?

Fernet Branca: first taste leads to puzzlement

by quokka70 13 years ago

[I initially posted this in the San Francisco forum, which was a mistake. I'm reposting it here.] Hi, After reading about Fermet Branca in this month's _Atlantic_ I decided to give it a try....

Looking for Fernet Branca in Calgary

by Stefcia 13 years ago

Does anyone know where to find Fernet in Calgary? I cannot find it anywhere.